Wilmar Sugar Australia

Wilmar Sugar Australia is a subsidiary of the Singapore-based company Wilmar International that incorporates sugar production business and renewable energy cogeneration. The principal product of Wilmar Sugar is raw sugar. By-products from the production of sugar include molasses (which is used to produce ethanol) and bagasse (which is used to generate electricity). It is Australia’s largest biomass renewable energy generator.

Wilmar Sugar Australia
Plane Creek Sugar Mill, Sarina, operated by Wilmar Sugar, 2016

History edit

The Company originates in the 1855 Colonial Sugar Refining Company, renamed CSR Limited in 1873. In 2009, CSR Limited created Sucrogen to handle its sugar activities then sold it to Wilmar International on 31 March 2010 for US$1.47 billion.[1][2] Sucrogen sponsored the 2010 Sucrogen Townsville 400, and the 2011 Sucrogen Ayr Show. Wilmar subsequently renamed Sucrogen to Wilmar Sugar.[citation needed]

Mills edit

Wilmar Sugar operates the following sugar mills in Queensland:[3]

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