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Request for input on post-Yugoslav-breakup election article naming edit

We had a discussion relisted at Talk:May 1992 Yugoslavian parliamentary election#Requested move 3 November 2023 that could benefit from the input of people who have knowledge of this topic area, please check it out. --Joy (talk) 09:13, 13 November 2023 (UTC)Reply

Macedonian Nationality edit

The nationality of the citizens of North Macedonia is Macedonian. They are Macedonians as defined by any official document. Please see: I. United Nations Treaty Collection - No. 55707 link to Greek MFA: Link to Macedonian MFA: ARTICLE 1 3. Pursuant to those negotiations the following have been mutually accepted and agreed: a) The official name of the Second Party shall be the “Republic of North Macedonia”, which shall be the constitutional name of the Second Party and shall be used erga omnes, as provided for in this Agreement. The short name of the Second Party shall be “North Macedonia”. b) The nationality of the Second Party shall be Macedonian/citizen of the Republic of North Macedonia, as it will be registered in all travel documents. c) The official language of the Second Party shall be the “Macedonian language”, as recognised by the Third UN Conference on the Standardization of Geographical Names, held in Athens in 1977, and described in Article 7(3) and (4) of this Agreement. d) The terms “Macedonia” and “Macedonian” have the meaning given under Article 7 of this Agreement. II. The referred name, as well, of the country is “Macedonia” and “Macedonian” in relation to ARTICLE 7: 1. The Parties acknowledge that their respective understanding of the terms “Macedonia” and “Macedonian” refers to a different historical context and cultural heritage. 2. When reference is made to the First Party, these terms denote not only the area and people of the northern region of the First Party, but also their attributes, as well as the Hellenic civilization, history, culture, and heritage of that region from antiquity to present day. 3. When reference is made to the Second Party, these terms denote its territory, language, people and their attributes, with their own history, culture, and heritage, distinctly different from those referred to under Article 7(2). 4. The Second Party notes that its official language, the Macedonian language, is within the group of South Slavic languages. The Parties note that the official language and other attributes of the Second Party are not related to the ancient Hellenic civilization, history, culture and heritage of the northern region of the First Party. So please use them as stated in official documents and treaties. (talk) 15:26, 4 January 2024 (UTC)Reply

Macedonian studies article edit

In case you missed it I just wanted to point out here that the article Macedonian studies is once again nominated for deletion. I tried to expand it a bit, but it is not really my area of any substantial expertise. If you may have access to some relevant (offline) sources in Macedonian or other languages you may consider contributing to the article in question and/or to discussion taking place. Best regards.--MirkoS18 (talk) 09:53, 26 March 2024 (UTC)Reply

Developing Countries WikiContest edit

Starting this July, we will see a new contest on the scene - the Developing Countries WikiContest (WP:DCWC)! Think of it as a WikiCup but only for articles and media on developing countries.

Competitors may submit GAs, GTs, FAs, FTs, FLs, FPs, and DYK and ITN entries from/on developing countries to gain points and climb the leaderboard. Points are also awarded to those who review GAs, FAs and FLs.

North Macedonia is listed as a developing country for the purposes of this contest and articles related to it are eligible to be submitted for points, so I encourage everyone here to sign up and compete with editors from around the world to create high-quality content!

Append your name to the DCWC signup page today!

Best wishes, Wilhelm Tell DCCXLVI (talk to me!/my edits) 07:21, 19 May 2024 (UTC)Reply