William Thomas Quick

William Thomas "Bill" Quick (born 1946), who sometimes writes under the pseudonym Margaret Allan,[1] is a science fiction author and self-described libertarian conservative blogger.[2] Quick is the author of 28 novels, the most famous of which is the cyberpunk Dreams of Flesh and Sand, and co-authored a six-novel series with William Shatner.

William Thomas Quick
BornMay 1946
Muncie, Indiana
Genrescience fiction

Quick runs the conservative blog Daily Pundit.

Personal lifeEdit

Quick is originally from Indiana and now lives in Hunters Point, San Francisco, California.[3]

He attended The Hill School as a member of the class of 1964 but did not graduate.


Quick is the author of 28 novels, the most famous of which is Dreams of Flesh and Sand. He co-authored the six novel Quest for Tomorrow series with William Shatner. He has also written a series of prehistoric adventure novels under the pen name Margaret Allan, the best selling of which was The Last Mammoth.[4]

Quick's 2014 novel Lightning Fall, a disaster thriller, was featured in a USA Today column [5] by Instapundit's Glenn Reynolds. Quick's novel and Reynold's column were commented on by other libertarian sources,[6][7] and Quick wrote that the book reached Amazon's Top 200 sales list, and was #3 in Hard SF sales.[8]

Blog "Daily Pundit"Edit

Quick started blogging at Daily Pundit in 2001.[9] It continues as a group blog.

The word "blogosphere" is due to Quick, who proposed it on Daily Pundit in 2001.[10]

American Conservative PartyEdit

In February 2008, Quick was among those involved (he describes himself as "the guy who dreamed up the damned name of the party, registered it, built your first web site, and gave you your first publicity") in the creation of a third party called the American Conservative Party as an alternative to the Democratic and Republican parties. He has since repudiated this organization repeatedly on his blog.[11]

W. T. Quick BlogEdit

In July 2011, Quick started the blog W.T. Quick to blog about his writing and publishing efforts past, present and future.

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