Wikishire is an online gazetteer of Great Britain, Ireland and associated territories. The site describes itself thus:"Wikishire is where you are; whether you are on the Shetland islands or the South Shetland Islands or the places between, Wikishire is a growing guide on all you need to know about the British and Irish lands". To accompany the gazetteer there is an interactive map of the British Isles based on OpenStreetMap.

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LaunchedJuly 2010
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Wikishire organises its articles on the basis of the historic counties and ridings of Britain and Ireland and insists that articles are written in British or Irish dialects of English.


The site was launched in July 2010 and as of March 2020 contained over 25,000 articles.


The site's map service is used by websites such as the British Counties Campaign,[1] SABRE (the Society for All British Road Enthusiasts)[2] and the Gazetteer of British Place Names.

Map data used by the site are freely licensed and have been used in projects including Wikimedia Commons.[3]

The urbanism website CityMetric (part of the British political and cultural magazine the New Statesman) has featured Wikishire maps in a number of articles, posing questions such as "Which historic English county has the highest population?"[4] and "Why do so many of England's cities straddle traditional county boundaries?"[5]


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