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Wikipedia:Wikipedia Signpost/2018-12-01/Arbitration report

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A long break ends: Arbcom takes its first new case since June.

New case opened

One new arbitration case has been opened this month: Wikipedia:Arbitration/Requests/Case/Fred Bauder. The case was opened after Maxim did an emergency IAR desysop of Fred Bauder after Bauder removed an edit-warring block of himself. Arbs voted 10/0/2 (accept/decline/recuse) to accept the case. A motion was introduced afterwards to accept the case while providing further clarification of Bauder's admin status in the interim, with an 8/0/1 result. P

New request

A new request was opened November 27 by administrator There'sNoTime, concerning an experienced editor contacting a new editor by telephone regarding their MEDRS-violating edits. For the Arbitration Committee, does this constitute help, or harassment? Should the case be handled privately? And what should sanctions be, if any, for the editor who has had ArbCom sanctions previously? B