Willunga railway station

Willunga is a closed railway station in Adelaide, South Australia. It was the terminus of the Willunga railway line.

Willunga railway station
Willunga railway station.jpg
LocationSouth Australia
Coordinates35°16′04″S 138°33′07″E / 35.26767°S 138.55199°E / -35.26767; 138.55199Coordinates: 35°16′04″S 138°33′07″E / 35.26767°S 138.55199°E / -35.26767; 138.55199
Owned bySouth Australian Railways
Operated bySouth Australian Railways
Line(s)Willunga railway line
Train operatorsSouth Australian Railways
Structure typeturntable (until 1941); triangle (after 1930)
Opened20 January 1915 (1915-01-20)
Closed1969 (1969)
Preceding station   South Australian Railways   Following station
toward Adelaide
Willunga railway lineTerminus

A station-master was appointed in 1915. A 60 feet turntable was installed during construction, but was removed to Marino in 1941–2. The triangle, later in use, was built around 1930.

The one train per week freight service, introduced in 1963, was scheduled so that locomotives did not stable at Willunga overnight and consequently, tenders were called for demolition of the employee's barracks and other engine facilities.[clarification needed]

The stop is now unused as the entire Willunga line was dismantled in 1972. The station building and platform remain.


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