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Copyright and Image copyright issues for the Wikipedia Selection seriesEdit


The Wikimedia foundation have given permission in writing for the use of their logos on this project provided that the project continues in its aim of education children and does not sell the DVDs for commercial gain. At present the project is either a free download or DVD by post so compliance is straightforward.


Fair use images are not included. A change in the 2007 version versus the 2006 version is that (at the request of Anthere, WMF chairlady) we now include the image pages from Wikipedia with the full image details (e.g. . In a few cases we have been caught out (generally where the image was moved from en to commons during the data-grab on images, which we do very slowly as requested). Please note any cases on the talk pages here. See Wikipedia_talk:Wikipedia-CD/Download#Image_copyrights for discussion on the first version.

At present we are not aware of any images used without proper copyright on the version of the 2007 DVD which has been available since May 2007.

GFDL issuesEdit

GFDL does not automatically extend to web material. Some Wikipedians on the mirrors and forks project have expressed the view that the online copy of Wikipedia for Schools should link back to the source article page to be considered fully compliant. This is not in the licence and the online browsable version of Schools Wikipedia does not do this. However the offline and online versions clearly state that the source is Wikipedia and makes an attempt to explain how to recover contributions from article histories which is at least as good as Wikipedia itself manages.

See alsoEdit

Wikipedia:Wikipedia_CD_Selection/additions_and_updates, Wikipedia:Wikipedia_CD_Selection/section_excludes which lists article sections to be excluded from the DVD. Articles to be removed should be listed directly at Wikipedia:Wikipedia_CD_Selection/deletes.