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Wikipedia:Wikipedia Signpost/2006-08-21/Features and admins

The Wikipedia Signpost

Features and admins

By Ian Manka, ForestH2 and RoyBoy, 21 August 2006


Six users were granted admin status last week: Renata3 (nom), Aguerriero (nom), Andrew Levine (nom), Alphachimp (nom), Wangi (nom), and Consumed Crustacean (nom)

Alphachimp joined the ranks of WP:100 with 138 support votes, the 44th RfA to do so.

Featured Content

Eleven articles were featured last week: Warsaw Uprising (1794) (nom), Battle of Moscow (nom), Toledo War (nom), Banksia brownii (nom), Hilary Putnam (nom), Darjeeling (nom), Ahmedabad (nom), G. Ledyard Stebbins (nom), Scooby-Doo (nom), Procellariidae (nom), and Harold and Inge Marcus Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering (nom).

Two articles were de-featured last week: Economy of the Republic of Ireland and Lastovo.

The latest portal to reach featured status is Portal:Indigenous peoples of North America.

Five lists reached featured list status last week: List of Canadian federal parliaments, List of Sites of Special Scientific Interest in Avon, BAFTA Award for Best Film, List of current world boxing champions, and List of people with epilepsy.

The following featured articles were displayed last week on the main page as Today's featured article: O-Bahn Busway, Cane Toad, Hurricane Mitch, Sikhism, Illmatic, Roman Vishniac, and Sesame Street.

These were the pictures of the day last week: Prothonotary Warbler, India, Mont St. Michel Spire, World War II Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial, Ozyptila praticola, white-lipped snail, and Leaf Green Tree Frog.

One picture reached featured picture status last week:

Also this week: Congress, again...

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