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William Dawes at the 1840 convention
A note in Wiliam Dawes' hand itemising expenses

William Dawes was an abolitionist.

William Dawes and John Keep toured England in 1839 and 1840 gathering funds for Oberlin College in Ohio.[1] They both attended the 1840 anti-slavery convention in London.[2]

John Keep and William Dawes both undertook a fund raising mission in England in 1839 and 1840 to raise funds from sympathetic abolitionists. Oberlin College was one of the few mult-racial and co-educational colleges in America at that time.[3]

Both John Keep and Dawes are credited with helping to start the collection of African Americana at Oberlin College which inspired other writers.[4]

A house occupied by someone of the same name was in Hudson, Ohio in the 1830s supporting the route for escaping slaves.[5]


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