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Wikipedia:Wikipedia Signpost/2018-04-26/Traffic report

A quiet place to wrestle with the articles of March: The most popular articles from March 25 to April 14.
This traffic report is adapted from the Top 25 Report, prepared with commentary by igordebraga (March 25 to 31), Stormy clouds (April 1 to 7), and Ahecht (April 8 to 14).

And the wiki bank talks of the articles of March (March 25 to 31)

Another month closes, even if the weekly report has entries for things bound for April (#8). In the meantime, there's quite a variety of topics: it's three Google Doodles, it's movies, it's people depicted on TV shows and movies, it's a revived sitcom and its main star, it is death (the ever-present death list and 2018's most), it's saintful (a Christian holiday), it's sinful (a porn star the White House is trying to hush), it's the promise of life in your heart.

For the week of March 25 to 31, 2018, the most popular articles on Wikipedia, as determined from the WP:5000 report were:

Rank Article Class Views Image Notes
1 Chipko movement Start-Class article 1,293,097 Chipko 2004.jpg Google celebrated the 45th anniversary of this case of literal tree huggers, namely a group of Indians who clung onto trees to prevent them from being cut.
2 Stormy Daniels C-Class article 873,116
Stormy-Daniels Chicago Exxxotica, July 13, 2013.jpg
While the U.S. president being involved in sexual scandals isn't exactly new, porn star Stormy Daniels is currently deserving of her stage name given the fuss emerging from an affair she had with Donald Trump back in 2006, even earning a segment on 60 Minutes.
3 Deaths in 2018 List-Class article 732,054
Death and Matt (30873177).jpg
In spite of no high-profile departures this week, still high on the list. Also, the image to left is named "Death and Matt", which sounds like a weird sitcom. Speaking of that...
4 Roseanne B-Class article 725,404
Seems like almost every 1990s TV show is getting a revival. The ABC sitcom starring Roseanne Barr as the head of an Illinois working-class family is getting eight episodes after nearly 21 years off the air, possibly ignoring that increasingly absurd final season.
5 Ready Player One (film) Start-Class article 641,958
Steven Spielberg & Ernest Cline (36023677912).jpg
Ernest Cline's best-seller Ready Player One is a love letter to the 1980s and nerd culture, and as such right in the first 50 pages mentions the name of Steven Spielberg. No wonder the man himself took the job to adapt the book, in his words to prevent it from being a work overloaded on Spielberg references (at most, there is the T. rex from Jurassic Park and the DeLorean from the Spielberg-produced Back to the Future). A pretty fun adventure, Ready Player One got good reviews and has already grossed nearly 200 million dollars worldwide in its opening weekend.
6 Good Friday B-Class article 634,107
Christ on the cross (1631), by Rembrandt.jpg
The ever-changing holiday remembering how a man who tried to make the world a better place was instead beaten and crucified.
7 Hannah Glasse Start-Class article 525,781
The Art of Cookery made Plain and Easy' by Hannah Glasse Wellcome L0034891.jpg
Another Google entry, for the cookery writer who had a big hit back in the 18th century with The Art of Cookery made Plain and Easy.
8 Easter B-Class article 585,494
Hase mit Ostereiern (1).jpg
The holiday celebrating how three days after #6, the man was brought back to life – and yet the date is mostly associated with a rabbit that delivers chocolate eggs. And that this year, had the misfortune of falling right on April Fools' Day.
9 Black Panther (film) C-Class article 598,326
Chadwick Boseman (35411712094).jpg
The exploits of King T'Challa of Wakanda – portrayed by Chadwick Boseman, pictured – are now the (unadjusted) fourth highest-grossing movie ever in the North American box office with $652 million, and might even become #3 next week given Titanic is only $7 million away. Worldwide, it broke the all-time top 10, becoming Marvel's third biggest success behind the two Avengers. If Black Panther already made this much money, imagine the damage Avengers: Infinity War will cause later this month!
10 Anandi Gopal Joshi C-Class article 584,196
Dr. Anandibai Joshee, M.D., Class 1886.jpg
Google for the third time, this time honoring one of the earliest Indian female physicians, who died at just 22 but even has a Moon crater named after her.

The (Messianic Korean) Sound of Silence (April 1 to 7)

No, we aren't delivering the Report late as our way to provide an April Fools joke. Instead, it's just because the data dump that provides the basis for the list is facing a delay due to a change of server and, sadly, the news on it are as quiet as the top entry of the week, a film where real-life couple Emily Blunt and John Krasinski barely make a sound to avoid noise-seeking aliens. Hope the WP:5000 can come back like Jesus on Easter Sunday, perhaps even having some songs to accompany the return (#4). For now, we have some reminders of the last few months – Black Panther and the franchise it is a part of, a return of K-pop band Exo, the ever-present death list, an upcoming WWE event still getting a lot of views in anticipation – and one of last week, Spielberg's latest hit Ready Player One. Along the ever-expected apparition of Google Doodles, there's people enraged by a media conglomerate (#2), and – as proof that Wikipedia is not so American – the Commonwealth Games, a player from the football across the pond, and (once the list returned) the latest Bollywood blockbuster.

Rank Article Class Views Image Notes
1 A Quiet Place (film) C-Class article 1,473,474
Emily Blunt and John Krasinski.jpg
The less said, the better. The thriller film emulated the success of Get Out, as John Krasinski, an actor primarily known for his comedic roles transitioned to writing and directing a thriller. The film used positive word-of-mouth and strong reviews to generate massive sums at the box office, far in excess of its expected take. It has also left me nervous that the sound of my typing may endanger my very life...
2 List of stations owned or operated by Sinclair Broadcast Group List-Class article 1,161,442
Sinclair Broadcast Group new logo.svg
Blame it on John Oliver, who may have instigated a media tsunami against Sinclair, the owner and operator of a cornucopia of local news stations stateside. Following on from a rather excellent investigative piece last year, Oliver discussed Sinclair and its potential political propaganda on the latest episode of Last Week Tonight. Subsequently, the internet began investigating which stations they can expect to see chief political analyst Boris on, ahead of their attempted acquisition of Tribune Media. Dubious journalism abounds, so maybe fake news is more endemic than previously thought.
3 Exo (band) C-Class article 971,006
Ivanka 28423868 10156303279802682 1201440222164748173 o.jpg
K-pop continues its persistent penetration into Western media this week, the continuing high views are symptomatic of this. Exo are a very popular K-pop group, but they have not yet seeped into Western culture like some of their peers. However, after performing at the closing ceremony of the 2018 Winter Olympics in their native South Korea in dramatic and entertaining fashion, they have hit the headlines in the West. Perhaps they can cross the Pacific and become superstars stateside. I may not have too much of an affinity for their lyrics, but their music cannot be worse than the supposed perfection of current compositions. I cannot speak to their musical quality, but with Wikipedia interest like they are currently receiving, I anticipate an appearance for the band on the annual report.
4 Jesus Christ Superstar Start-Class article 844,313
Jesus Christ Superstar.jpg
This famous 1970 rock opera about the Messiah saw a resurgence once NBC used it for their latest live concert broadcasts.
5 WrestleMania 34 Symbol question.svg 771,588
Superdome from Garage.jpg
It's on April 8, so expect one more list featuring this WWE event.
6 Ready Player One (film) Start-Class article 770,664
Steven Spielberg & Ernest Cline (36023677912).jpg
Another film entry here, and one which I thoroughly enjoyed. Spielberg's blockbuster adaptation of Ernest Cline's novel became ambling its way into cinemas worldwide last week, and it depicts a dystopian world where everyone spends the vast majority of their time in an advanced variant of VRChat, but with less Sonic characters. Parzival teams up with an electric girl, and a ragtag group of gamers, to capture something you may have eaten last week in the Oasis in an entertaining, if divisive, tentpole hit film. Still, it features memorable moments of poignancy like this, so its success is not surprising.
7 Deaths in 2018 List-Class article 725,481
People have a horrible, inevitable tendency to die – such is the circle of life (nants ingonyama bagithi Baba). As such, the list of the recently deceased is a continuing, morbid attraction for patrons of Wikipedia, and ensuring that it remains a fixture of the report. This week's iteration features many prominent figures, including Ray Wilkins (#10).
8 Baaghi 2 Start-Class article 702,321
Long time no see, Bollywood. And this time with an action movie that's not only a sequel but a Tollywood remake, starring the awesomely named Tiger Shroff (pictured).
9 2018 Commonwealth Games C-Class article 689,412
Gold Coast 2018.png
"Well, imagine the Olympic Games without the United States, China and Russia. Then imagine a track meet dominated by sprinters from Wales. And you have: the Commonwealth Games."

The 21st edition of these games between the UK and most of its former colonies started on April 4 in Gold Coast, Australia.

10 Ray Wilkins Start-Class article 661,044
Ray Wilkins Memorial Wall (27382762868).jpg
This week, English football, still reeling in the wake of Cyrille Regis' death, lost another legend with the death of Ray Wilkins, a brilliant bastion in midfield for both Chelsea F.C. and Manchester United. As a result, he was a bane for staunch Reds like myself, but his talent and prowess on the ball was unquestionably superb, and his transition into coaching was also admirable. Wilkins, particularly at Stamford Bridge, was a figure of mountainous proportions, and if the club's touching tribute to him is any indication, his impact will not be forgotten anytime soon. Sometimes, football transcends rivalry, and being a mere game, and morphs into something poignant, and powerful, and greater. Wilkins inspired such moments, and will be sorely missed.

U Can't Hear Me (April 8 to 14)

Another intriguing iteration of the Report this week, one dominated once again by sports and media. There are a handful of persistent entries, while a major wrestling event (at the confluence of sports and acting) is responsible for multiple entries, and has slotted itself at the apex. However, there is diversity in the list, introduced by some Google Doodles and /r/TIL entries, which help bolster the report significantly. As such, the report was entertaining to compile and incorporated scouring sports networks, cinemas, and social media alike. I hope it is as entertaining to peruse.

Without further ado, for the week of April 8 to 14, the most popular articles on Wikipedia, as determined from the WP:5000 report were:

Rank Article Class Views Image Notes
1 WrestleMania 34 C-Class article 2,254,753
Rock Rousey WM31.jpg
As promised in last week's report, this week kicked off with WrestleMania on April 8th. Despite WrestleMania 34 having what some are calling the "worst main event in WrestleMania history", for the third year in a row, WrestleMania took the top spot during the week in which it aired.
Symbol arrow up.svg Up 4 spots from last week.
2 A Quiet Place (film) C-Class article 1,995,964
In addition to barely missing out on first place in its second week on this list, this John Krasinski (#17) and Emily Blunt (#20) horror film barely missed out on taking first place in the (arguably less important) box office totals in its second week (losing to #14, Rampage (2018 film)). It may have had the best second weekend ever for a scary movie that wasn't a sequel or based on a book, but I'm still not going to see it. I like to sleep at night.
Symbol arrow down.svg Down 1 spot from last week.
3 Cardi B B-Class article
Cardi B 2016.jpg
It was a good week for Vine and Instagram star-turned-rapper Cardi B. Her debut studio album Invasion of Privacy was released on April 6 and took the top spot on the Billboard 200, she became the first female artist to chart 13 entries simultaneously on Billboard Hot 100, she was the musical guest on Saturday Night Live, where she announced her pregnancy, and on April 9 she became the first person to co-host The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.
4 2018 Commonwealth Games medal table Start-Class article 1,537,519
Commonwealth of Nations members with territories.png
Lots of people were searching for the 2018 Commonwealth Games this week, but most of all, the question on everyone's mind seemed to be how many medals each country had won.
5 Patrick Reed C-Class article 1,282,256
Augusta National Golf Club, Hole 10 (Camellia) - cropped.jpg
In sports that are the opposite of WrestleMania, the 2018 Masters Tournament was held at Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia from April 5–8. Reed won by just one stroke over #18 on this list, Rickie Fowler, earning his first major title.
6 India at the 2018 Commonwealth Games Start-Class article 1,259,010
Ashoka Chakra.svg
Since more people live in India than in all other countries in the Commonwealth of Nations combined, it's no surprise that more people were interested in how India did than any other country in the Commonwealth Games.
7 2018 Commonwealth Games C-Class article 1,222,518
"Too Late!" (1885) - TIMEA.jpg
As mentioned above in #4 and #6 above, the games continued this past week on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. Fans of non-scripted sports will be happy to know that if you add up the pages on this list related to the Commonwealth Games, they got almost twice the views that WrestleMania 34 did.
Symbol arrow up.svg Up 2 spots from last week.
8 Mark Zuckerberg B-Class article 938,727
Mark Zuckerberg - Caricature.jpg
Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg testified before the US Senate on April 10 and April 11 about the Facebook–Cambridge Analytica data breach. The main conclusions of the testimony seemed to be that most senators have no idea how social media sites work.
9 Glenn Quinn Start-Class article 914,649
Roseanne Logo.svg
ABC successfully revived the sitcom Roseanne last month, but missing from the revival was Mark Healy, the character played by this Irish actor. Quinn died in 2002, and the episode that aired on April 10th ended with a title card dedicating the episode to the "loving memory of Glenn Quinn".
10 Omar Sharif C-Class article 761,404
Omar Sharif 2015.jpg
This Egyptian actor, known for his roles in Lawrence of Arabia, Doctor Zhivago, and Funny Girl, was honored with a Google doodle on April 10th, his 86th birthday.


  • These lists excludes the Wikipedia main page, non-article pages (such as redlinks), and anomalous entries (such as DDoS attacks or likely automated views). Since mobile view data became available to the Report in October 2014, we exclude articles that have almost no mobile views (5–6% or less) or almost all mobile views (94–95% or more) because they are very likely to be automated views based on our experience and research of the issue. Please feel free to discuss any removal on the Top 25 Report talk page if you wish.