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We are a group of editors focused on developing content informed by research and scholarship in the fields of rhetoric, composition, technical communication, literacy, and language studies.

In addition to improving and expanding coverage of writing research and pedagogy as they encompass broad and evolving definitions of literacy, communication, rhetoric, and writing (including multimodal discourse, digital communication, and diverse language practices), this project seeks to represent the full scope of these fields’ engagement with diversity, inclusion, access, and equity. We will draw from and cite canonical terms, concepts, and research, as well as scholarship and activism composed by marginalized teacher-scholars, when creating and improving Wikipedia articles.

Announcements - March 2023

  • This month, join us in contributing to our spotlight on Latin American Writing Studies in Higher Education. Visit the Events page for more details.
  • Interested in hearing from scholars presenting their research? This academic year (2022-23) we are excited to announce the CCCCWI Speaker Series. This month, Dr. Federico Navarro will share an overview of how post-secondary writing studies have rapidly developed over the last twenty years in Latin America. Register here
  • The WikiProject Writing Coffeehouse is streaming on Twitch once a month! Drop-in whenever you'd like from 1:00pm-2:00pm ET on Twitch where CCCC scholars and/or the CCCC Wikipedian-in-residence will live edit Wikipedia on a different topic focus. Click here to join & add to your calendar
  • Follow us on Twitter to stay up to date on our upcoming events and ongoing activities!

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Many hands make light work! We encourage you to start watching, editing, and adding to articles within your areas of expertise. Our open tasks page provides lists of articles in need of improvement and creation, as well as ideas for smaller tasks you can complete.

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Popular articles
Rank Page title Views Daily average Assessment
1 Language 216,027 7,200 GA
2 Communication 117,450 3,915 C
3 Dyslexia 103,784 3,459 GA
4 Linguistics 92,174 3,072 B
5 African-American Vernacular English 74,166 2,472 Start
6 Writing 56,306 1,876 C
7 Thoth 48,920 1,630 C
8 Literature 44,059 1,468 C
9 Writing system 42,809 1,426 B
10 Plagiarism 40,306 1,343 B

Recently edited Writing articles

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5 edits Writer's block
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3 edits Thesis statement
3 edits Special needs

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  15. Janet Emig
  16. Janice Lauer


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WikiProject Writing was founded in October 2020 by members of the CCCC Wikipedia Initiative committee: Melanie Kill (chair), Cheryl Ball, Sweta Baniya, Charles Bazerman, Dana Comi, Dylan B. Dryer, Tarez Samra Graban, Alexandria Lockett, D’Arcee Neal, and Matthew Vetter. The initiative proceeds from the conviction that it matters to edit Wikipedia, especially for academics committed to knowledge equity as a fundamental groundwork for social justice[1]. The original project page was created by Jeffrey Keefer, the 2020 CCCC Wikipedian-in-Residence. These pages are currently being developed by Savannah Cragin (User:Breadyornot), the current CCCC Wikipedian-in-Residence.