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WikiProject Carnival is a project to better organize information in articles related to Carnivals. This page and its subpages contain resources for improving the coverage of Carnival-related topics and collaborating with other Wikipedians. Please share your ideas, questions, and suggestions on the talk page.

Anyone may join WikiProject Carnival by simply adding your username to the participants page.

Task forcesEdit

The project needs a number of task forces that focus on broad subject areas related to Carnival:


Carnival(5 C, 19 P)
Carnivals(4 C, 23 P)
Carnival foods(14 P)
Carnival games(15 P)
Carnival music(13 P)

To-do listEdit


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Priority of topicEdit

This is judged using both manual assessment by a WikiProject member, and "external interest" judged by links-in, interwiki links and number of hits. For more details, and the formula used to balance these parameters, see Wikipedia:Version 1.0 Editorial Team/SelectionBot.

By "priority" or "importance" of topics for the overall offline release, we generally mean to indicate the level of expectation or desire that the topic would be covered in a traditional encyclopedia.

WikiProject priority assessmentsEdit

Need The article is of priority or importance, regardless of its quality
Top Subject is a must-have for a print encyclopedia
High Subject contributes a depth of knowledge
Mid Subject fills in more minor details
Low Subject is mainly of specialist interest.
Bottom (Optional) Subject has no real significance to the project.
No (Optional) Subject is a disambiguation or redirect page, residing in article space.

See the table on the right for a summary of manual assessment levels. For an example of this table adapted to a specific subject area, see Wikipedia:WikiProject Psychology/Assessment#Importance scale or Wikipedia:WikiProject Comics/Article Classification/ImportanceCategoryHeader. Other projects are strongly encouraged to emulate this customized approach, including the use of exemplars.

Within a WikiProject, importance or priority must be regarded as a relative term. If importance values are applied within a specific project, these only reflect the perceived importance to that project. An article judged to be "Top-Importance" in one WikiProject's context may be only "Low-Importance" for another WikiProject.

Consider a hierarchy such as History -> History of Europe -> History of Poland -> Polish kings and queens. An article labeled as "Top-Importance" for the subject of history would almost certainly warrant inclusion in all general releases. A "Top-Importance" article for the history of Poland would be a reasonable candidate for inclusion, but some "Top-Importance" articles on Polish kings & queens may not be included in early releases.

Ranking within a subject area is very helpful in deciding which articles are included first as the scope of the Wikipedia 1.0 project expands. Quality articles which are not considered to be on topics important enough for inclusion on the current release will be held in a held nominations page, ready for inclusion as the scope expands.