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Independence days, national holidays, and football – all in July: Depictions of July events in several countries.

July seems to be a traditional month for nations obtaining their independence, breaking away, or merging. And let's not forget France whose national holiday is always on July 14. It might not be directly related to independence from colonialism, but rather the unity of the French people. It's is one of the biggest worldwide celebrated national annual events. Plus the very next day they had another huge party in the streets across the mainland and all their many overseas territories: winning the FIFA World Cup – for the second time.

No less than 22 countries celebrate independence day in July:

  • Algeria from France
  • Bahamas from the UK
  • Belgium from the Netherlands
  • Burundi from Belgium
  • Canada from the UK
  • Cape Verde from Portugal
  • Comoros from France
  • Kiribati from the UK
  • Liberia from the American Colonization Society
  • Malawi from the UK
  • Maldives from the UK
  • Mauritania from France
  • Peru from Spain
  • Rwanda from Belgium
  • São Tomé and Príncipe from Portugal
  • Solomon Islands from the UK
  • Somalia from Italy & the UK
  • South Sudan from Sudan
  • Vanuatu from France and the UK
  • Venezuela from Spain
  • Oh, yes, one more – the United States from the Kingdom of Great Britain

The Signpost joins them in celebrating.