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Wikipedia:Wikipedia Signpost/2017-06-23/News and notes

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Departments reorganized at Wikimedia Foundation, and a month without new RfAs (so far): While the English Wikipedia community produces no new requests for adminhood in June, the Wikimedia Foundation makes changes to the Product and Technology departments.
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Interim Vice-President of Product Toby Negrim (pictured) made the announcement alongside CTO Victoria Coleman.

Wikimedia Foundation changes

Coleman, Victoria - November 2016.jpg
Victoria Coleman, Chief Technology Officer

The Wikimedia Foundation has announced a reorganization of the Product and Technology departments. The re-org is expected to deliver better product development with community engagement and an audience-based approach, a more efficient pipeline and to "better prepare our engineering teams to plan around the upcoming movement strategic direction". In the new organization, the Product department will be renamed the Audiences department. The Editing team becomes the Contributors team; the Reading team the Readers team. The Discovery team will be distributed to the Readers team and the Technology department (but will still work together on various projects). The Fundraising Tech team will be moved to the Technology department. Team Practices group members working directly with teams in the Audiences and Technology departments will move into those teams, and the rest will move to the Talent & Culture department, under the newly-appointed T&C Chargée d’Affaires Anna Stillwell. Four audience verticals will be condensed into three: Readers, Contributors and Community Tech. The Design Director role will be reintroduced.

Brief notes

  • New administrators: There were no new administrators created since ONUnicorn as reported in the previous edition of The Signpost, and no new requests for adminship in the month of June. B.
  • Milestones: The following Wikipedia projects reached milestones: 1,000 articles: Bislama (7 April 2017); Doteli (21 May 2017). 2,000: Livvi-Karelian (21 March 2017); Lao (28 April 2017). 5,000: Classical Chinese (4 February 2017); Komi (11 March 2017). 10,000: Mingrelian (1 May 2017); Min Dong (12 June 2017). 20,000: Quechua (15 February 2017); Interlingua (1 April 2017); Sundanese (16 April 2017); South Azerbaijani (27 May 2017). 50,000: Bengali (30 April 2017); Malayalam (2 May 2017); Javanese (7 May 2017). 100,000: Tamil (8 May 2017). 500,000: Arabic (6 March 2017).
  • Wikimedia Strategy: Cycle two (discussion of five thematic clusters) concluded on June 12. The strategy team is adjusting the process, and cycle three (defining a direction based on thematic clusters) is due to kick off in July. A.
  • Fair use: Wikipedia has launched FairCopyrightOz, teaming up with organisations in favor of fair use in Australia. Among the metrics, 12 million banner impressions in the first ten days, and over 67,000 landing page views in the first week. B.
  • WikidataCon 2017: WikidataCon 2017 registration, scholarship applications, and call for submissions are open. The event will be held 28 – 29 October 2017 in Berlin. B.
  • WMF Board Governance Committee: James Heilman joined the WMF committee as a volunteer and advisory member. According to the announcement on Wikimedia-l, Heilman will be a non-voting member of the Board Governance Committee and his tenure will serve as onboarding in case of future Board appointment. James edits the English Wikipedia as Doc James and is an administrator. B.
  • I4OC: On April 6, 2017, the Wikimedia Foundation announced that they, along with 29 publishers and various organizations had founded the Initiative for Open Citations (I4OC) aimed at making citation data freely available for anyone to access. E.