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This project aims to improve gender gap in Wikipedia and create the biographies about South Asian women.


This year Wiki Loves Women will focus on feminism, women biographies and gender focused-topics for the project in league with Wiki Loves Folklore gender gap focus with folk culture theme on Wikipedia. It includes, but is not limited to, women and queer personalities in folklore, folk culture (folk artists, folk dancers, folk singers, folk musicians, folk game athletes, women in mythology, women warriors in folklores, witches and witch hunting, fairytales and more).


February 1, 2020 – March 31, 2020


  • The expanded or new article should have minimum 3000 bytes and 300 words.
  • The article should not be machine translated.
  • The article should be expanded or created between 1 February and 31 March.
  • The article should be within theme festivals and ceremonies of love, women, feminism and gender.
  • There should be no copyright violations and notability issues and article should have proper references as per Wikipedia policies.


  • T-shirts and tote bags for top 5 contributors and Jury
  • Digital postcard and barnstars for participants creating atleast 4 articles.

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