William Burke, 7th Earl of Clanricarde

William Burke, 7th Earl of Clanricarde (died 1687), Irish peer, was the son of Sir William Burke, younger son of Ulick Burke, 3rd Earl of Clanricarde, and Joan O'Shaughnessy.

William Burke
Earl of Clanricarde
PredecessorRichard, 6th Earl of Clanricarde
SuccessorRichard, 8th Earl of Clanricarde
  • Lettice Shirley
  • Helen MacCarty
Richard, & others
FatherWilliam Burke
MotherJoan O'Shaugnessy

Burke had served with his brother Richard, the 6th Earl under their cousin, Ulick Burke, 5th Earl of Clanricarde, during the Irish Confederate Wars and they each succeeded to his title. He became Lord Lieutenant of County Galway in 1680 and its Chief Governor in 1687.[citation needed]

Birth and originsEdit

William was a younger son of Sir William Burke and his wife Joan. His father was the third son of Ulick Burke, the 3rd Earl of Clanricarde.[1] William's mother was a daughter of Dermot O'Shaugnessy of Gort.[2]

Family tree
William Burke with his two wives, his parents, and selected relatives.
3rd Earl

d. 1601

b. c. 1535
4th Earl


d. 1626
1st Marquess

6th Earl

d. 1666

c. 1617 – 1655
7th Earl
d. 1687

d. 1722
8th Earl

d. aft. 1708
9th Earl


d. 1711
1st Viscount

10th Earl


d. 1733
XXXEarls & Marquesses
of Clanricarde
William's two wives: 1st left, 2nd right. Also see the lists of siblings and children in the text.

William Burke had two sons:[3]

|He appears below as the younger of two brothers:

  1. Richard (died 1666), became the 6th Earl of Clanricarde; and
  2. William (died 1687).

It is likely that he also had sisters but nothing seems to be known about them.

First marriageEdit

His first wife was Lettice Shirley, daughter of Sir Henry Shirley, 2nd Baronet, by Lady Dorothy Devereux and granddaughter of Robert Devereux, 2nd Earl of Essex. She was born about 1617 and died on 25 Sep 1655.[4] By her he had three sons including his heir, Richard.

Children with Lettice Shirley:

  1. Richard (died after 1708), became the 8th Earl of Clanricarde;[5]
  2. John (1642–1722), became the 9th Earl of Clanricarde.[6]
  3. Thomas (died 1688), killed at the Siege of Buda, Hungary;[7][a][b][8]

Earl of ClanricardeEdit

During William's childhood his uncle Richard had been Earl of Clanricarde, the 4th of his name. That uncle died on 12 November 1635[9] and was succeeded by his cousin Ulick as the 5th Earl and 1st Marquess. Ulick was a royalist during the Irish Confederate Wars and the Cromwellian Conquest of Ireland. He died in July 1657 and was succeeded by William's brother as the 6th Earl of Clanricarde.[10] In July 1657 his brother Richard succeeded his cousin Ulick as the 6th Earl of Clanricarde. In 1666 his elder brother died[11] and William eventually succeeded as the 7th Earl of Clanricarde.

Second marriageEdit

His second marriage was to Helen MacCarty, daughter of Donough MacCarty, 1st Earl of Clancarty.[12][13]

Among his children with Helen were:[a]

  1. Ulick (1670–1691), was created Viscount of Galway and fell at the Battle of Aughrim fighting for the Jacobites;[14][a]
  2. Margaret (1673–1744), first married Bryan Magennis, 5th Viscount of Iveagh, and then Thomas Butler of Garryricken;[15][a]
  3. William, died childless in France;[16][a]
  4. Honora (c. 1675 – 1698), married 1st Patrick Sarsfield and 2nd the Duke of Berwick.[17]

Death, succession, and timelineEdit

Lord Clanricarde died in October 1687[18] and was succeeded by his eldest son Richard as the 8th Earl of Clanricarde. His daughter Honora inherited a fortune of £3,500 from her father.[19]

Notes and referencesEdit

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Further readingEdit

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