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William II, Count of Hainaut

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William II (1307 – 26 September 1345) was Count of Hainaut from 1337 until his death. He was also Count of Holland and Count of Zeeland. He succeeded his father, William I, and married Joanna of Brabant in 1334, but had no issue.[1]

William II, Count of Hainaut
Guillaume II de Hainaut.png
William II, Count of Hainaut
Died(1345-09-26)26 September 1345
Warns, near Stavoren
Noble familyHouse of Avesnes
Spouse(s)Joanna, Duchess of Brabant
FatherWilliam I, Count of Hainaut
MotherJoan of Valois
ReligionRoman Catholicism

Military career and deathEdit

Holland, 1/4 groat, struck in Geertruidenberg by William IV as Count of Holland.

William fought in France as an ally of the English. (He was the brother-in-law of Edward III.) He went on crusade against the Saracens and the Lithuanians. He besieged Utrecht, because his one-time favourite bishop John van Arkel of Utrecht had turned against him. He died at Warns, near Stavoren, during one of the battles of Warns against the Frisians in 1345.

After his deathEdit

William was succeeded by his sister, who was married to emperor Louis IV. Hainaut, Holland and Zeeland became a part of the imperial crown domains.


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William II, Count of Hainaut
Born: 1307 Died: 26 September 1345
Preceded by
William I
Count of Hainaut
Succeeded by
Margaret II
Louis the Bavarian
Count of Holland and Zeeland


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