Wilmington High School (Delaware)

Wilmington High School was a public high school in Wilmington, Delaware.

The former Wilmington High School

Its mascot was the red devils.[1]

It was the last traditional public high school in the Wilmington city limits.[2]

History edit

It was established in 1872.[1] Initially black children were not permitted to enroll at Wilmington High, and they were only allowed to go to Howard High School.[3]

In the middle of the 20th century the school racially integrated. Initially there were conflicts. In 1960 it moved into its final building. Alumnus Dr. Pete Grandell of Elsmere stated that racial tensions evaporated by the 1960s. The school became mostly African-American by the 1970s.[1]

The school's final building was designed by Wilmington architects Whiteside, Moeckel & Carbonell.[4]

After 1978 a desegregation order resulted in the Wilmington area being divided amongst several school districts. Wilmington High remained open as part of the Red Clay School District.[3]

Eventually the student population decreased, resulting in its closure.[3] It closed in 1999.[1]

Student body edit

It had 1,069 students, 77% white and 22% black, in 1964.[1]

It had 1,967 students, 71% black and 24% white, in 1973.[1]

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