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Welcome to the Yorkshire WikiProject.

We are a group of editors dedicated to improving Wikipedia's coverage of articles related to Yorkshire, England, including the counties of North Yorkshire, West Yorkshire, South Yorkshire and the East Riding of Yorkshire and the cities of Kingston upon Hull, York, Sheffield, Leeds, Bradford, Wakefield, Doncaster, and Ripon.

  • The goal of this WikiProject is to provide coverage of subjects pertaining to Yorkshire by creating, assessing, improving upon and monitoring articles and lists about Yorkshire.
  • This project supports any pages related to the county of Yorkshire. We acknowledge the efforts and work of other projects, and will focus our attention on those articles which do not fall within the scope of any other active regional project.

Aims edit

Please discuss this section on the talk page.

Specific aims for the project are:-

  • To complete tagging and assessment of all Yorkshire related articles
  • To recruit more active editors
  • To bring our top level article Yorkshire up to Featured article status
  • To bring all other top priority articles (currently 15 with 2 at FA) to at least Good article status
  • To set up a weekly or monthly selected article improvement drive
  • To produce a regular news letter for circulation to members

Members edit

Please feel free to add yourself to this list, and to indicate any areas of particular interest.
Please also specify whether you would like to receive the monthly WikiProject Yorkshire newsletter with Y or N in the appropriate column.
You can also opt to just recieve a link to the newsletter by using L.

All members should feel free to add {{User WikiProject Yorkshire}}
to their userpages to identify themselves as members of the project.
Top icon Add {{Yorkshire topicon}} anywhere in your user page to show membership of the project
User Interests Newsletter
Rocky miller 97 (talk · contribs) I live in Rotherham, so I can help expand information in the article about that. Also a fan of Rotherham United so I create and edit pages relating to that subject. I will also edit other regional based pages that I am considerably knowledgeable about. N
10redmoe (talk · contribs) York N
Daleb1995 (talk · contribs) Leeds, West Yorkshire - a keen interest in Geography and Meteorology. N
A1personage (talk · contribs) N
Acabashi (talk · contribs) East Riding, particularly Sutton-on-Hull, Driffield, and other places between with own historical family association. Y
Agdturner (talk · contribs) Resident in Leeds born in Doncaster. I've lived in Yorkshire most of my life and work at the University of Leeds where I am based in the School of Geography and am deputy director of the Centre for Computational Geography. N
Almost-instinct (talk · contribs) Philip Larkin N
Anthony Winward (talk · contribs) Born and live in Middlesbrough and interested in the area. N
Bduke (talk · contribs) While living now in Australia, I was born and brought up in Sheffield. I have a particular interest in the Yorkshire Dales, particularly Wharfedale, which I have visited frequently, and South Yorkshire. Y
Bnwkr (talk · contribs) Born and raised in Leeds, Batley and Birstall. N
Chappy84 (talk · contribs) Sport In The County, The County, Leeds, York. N
Chemical Engineer (talk · contribs) Mainly to add photographs which are of good quality and provide appropriate illustration. N
Chilkoot (talk · contribs) Moor Grange and West Park. N
Chronotopian (talk · contribs) Articles local to York, as well as arts, literature and culture particular to the area. Y
ColinFine (talk · contribs) Lived in Bradford for 25 years; now near Ripon. Interested in those places, especially historic buildings. Y
Dakinijones (talk · contribs) Mainly interested in Leeds, Bridlington and the Yorkshire Dales Y
Derek R Bullamore (talk · contribs) Y
DisillusionedBitterAndKnackered (talk · contribs) Mostly interested in Guisborough and the area but will flirt with further afield. Y
Dr Greg (talk · contribs) Near the Lancashire border, especially railway history. N
Euchiasmus (talk · contribs) Dales, villages, etc. N
fiddlersmouth (talk · contribs) Archaeology and history Y
Flarpster (talk · contribs) Scarborough / Filey / Wolds area with special interest in ancient / medieval history N
Francish7 (talk · contribs) Mostly the Tees Valley area. N
futurefjp (talk · contribs) Wetherby, West Yorshire and environs. N
Gaia Octavia Agrippa (talk · contribs) Anything to do with N Yorks. Y
Gavbadger (talk · contribs) Military Y
Gilderien (talk · contribs) Resident of Ryedale Y
GrahamSmith (talk · contribs) Principally interested in Skipton area for genealogical reasons. N
GuillaumeTell (talk · contribs) Interested mainly in York and Leeds. N
Harbin91 (talk · contribs) Doncaster area, Doncaster Rovers, Hexthorpe area of Doncaster, and anything else that my interest me. Y
Harkey Lodger (talk · contribs) Mainly articles on "Natural Areas" of the old County of Yorkshire but some specific work on villages, towns and rivers. N
HarryAdney (talk · contribs) Live and work in Wensleydale. I've a keen interest in the ancient and modern aspects of the Dales, particularly Wensleydale history, notable people and events, etc. N
Jcuk (talk · contribs) Mainly Knaresborough, Harrogate, Nidderdale areas, also anything to do with James Herriot, being a somewhat obssessive fan and working at the World Of James Herriot museum! N
JeremyA (talk · contribs) Note however that Wikipedia:WikiProject Sheffield has been established for about a year, is fairly active, and its members have to a certain extent been looking after articles covering subjects within the whole of South Yorkshire. So communication with that project on issues that affect South Yorkshire articles would be appreciated by its members (of which I am one). N
Kaly99 (talk · contribs) N
Keith D (talk · contribs) Mainly articles covering East Riding of Yorkshire. Y
Kildwyke (talk · contribs) Interested in the Topography of the Pennines of the West Riding of Yorkshire; and the history of its working people. I created both the Craven and Keighley and Kendal Turnpike pages. N
Langcliffe (talk · contribs) Yorkshire Dales, Caves, Hills, Geology, Upper Wharfedale. N
Leeds United FC fan (talk · contribs) Association football, Rugby league, West Yorkshire, North Yorkshire, Leeds, North York Moors and Yorkshire in general N
Leo1802 (talk · contribs) Interested in West Yorkshire mainly Calderdale and sports. N
Lewisskinner (talk · contribs) most Sheffield and West Riding-related articles. Y
LNWWatcher (talk · contribs) Leeds, particularly areas I know and local politics. N
Malcolmxl5 (talk · contribs) York. Fond of taking photographs of York. Y
MarmadukePercy (talk · contribs) South Yorkshire, Levett and related families, general Yorkshire history. N
Mattythewhite (talk · contribs) Football in the county, especially in North Yorkshire and the East Riding of Yorkshire. N
MRacer (talk · contribs) Basically, all of North Yorkshire, including the areas of the Teesside conurbation historically a part of it, plus some very specific areas with which I have some personal familiarity and/or pride, such as Hambleton District etc. Y
Mtaylor848 (talk · contribs) Leeds, Wetherby, Chapel Allerton, Headingley, Kirkstall, Holt Park, Headingley, Killingbeck, Moor Grange, West Park Hunslet and Holbeck. Y
Nate1481 (talk · contribs) Live in York, Used to live in Bradford & attend Bradford Uni N
Nick Watts (talk · contribs) Resident in Bradford. Interested in the Bradford area and its history, and classical music activities in the area. N
Nigelcoates (talk · contribs) Scarborough / Pickering / Filey area N
Northumbrian (talk · contribs) Articles concerned with Kingston upon Hull primarily, but also other Yorkshire-related articles to a lesser degree. Y
Notjamesbond (talk · contribs) Based in West Yorkshire, enjoy walking in the Dales, am happy to help with Yorkshire based articles. N
Nthep (talk · contribs) West & North Yorkshire L
PamD (talk · contribs) Leeds and general tidying. N
Pamela Gardiner (talk · contribs) Mostly art related. N
PatHadley (talk · contribs) Mostly interested in Yorkshire archaeology. York resident. N
Rfsmit (talk · contribs) Hambleton area to Teesside. Y (S)
Rimmer1993 (talk · contribs) Exile. Sports and geographic items. Y
Scillystuff (talk · contribs) The West Riding, mostly railways. N
Storye book (talk · contribs) I've created a number of local history and biographical articles related to Yorkshire. I'm happy to photograph buildings, landscape and objects in the North and West Yorks areas, especially around Harrogate and Leeds. Y
Stuffed cat (talk · contribs) West & North Yorkshire and Greater Teesside. Y
synaptic peach (talk · contribs) Dales, York Y
Thebolshoibrothers (talk · contribs) Born in Leeds, raised in Outwood, Lofthouse, Alwoodley and Horsforth. Y
Tomd2712 (talk · contribs) N
TomDWilliams (talk · contribs) Y
Wilbur2012 (talk · contribs) Doncaster + South Yorkshire as well as Aviation and Media. N
Yorkshiresoul (talk · contribs) Ilkley, cricket, the Dales. N
HarryAdney (talk · contribs) Wensleydale resident. N
1916Walker987 (talk · contribs) North Yorkshire N
WinslowBoy (talk · contribs) Interests in Yorkshire's great and good, and English literature. Back on Wikipedia after a break (aka losing password - this time, I know to set an email address too!) Proud to call God's Own County home. N
Scottjbroughton (talk · contribs) Scarborough resident, and active member of the music and digital media scene. N
Tomdaone (talk · contribs) Born and bred in Leeds, interested in updating local pages from around Leeds and the music and entertainment scene. N
SvenShaw (talk · contribs) Born in Bradford, interested in local architecture, history and Yorkshire customs N
Zakhx150 (talk · contribs) Professional Archaeologist; Roman & Prehistoric Archaeology, Roman Britain, Roman Religion N
Oldontarian (talk · contribs) amateur genealogist and geographer with interests in Yorkshire and other parts of the UK as well N
BNC85 (talk · contribs) Resident of Wakefield and works in Leeds. Originally from Newcastle upon Tyne and with an interest in local history and UK law enforcement (and history thereof) N
Darrenmarshall (talk · contribs) I live in Harrogate in North Yorkshire, I have a keen interest in my home town and the surrounding area, and am a railway enthusiast. Currently employed as a Hotel Manager.. N
Asterixtintin (talk · contribs) Mostly anything to do with Doncaster - for example the sports teams and schools, and anything interesting to add to the full page from local history. Also, willing to venture further out in regards to football. Y
Breadcrumbs on Wikipedia (talk · contribs) Anything really N
The joy of all things (talk · contribs) Railways, roads, lakes, streams, towns almost anything on Yorkshire.... Y
Hullian111 (talk · contribs) Username is pretty obvious: anything in Hull with prior knowlege and interest I may add to. N
antihistoriaster (talk · contribs) Particularly in the York pogrom of 1190, but all areas of York history tbh Y
Tommy animator (talk · contribs) animations for better visual explanations N
Will299 (talk · contribs) I Regularly update the Barnsley FC page. N
EdwardUK (talk · contribs) History, old buildings and pubs L
Joe Roe (talk · contribs) West Riding, particularly the Heavy Woollen District; local history and archaeology Y
Brandt Nightingale (talk · contribs) Interested in medieval architecture; I hope to add info on architectural history of East Riding churches Y
Girth Summit (talk · contribs) Teacher in York. Interested in history in general, historic buildings particularly. Currently working on listed buildings in Moray, but hoping to get around to doing some work on buildings in York and surroundings. Y
Cavie78 (talk · contribs) Librarian in Leeds. Music, history and historic buildings, cricket and football. Can help with photos from Leeds, York and surroundings. Y
Stormy301 (talk · contribs) Based in Leeds. Sports in the region, history and flags from various places in Yorkshire. Y
GhostInTheMachine (talk · contribs) Live in York N
Mjgarratt (talk · contribs) Mostly interested in North York Moors. Y
YorkshireLad (talk · contribs) Originally from Yorkshire (hence the name), though no longer living there N
Blackwater-Bradfield1900 (talk · contribs) Sheffield area, mainly outying villages. Y
Chocolateediter (talk · contribs) Finds photos L
Tony Griff (talk · contribs) I am mainly interested in Whiston but more generally in Rotherham and its history Y
77skull (talk · contribs) I am in the Doncaster area and love learning about our history Y
Transandrosupport (talk · contribs) Wales based but interested in Todmorden and the general Yorskhire/Lancashire border N
Eborus13 (talk · contribs) Born Middlesbrough, lived some time in York (thus username). Now out of Yorks, but maintain an interest, and particularly in history of the county N
BenBrownBoy (talk · contribs) Interested in Wakefield City and the Five Towns N
OAnick (talk · contribs) Otley, interested in leveraging wikidata to identify gaps Y
Jarckary (talk · contribs) Interested in mostly West Yorkshire and cleaning up pages. N
RobinJames68 (talk · contribs) I lived in North Yorkshire for a few years Y
DandelionAndBurdock (talk · contribs) Interested in places in Leeds N

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Creating articles edit

Guidelines edit

How to write about settlements

How to write about counties

How to write about rivers

How to write about people

New articles edit

Please feel free to list your new Yorkshire-related articles here (newer articles at the top, please). Please also make sure that each new article created is put into one of the categories for Yorkshire, so that the articles will appear there.

Did you know (DYK?) edit

Any new articles that have an interesting or unusual fact in them should be suggested for the Did you know? box on the Main Page.

Assessment and review of articles edit

Assessment area of the project – this linked page rates articles for both quality and importance to this project.

Click on the coloured areas in the table below to show a list of articles in each category.


These links provide further information about the status of articles: Index · Statistics · Log

For an explanation of the more formal review process see: Peer review

Improving articles edit

A clean-up listing is available here which lists articles tagged with various clean-up tags that need attention.

Articles assessed (in the chart in the previous section) as B, C, Start, or Stub class also need to be improved, usually by expansion and fact-checking.

Monitoring articles edit

All members should always feel free to patrol the recent changes list to note improvements to, changes, or vandalism of articles within the scope of this project. Also available is the article alerts log which gives details of workflow activities for articles covered by the project.

Popular articles edit

There is a list of the most popular viewed project pages available here. The first 1,000 most popular viewed pages during the previous month is given with the number of hits.

Articles of note edit

FA Featured articles edit

These articles on Yorkshire-related subjects have featured article status, although not necessarily achieved through the work of this WikiProject. Currently there are 76 Yorkshire featured articles.

George Calvert, 1st Baron BaltimoreYork City F.C.Joseph PriestleyStocksbridge Park Steels F.C.Valley ParadeWilliam WilberforceHistory of Bradford City A.F.C.Last of the Summer WineEaldred (archbishop of York)Paulinus of YorkWilfridHMS EndeavourCosmo Gordon LangThomas of BayeuxCottingley FairiesWilfred RhodesGuy FawkesYorkshire captaincy affair of 1927Roy KilnerGeorge MacaulayFrederick DeliusBattle of TowtonHalifax GibbetGerard (archbishop of York)George HirstGeoffrey (archbishop of York)Len HuttonHedley VerityAbe WaddingtonÆthelwold æthelingPreparing for a Fancy Dress BallThe Combat: Woman Pleading for the VanquishedThe Wrestlers (Etty)Bootham CrescentHistory of York City F.C. (1922–1980)William EttyHistory of York City F.C. (1980–present)William Sterndale BennettCandaules, King of Lydia, Shews his Wife by Stealth to Gyges, One of his Ministers, as She Goes to BedThe World Before the FloodMusidora: The Bather 'At the Doubtful Breeze Alarmed'North Eastern Railway War MemorialYork City War MemorialNorthern EnglandAlbert PierrepointRSPB Dearne Valley Old MoorKeldholme Priory election dispute2018 World Snooker Championship2019 World Snooker ChampionshipCapture of Wakefield2017 World Snooker Championship2017 EFL Championship play-off Final1985 World Snooker ChampionshipCardiff City F.C. 2–1 Leeds United F.C. (2002)1986 World Snooker Championship1988 Football League Second Division play-off Final2020 World Snooker Championship1984 World Snooker Championship1925 FA Cup Final2006 Football League Championship play-off FinalAcamptonectes1997 Football League First Division play-off Final1987 World Snooker Championship1989 World Snooker Championship2014 World Snooker Championship1983 World Snooker Championship1988 World Snooker Championship2015 World Snooker Championship2002 World Snooker Championship2021 World Snooker Championship1982 World Snooker Championship2016 World Snooker Championship2022 World Snooker Championship1981 World Snooker Championship1980 World Snooker ChampionshipIan Carmichael

FAC Featured article candidates edit

The following articles are in review as Featured article candidates:

FAR Featured article review edit

Featured topics edit

These groups are featured topics and can serve as an idea of what should go in a featured topics.

Featured topic candidates edit

The following topics are in review as Featured topic candidates:

None at this time.

Peer review edit

The following articles are on review at Peer review:

GA Good articles (GA) edit

The following articles have either been recognised as good articles or are currently under review for good article status:

Arctic MonkeysSean BeanClayton DonaldsonHull City A.F.C.W. H. AudenMKM StadiumMiddlesbrough F.C.Leeds Country WayRitchie HumphreysYork Museum GardensEdwin of NorthumbriaBattle of Marston MoorThurstanStuart McCallMichael SymesWilliam of YorkRoger de Pont L'EvêqueKyle NixGerard (archbishop of York)Oswald of WorcesterSam Cowan2007–08 Bradford City A.F.C. seasonBattle of BoroughbridgeJimmy SpeirsChris BrandonA Month in the Country (film)Matt JarvisNorthallertonCurtis WoodhouseHebden, North YorkshireGeoff HorsfieldDracula's DaughterAdam Smith (footballer, born February 1985)FulfordgateJames the DeaconArchitecture of LeedsDavid McGurkPhilip LarkinSiward BarnJohn Thomas NorthOslac of YorkThoredKingston upon HullThomas FerensPeak DistrictÆlfhelm of YorkMichael Rankine2008–09 York City F.C. seasonYorkCharlie and the Chocolate Factory (film)Craig NelthorpeGeoffrey BoycottDrax Power StationDavid WetherallCounty Borough of LeedsBramhope TunnelMartyn WoolfordTickle Cock BridgeIan Helliwell (footballer)Sir John Fowler, 1st BaronetGreg Young (footballer)SheffieldRudyard Kipling (ship)Norman Yardley1996 Football League Second Division play-off FinalAbe WaddingtonJoe ColbeckJohn and Christopher WrightYork Castle1903–04 Bradford City A.F.C. seasonAire and Calder NavigationRiver HullGeorge HirstRiver Don Navigation2010–11 York City F.C. seasonEd MilibandMicky AdamsWhitbyStones BreweryPeter Swan (footballer, born 1966)Fraizer CampbellRussell Howarth1936 FA Cup FinalWebster's BreweryJohn Smith's BreweryChurch of Saint Oswald, King and Martyr, OswaldkirkCynesigeThomas Harrison (architect)Michael Coulson (footballer)Thorne and Hatfield MoorsKeith HouchenHMS Vigilant (1777)Middleton, Leeds2011–12 York City F.C. seasonGisborough Priory1889–90 Sheffield United F.C. seasonOne DirectionThe Box TreeHMT Richard BaconBosa of YorkTerry BywaterLNER Class A3 4472 Flying ScotsmanStones Bitter2011–12 Sheffield United F.C. seasonJohn Dundas (RAF officer)Stainforth and Keadby CanalBlackburn MeadowsStreet House Anglo-Saxon cemeteryCleveland Railway (England)Fairy Queen (locomotive)1891–92 Sheffield United F.C. seasonAxholme Joint RailwayJohn HemminghamGordon BanksPaul Robinson (footballer born 1979)2012–13 York City F.C. seasonRichard CresswellBolckow VaughanEcgbert (bishop)Æthelbert of YorkBelgian ship A4Wade's CausewayJapanese ironclad KongōJack Charlton2000 UEFA Cup semi-final violence2013–14 York City F.C. seasonConisbrough CastleSkipsea Castle2014–15 York City F.C. seasonDon Revie2015 Tour de YorkshireJoseph TerryBruce Chatwin1965 FA Cup FinalYork Community StadiumWressle Castle2004 Football League Cup FinalNew Model Army (band)Hull CastleMarmion Tower2015–16 York City F.C. season2016 Women's Tour de YorkshireHMS Falmouth (1910)Herbert Chapman1974 FA Charity ShieldWorms ArmageddonBrudenell Social ClubHyde Park Picture HouseTansy beetle2014 Tour de FranceUghill Hall shootingsWilliam TukeJack Hobbs (footballer)2018 UK Championship2017 UK ChampionshipCottage Road Cinema2019 World Snooker ChampionshipCapture of WakefieldThe Golden BeamSiege of Hull (1642)Battle of Leeds2000 Football League First Division play-off FinalBilly ElliotJustin Wilson (racing driver)Colin GraingerDavara2016 Football League Championship play-off FinalCardiff City F.C. 2–1 Leeds United F.C.2015 Football League Championship play-off Final2009 Football League Championship play-off Final2008 Football League Championship play-off Final2016 Football League One play-off Final2018 EFL League One play-off Final2014 Football League One play-off Final2017 EFL League One play-off Final2013 World Snooker Championship2003 World Snooker ChampionshipWorms 22019 UK Championship2005 World Snooker Championship2003 Football League First Division play-off Final1981 World Snooker Championship1902 FA Cup FinalHector Munro Chadwick1901 FA Cup Final2008 Football League One play-off Final1995 Football League Second Division play-off Final2006 Football League One play-off FinalAckley Bridge2013 Football League Two play-off Final2005 Football League One play-off Final2012 Football League One play-off Final1987 Football League Second Division play-off FinalSystime Computers2010 Football League Two play-off Final2011 Football League One play-off Final2004 Football League Third Division play-off Final1993 Football League Third Division play-off FinalTerri HarperJim LakerDracula2006 UK Championship2014 FA Cup FinalJames Milner2008 World Snooker Championship2012 World Snooker ChampionshipHamo (dean of York)2021 UK ChampionshipWalter de GrayRobert of Bridlington1977 World Snooker Championship2011 World Snooker ChampionshipRockstar Leeds2019 UK Seniors Championship1974 World Snooker ChampionshipMagnetic Field: The Marsden Poems2022 EFL Championship play-off finalLeeds 13Carol Thomas1979 World Snooker Championship1978 World Snooker Championship2023 World Seniors Championship2023 Tour ChampionshipHMS Tourmaline (1875)Joe Johnson (snooker player)Live at Leeds2023 World Snooker Championship2005 UK ChampionshipAndy Crosby

Under review
GAR reassessment

Lists of note edit

FL Featured lists edit

These 17 articles on Yorkshire-related subjects have featured list status, not necessarily achieved through the work of this WikiProject.

FLC Featured list candidates (FLC) edit

The following lists are in review as Featured list candidates:

None at this time.

Formerly recognised content edit

Former featured articles Former featured articles
Delisted Good Articles Delisted Good Articles

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None at this time.

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None at this time.

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Other templates edit

{{WikiProject Yorkshire}} should be placed on the talk pages of relevant articles to put them under the project's radar.

{{WikiProject Yorkshire}} looks like this:

WikiProject iconYorkshire NA‑class
WikiProject iconWikipedia:WikiProject Yorkshire is within the scope of WikiProject Yorkshire, an attempt to build a comprehensive and detailed guide to Yorkshire on Wikipedia. If you would like to participate, you can visit the project page, where you can join the project, see a list of open tasks, and join in discussions on the project's talk page.
NAThis article has been rated as NA-class on Wikipedia's content assessment scale.

{{Yorkshire Rose}} is the, barnstar like, award of WikiProject Yorkshire. The white rose emblem of the county of York is awarded to anyone who makes valued contributions to Yorkshire articles on Wikipedia.

The Yorkshire Rose award looks like this:

The Yorkshire Rose
WikiProject Yorkshire
Award of Merit
for valued contributions to Yorkshire articles on Wikipedia
Message and signature go here

An optional message and signature are added as a parameter.

{{Thanks WPYorks}} is a project thanks template that can be placed on user talk pages to advertise the project and thank them for their edits to project related articles. Place {{subst:Thanks WPYorks|~~~~}} on the appropriate user talk page. If you want to indicate a specific article then add the article= parameter to specify the article name like {{subst:Thanks WPYorks|article=Yorkshire|~~~~}}, this looks like:

Thank you for your edit to Yorkshire, an article supported by WikiProject Yorkshire
If you ever run out of ideas here are some jobs to do:
Wikipedia:WikiProject Yorkshire/to do
To discuss any aspect of the Project please visit the Talk page.
To learn more visit the Main Project Page
Signature goes here

{{Wikipedia:WikiProject Yorkshire/Sidebar}} gives a sidebar which can be added to your user page for shortcuts to sections of the project pages.
It looks like this:

Categories edit

You can assign a category to a page simply by adding [[Category:Category name]] to the page's wikitext source. In order to reference a category within a page as a normal wiki link (without adding the page to the category) prefix the link name with a colon. For example: Category:Not in this category

Resources edit

  • OpenStreetMap OpenStreetMap is a free editable map of the whole world.
  • Geograph. Photographs of places to upload. The Geograph British Isles project aims to collect geographically representative photographs and information for every square kilometre of Great Britain and Ireland. The licensing on Geograph allows these photos to be uploaded to Commons - uses {{geograph|nnnnn|forename surname}} in the "Permission" field when uploading image file, where nnnn is the geograph number of the image.
  • GENUKI Yorkshire Historical and genealogical information. You can use the template {{Genuki}} to provide an External Link to the relevant Genuki page.
  • York University Archaeology Data Service Database of archaeological sites. Searchable in various ways.
  • Flickr Commons images Hundreds of free-to-use images from Flickr Commons. This search for 'Yorkshire' is very fruitful but more specific searches are also likely to generate excellent results.
  • York Museums Trust GLAMwiki partnership One of Yorkshire's largest museum organisations has a relationship with the Wikipedia community mediated by Wikimedia UK. A residency ran from October 2013 - April 2014 but the trust are happy to make further contact with editors.
  • Yorkshire Network Project Yorkshire's 150 registered museums are being given the chance to engage with Wikipedia. There are fantastic opportunities for Wikipedians to work with experts and unique collections on a huge range of subjects. Use the project talk page or contact PatHadley to find out more.

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