William Nyuon Bany

William Nyuon Bany (died 1996) was a Southern Sudanese politician who was also a high-ranking officer in The Sudan People's Liberation Army. While he worked as a commander of the SPLA he lived in Itang, a small Ethiopian town in the Gambela Region. He was older than Dr. John Garang, Salva Kiir, Arok Thon Arok.

William Nyuon Bany
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Brief biographyEdit

Commander William was a Nuer from Ayot. He was also related to the Dinka. He spoke Nuer, Arabic, Amharic, and some English. He is survived by a number of widows and children. General Bany's widow, Abuoch, was a main speaker during Martyr's Day celebrations in Juba 2012. In presence of Salva Kiir.[1] In politically charged current issues, it has been claimed that Salva Kiir secretly and traditionally married the daughter of the late Gen. William Nyuon Bany, who is a Nuer. The ceremony conducted by his elder brother in accordance with Dinka culture is said to have occurred in Bhar el Ghazal. This has caused public strife between Kiir's eldest daughter and Aluel William Nyuon Bany.[2] President Kiir himself remains silent and has not publicly commented on the marriage.

William Nyuon Bany Machar and Kwanyin Bol were the founders of SPLA (Sudan People's Liberation Army). The war broke out in Southern Town of Bor, he served as a Major in the Sudanese army in Ayot Ayot. He served as a commander in Sudan for a long time before he started the rebellion in 1983. Bany and Kerubino Kuanyin Bol were two founders of SPLA before John Garang joined them. After he joined the SPLA he was appointed the 3rd high-ranking Commander after Kerubino Kuanyin Bol. Commander Salva was the 4th after William Nyuon Bany. Bany was also the Chief of Staff then a position currently occupied by Commander Paul along Awan. Before this, the post was occupied by Salva Kiir Mayardit, Oyay Deng Ajak, James Hoth Mai and currently held by Paul Malong Awan,

Internecine fightingEdit

Commander William Nyuon Bany fought as an SPLA commander. In 1991 the SPLA-Nasir split from the SPLA. Although Bany remained with Garang and the main SPLA faction at that time, he left Garang's SPLA in 1992 at town of Pageri in Central Equatoria State. He did, however, rejoin Garang's SPLA. General Bany passionately explained his reasons at the Naivasha agreement of Nairobi Guest House but Bany Machar was killed in 1996 by one of the groups belonging to the South Sudanese armies based in Bentiu under the command of Peter Gadet. It is thought that CDR. Elijah Hon killed Cdr. William. In any case, Dr. Riek Machar celebrated Nyuon's death by declaring "the renegade Jamus is dead". Jamus is the Arabic word for Buffalo and thought to reflect CDR William's hard head. Cdr. William remains a highly respected Nuer leader. The dinka claim that his an ethnic Dinka from Duk Padiet. Bany is survived by a number of children most of whom live in the United States of America in Nebraska, Utah and Territories of Canada.

Peace negotiationsEdit

Bany exerted efforts to help reach a solution for Sudan while he was living in Ethiopia as a member of the SPLA. He also supported the merging of the SPLA and Anyanya 2 in 1987. Bany visited Egypt in 1989 where he met hundreds of Sudanese students. He was fluent in Arabic and he encouraged many students to support the cause for freedom in Sudan. Dr. John Garang favored William Nyuon for his zeal, commitment and the fact that he was not a tribalist. He was a Southern Sudanese patriot who loved his people and the integrity of his land. The facts related to his death continue to be confusing as to who exactly was involved in his assassination. It is alleged that Bany was killed by mainly Nuer according to the eyes witness, as during the 90's tribal tensions between the Nuer and the Dinka were very high. With the SPLA ruling elite composed of mostly Dinka officers, Bany rejoining the SPLA must have looked very dangerous to the Nuer. Bany's bodyguards were also killed in the attack.


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