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Signpost Crossword Puzzle: What is a four-letter word for...

You will want to get out your printer and pencils to participate in this month's article. The pencil works better if you chew on the end of it. Good luck! Answers will appear next issue.

Black-and-white crossword puzzle


Photograph of a large orange pencil being gripped by the right hand of a man with a notepad nearby
Too large to sharpen but highly effective
Official logo of the Wikipedia Teahouse
(This is a clue)
Wikipedia's globe logo with two crossed mops in the foreground
Two administrators discussing
the answer to 13 down
  1. The house where new editors go when they have questions about creating an article about themselves or their company
  2. How many pillars are there?
  3. Where Jimbo now lives
  4. What we all do (begins with E)
  5. Such pretty pictures
  6. What WP stands for
  7. Cool tool when you want to get your edit count stratospheric
  8. Write this when you want people to know what you think
  9. A topic- or article-specific consequence of being naughty
  10. A rarely used tool of appreciation
  11. Discuss grants and other Wiki things in this project
  12. Most populous English-speaking country
  13. Three times you are out
  14. A toddler's plaything or the consequences you can face when you are very, very naughty
  15. The other English Wikipedia
  16. Have a good idea? Ask for one of these!
  17. Shocking facts about improved articles
  18. Entertainment, drama and sentencing all in one place


  1. Don't do this to newcomers (but it's OK after about 1,000 edits, slather them in barbeque sauce and toss them on the grill)
  2. When two editors keep reverting each other, they have started an edit _____.
  3. Girly biography Project, Women in _____
  4. A foundation that tricks students into contributing to Wikipedia
  5. Being sharp or sarcastic
  6. Cranky and irritable
  7. Make one of these when you are typing the same thing over and over
  8. An old name for administrator
  9. Entertainment and drama that is article specific
  10. Large sea creatures without the letter H
  11. Where the Village discusses anything and everything
  12. Private canvassing
  13. The highest rating possible for an article
  14. Grooviest way to add categories to an article or a toasted feline
  15. Funny guy
  16. What you want to be
  17. An article that is pretty darn short
  18. The WikiProject that no one talks about