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Wikipedia:Wikipedia Signpost/2018-02-05/Arbitration report

New cases requested for inter-editor hostility and other collaboration issues: Politeness and collegial behavior about to be taken up by Arbcom, and perhaps a revisit of the infobox question.

Requests for cases

American etiquette and rules of politeness (1883) (14597727229).jpg
Etiquette and rules of politeness still an issue on Wikipedia

New requests since the last issue of The Signpost include:

  • Request "Joefromrandb" – initiated by MrX on 22 January 2018, reporting Joefromrandb. A number of behaviors were cited including hostile editing in the form of personal attacks, assumptions of bad faith, inflammatory edit summaries, and edit warring. It appears to be a continuation of a 20 October 2017 case naming Joefromrandb and opened by TomStar81. As of publication deadline the case has support from 14 members of the Arbitration Committee and has crossed the ten votes required to be accepted by the Arbitration Committee under the four net votes criterion (barring reversed votes).
  • Request "Civility issues" – initiated by Volvlogia on 24 January 2018, reporting Cassianto. At issue, incivility surrounding discussion of infobox artist. Third parties in the request referred back to Wikipedia:Arbitration/Requests/Case/Infoboxes in which Arbcom decided that infobox usage was neither mandatory nor prohibited, and should be left to editor consensus. The prior infoboxes case did not name Cassianto but remedies included other editors placed under editing restrictions on adding, removing or discussing infoboxes. Cassianto is currently under a three-month self-requested block initiated 26 January 2018. "Allegations of pro-infobox sock/meat activity" were raised in this new request by third parties; other parties expressed concerns about Arbcom creating new policy around infoboxes. As of publication deadline the request is 9/0/0.
Update after publication deadline

The two requests mentioned above were accepted as cases Joefromrandb and others and Civility in infobox discussions