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WikiProject iconThis page is within the scope of WikiProject Connecticut, a collaborative effort to improve the coverage of Connecticut on Wikipedia. If you would like to participate, please visit the project page, where you can join the discussion and see a list of open tasks.
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Improving Connecticut ahead of GANEdit

I am starting an effort to clean up and improve the main article on Connecticut ahead of a future good article nomination. Any comments, advice, or edits in support of this would be greatly appreciated. Trainsandotherthings (talk) 23:46, 15 October 2021 (UTC)

Missing Connecticut Supreme Court justicesEdit

Drafts for the following missing articles for Connecticut Supreme Court justices have been initiated at Wikipedia:WikiProject Missing encyclopedic articles/United States judges and justices#Connecticut:

  1. Draft:Arthur F. Ells - Arthur F. Ells
  2. Draft:Arthur H. Healey - Arthur H. Healey
  3. Draft:Asa Chapman - Asa Chapman
  4. Draft:Asher Miller - Asher Miller
  5. Draft:Augustus H. Fenn - Augustus H. Fenn
  6. Draft:Christopher L. Avery - Christopher L. Avery
  7. Draft:David Curtis Sanford - David Curtis Sanford
  8. Draft:David M. Shea - David M. Shea
  9. Draft:Edward B. Gager - Edward B. Gager
  10. Draft:Edward J. Daly - Edward J. Daly
  11. Draft:Edwin C. Dickenson - Edwin C. Dickenson
  12. Draft:Elmer W. Ryan - Elmer W. Ryan
  13. Draft:Francis M. McDonald Jr. - Francis M. McDonald Jr.
  14. Draft:Frederick B. Hall - Frederick B. Hall
  15. Draft:Herbert S. MacDonald - Herbert S. MacDonald
  16. Draft:Howard J. Curtis - Howard J. Curtis
  17. Draft:Howard W. Alcorn - Howard W. Alcorn
  18. Draft:John A. Cornell - John A. Cornell
  19. Draft:John A. Speziale - John A. Speziale
  20. Draft:John E. Keeler - John E. Keeler
  21. Draft:John Hamilton King - John Hamilton King
  22. Draft:John K. Beach - John K. Beach
  23. Draft:John P. Kellogg - John P. Kellogg
  24. Draft:John R. Thim - John R. Thim
  25. Draft:John Thompson Peters - John Thompson Peters
  26. Draft:Joseph F. Dannehy - Joseph F. Dannehy
  27. Draft:Leo Parskey - Leo Parskey
  28. Draft:Lucien F. Burpee - Lucien F. Burpee
  29. Draft:Milton A. Shumway - Milton A. Shumway
  30. Draft:Roger Newberry - Roger Newberry
  31. Draft:Samuel Mellitz - Samuel Mellitz
  32. Draft:Sidney Burr Beardsley - Sidney Burr Beardsley
  33. Draft:Silas A. Robinson - Silas A. Robinson
  34. Draft:William Hamersley - William Hamersley
  35. Draft:William Hilhouse - William Hilhouse
  36. Draft:William P. Barber - William P. Barber
  37. Draft:William S. Case - William S. Case

Any help getting these articles finished and moved to mainspace would be appreciated. Cheers! BD2412 T 05:26, 12 February 2022 (UTC)

Updates to Connecticut-based Pitney Bowes articleEdit

Hello! There are some factual inaccuracies in the infobox and introduction of the Pitney Bowes article. As a Pitney Bowes employee, I understand that I’m not able to make edits to fix these details myself. Instead, I posted a request with the specific parameters and claims that need updating on the Pitney Bowes talk page. As a Connecticut-based company, I thought I'd see if anyone here might have interest in helping review my proposed changes? I appreciate any time and consideration editors are willing to give. Thanks so much! MTatPitneyBowes (talk) 15:20, 18 February 2022 (UTC)

User script to detect unreliable sourcesEdit

I have (with the help of others) made a small user script to detect and highlight various links to unreliable sources and predatory journals. Some of you may already be familiar with it, given it is currently the 39th most imported script on Wikipedia. The idea is that it takes something like

  • John Smith "Article of things" Accessed 2020-02-14. (John Smith "[ Article of things]" ''''. Accessed 2020-02-14.)

and turns it into something like

It will work on a variety of links, including those from {{cite web}}, {{cite journal}} and {{doi}}.

The script is mostly based on WP:RSPSOURCES, WP:NPPSG and WP:CITEWATCH and a good dose of common sense. I'm always expanding coverage and tweaking the script's logic, so general feedback and suggestions to expand coverage to other unreliable sources are always welcomed.

Do note that this is not a script to be mindlessly used, and several caveats apply. Details and instructions are available at User:Headbomb/unreliable. Questions, comments and requests can be made at User talk:Headbomb/unreliable.

- Headbomb {t · c · p · b}

This is a one time notice and can't be unsubscribed from. Delivered by: MediaWiki message delivery (talk) 16:01, 29 April 2022 (UTC)

Class S, L, M, SS, LL, MMEdit

I edit in WikiProject Schools, and I've noticed that in Connecticut school articles, there's a lot of mention of "Class S", "Class L", "Class M", "Class SS", "Class LL", and "Class MM", or at least something of the sort. What does this mean? Looking it up, it seems that it indicates size of the school/team in the same way Class A, AA, AAA, etc. does, but where does Class SS and Class MM fit into this, if at all? And is there a way to clarify this to people outside of Connecticut, like with a wikilink or expansion of acronym or something of the sort? TheGEICOgecko (talk) 05:15, 8 August 2022 (UTC)