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William Morrow and Company is an American publishing company founded by William Morrow in 1926.[1] The company was acquired by Scott Foresman in 1967, sold to Hearst Corporation in 1981, and sold to News Corporation (now News Corp) in 1999.[2][3][4] The company is now an imprint of HarperCollins.

William Morrow and Company
William Morrow and Company
Parent companyHarperCollins
FounderWilliam Morrow
Country of originUnited States
Headquarters locationNew York City
Publication typesBooks
ImprintsCustom House, Witness Impulse
Official websiteharpercollins.com

William Morrow has published many fiction and non-fiction authors, including Ray Bradbury, Michael Chabon, Beverly Cleary, Neil Gaiman, Erle Stanley Gardner, B. H. Liddell Hart, Elmore Leonard, Steven Levitt, Steven Pinker, Judith Rossner, and Neal Stephenson.

Francis Thayer Hobson was president and later chairman of the board of William Morrow and Company.[5]

Morrow authors Edit

Morrow's former book series Edit

  • American Men of Letters
  • Americans Abroad Series
  • Americans-Discover-America Series
  • Apollo Editions[6]
  • Asterix
  • Beginning of Things (series)[7]
  • Britain at War
  • The Film Encyclopedia
  • Forms and Colors Series
  • Freedom's Battle
  • The Gardener's Catalogue Series
  • Gods and Heroes of the New World
  • Lathrop Craft Books
  • Luis Mendoza Mystery (series)
  • Morrow Junior Books[8]
  • Morrow Mystery
  • Motor Boating & Sailing Guide Series
  • National Poetry Series
  • Pocket Books
  • Quill Mysterious Classic (series)
  • Rabbi Small Mystery (series)
  • Reynal's World History of Great Sculpture
  • Science Club Series
  • Weekly Reader Children's Book Club Series

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