William II, Count of Hainaut

William II (1307 – 26 September 1345) was Count of Hainaut from 1337 until his death. He was also Count of Holland (as William IV) and Count of Zeeland. He succeeded his father, Count William I of Hainaut. While away fighting in Prussia, the Frisians revolted. William returned home and at the Battle of Warns, he was killed.

William II
Graaf Holland Willem IV 1-4 Groot Geertruidenberg.jpg
Holland, 1/4 groat, struck in Geertruidenberg by William IV as Count of Holland.
Died(1345-09-26)26 September 1345
Warns, near Stavoren
Noble familyHouse of Avesnes
Spouse(s)Joanna, Duchess of Brabant
FatherWilliam I, Count of Hainaut
MotherJoan of Valois


William was born in 1307, the son of William I of Hainaut and Joan of Valois.[1] In 1334, he married Joanna, Duchess of Brabant, the daughter and heiress of John III, Duke of Brabant, but had no issue.[2] He fought in France as an ally of the English (He was the brother-in-law of King Edward III of England.) He besieged Utrecht, because his one-time favorite bishop, John van Arkel of Utrecht, had turned against him. In 1339, William participated in the Siege of Cambrai (1339).[3]

William fought against the Saracens,[citation needed] and went on crusade with the Teutonic Order in Prussia.[4] He was killed near Stavoren, during one of the battles of Warns against the Frisians in 1345.[5]

William was succeeded by his sister, Margaret of Hainaut, who was married to Louis IV, Holy Roman Emperor. Hainaut, Holland and Zeeland became a part of the imperial crown domains.


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William II, Count of Hainaut
Born: 1307 Died: 26 September 1345
Preceded by Count of Hainaut
Succeeded by
Count of Holland and Zeeland