Wilmington, Chadbourn and Conway Railroad

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The Wilmington, Chadbourn and Conway Railroad was a Southeastern railroad that operated between Chadbourn, North Carolina and Conway, South Carolina near the end of the 19th century.

Wilmington, Chadbourn and Conway Railroad
Original route (click to enlarge)
SuccessorAtlantic Coast Line Railroad
Track gauge5 ft (1,524 mm)


The Chadbourn Lumber Company of Chadbourn, North Carolina, built the line to haul timber.[1] It connected with the Wilmington and Manchester Railroad in Chadbourne.

The line crossed the North Carolina line at Tabor City, North Carolina. It continued south through Loris, South Carolina into Conway, South Carolina to its terminus at the Waccamaw River.[1]

Conway depot (built in 1928 by the Atlantic Coast Line)

The line was sold at foreclosure in 1895 and renamed the Wilmington and Conway Railroad.[2] The following year, the Wilmington and Conway was sold to the Wilmington, Columbia and Augusta Railroad (the successor of the Wilmington and Manchester Railroad).[2]

In 1898, the line came under the ownership of the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad. In 1912, the Atlantic Coast Line bought the Conway Seashore Railroad, which extended from Conway to Myrtle Beach. After that, the line was known as their Conway and Myrtle Beach Branch. Both freight and passenger trains to Myrtle Beach ran the line.[3]

The Atlantic Coast Line became the Seaboard Coast Line Railroad in 1967 after merging with their former rival, the Seaboard Air Line Railroad. The Seaboard Coast Line Railroad designated the line as the Myrtle Beach Subdivision.[4] In 1980, the Seaboard Coast Line's parent company merged with the Chessie System, creating the CSX Corporation. The CSX Corporation initially operated the Chessie and Seaboard Systems separately until 1986, when they were merged into CSX Transportation.

Current operationEdit

Today, the line is still in service and it is operated by the R.J. Corman Railroad Group[5]


State Milepost[6][4] City/Location Station[7][8] Connections and notes
NC ACH 297.2 Chadbourn Chadbourn junction with:
ACH 301.5 Wards
ACH 303.8 Roseland
ACH 305.4 Clarendon
ACH 307.8 Emerson
ACH 310.0 Tabor City Tabor City originally named Mount Tabor
SC ACH 312.5 Howard
ACH 316.8 Loris
ACH 321.1 Allsbrook
ACH 323.6 Gurley
ACH 325.6 Howells
ACH 327.1 Privetts
ACH 328.1 Adrian
ACH 330.5 Allen
ACH 332.9 Homewood
ACH 336.1 Conway Conway rebuilt in 1928[9]
junction with Conway Seashore Railroad (ACL)


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