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Newsletter • August 2018

This month: WikiProject X: The resumption

The news:

  • Work has resumed on WikiProject X and CollaborationKit, backed by a successfully funded Project Grant.
    • Due to delays, the schedule is a bit offset, but the work as planned remains the same.
    • Per the previous issue, it's just me now, but I fully intend to properly see this through.

What CollaborationKit is:

  • Currently: barebones WikiProject page/subpage handler with member tools (the signup tools and members list prototype remains live on WikiProject Women in Red in the meantime)
  • Also currently: full of bugs, especially skin bugs (oops, that's my other project)

Current progress:

  • Basic audit of the CollaborationKit extension in a clean environment, task updates based on this - situation is both better and worse than expected
  • Clearer definition of what exactly the deployment blockers are currently
    • UX stuff because I r UX person, also it's better to not have known issues when trying to get meaningful testing feedback
    • Ability to easily enable and disable CK features so people can opt out as easily as they opt in, and also in case of catastrophic failure and we need to undeploy entirely for some reason (why this even is a potential issue: contentmodel handling in core results in horrible errors/no good fallback for missing contentmodel + users shouldn't ever need to lose data)
    • ...wait, was that it?

General plan for the next month:

  • Fix stuff and talk to people
  • Properly document path forward with tasks and start resolving them
  • Actually get familiar with/update all these WikiProject X pages, figure out what I'm looking for, find/set up the pages for:
    • For pilot projects to volunteer once we do have it deployed
    • For user/project input to help guide continued work in $currentYear
    • Best onwiki options for users to submit bugs/requests/whatever (there's the phabricator project, but we'll probably also want a subpage of Wikipedia:WikiProject X for folks not comfortable with that?)
Because James was taking care of most of this before. You know how it is.

Until next time,

-— Isarra 22:24, 30 August 2018 (UTC)[]