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Features and admins

By The Placebo Effect, 14 May 2007


Fourteen users were granted admin status via the Requests for Adminship process this week: Eyrian (nom), DGG (nom), William Pietri (nom), Slumgum (nom), MastCell (nom), BigrTex (nom), Moreschi (nom), MZMcBride (nom), David Fuchs (nom), Pastordavid (nom), Rettetast (nom), Dekimasu (nom), CattleGirl (nom), and Searchme (nom).


Eleven bots were approved to begin operating this week: BotCompuGeek (task request), Le Pied-bot (task request), QualiaBot (task request), Android Mouse Bot (task request), NedBot (task request), GeorgeMoneyBot (task request), StatisticianBot (task request), Sumibot (task request), PolarBot (task request), Mr.Z-bot (task request), and Android Mouse Bot 2 (task request).

Six bots were approved to begin another task this week: VeblenBot (task request) (task request 2), MetsBot (task request), Kingbotk (task request), MetsBot (task request), Gnome (Bot) (task request), and MartinBotIII (task request).

Featured content

Five articles were promoted to featured status last week: Guinea pig (nom), Mendip Hills (nom), Tulsa, Oklahoma (nom), Toronto Raptors (nom), and Ben Gurion International Airport (nom).

Four articles were de-featured last week: The Simpsons (nom), GNU/Linux naming controversy (nom), Quantum computer (nom), and Attack on Pearl Harbor (nom).

Five lists were promoted to featured status last week: List of birds of Nicaragua (nom), The Simpsons (season 8) (nom), 2001 NFL Draft (nom), 1888-1889 New Zealand Native football team matches (nom), and 2003 NBA Draft (nom).

One topic was promoted to featured status last week: Love. Angel. Music. Baby. (nom).

Two portals were promoted to featured status this month: Portal:Scotland (nom), and Portal:Solar System (nom).

No sounds were promoted to featured status last week.

The following featured articles were displayed last week on the Main Page as Today's featured article: Mars, Hovhannes Bagramyan, Campbell's Soup Cans, Minnesota, Eurovision Song Contest, Baby Gender Mentor, and Cell nucleus.

The following featured pictures were displayed last week on the Main Page as picture of the day: Thomas Edison, Striated Pardolate, Polar Map of Jupiter, L'Hemisferic, Pāhoehoe lava, Morteratsch Glacier, and Thermodynamic temperature.

One picture was de-featured last week: Image:Baseball_pitching_motion_2004.jpg (nom)

Seven pictures were featured last week: