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Wikiproject OutreachEdit

The purpose of this page is to plan & record outreach from Women in Red to other Wikiprojects. Right now, that largely boils down to:

  • addition of WiR Redlists to their Task & ToDo lists
  • periodic checks that WiR Redlists remain on their Task & ToDo lists
  • talk-page posts drawing attention to WiR and its redlists
  • creation of redlists appropriate to wikiprojects


  • Sample talk-page paragraph, for posting on Wikiprojects' talk pages
[[File:Women in Red logo.svg|thumb|100px|[[Wikipedia:WikiProject Women in Red|WikiProject Women in Red]] wants your biographies]]
I have taken the liberty of adding a link from this project's collaboration section (diff), to a redlist of [[redlist link]] for whom we have no biography article. Right now, there are five times as many biographies of men as there are of women on wikipedia - see the [ Wikidata Human Gender Indicators] page. I hope this project will lend its support to addressing this imbalance by creating biographies for women within your project's scope. More generally, [[Wikipedia:WikiProject Women in Red|WikiProject Women in Red]] has very many redlists covering perhaps 100,000 notable women for whom we have no biography. thanks

Table of contactsEdit

Wikiproject name Wikiproject task list link WiR redlists on task list Last talk interaction Redlists of interest to project
WikiProject Architecture Create new articles Yes 21 October 2016 [1] Crowdsourced Architecture, Wikidata Architects
WikiProject Aviation Announcements Yes 23 October 2016 [2] Wikidata Aviators
WikiProject Food and drink To do Yes 23 October 2016 [3] Crowdsourced Food & Drink
WikiProject History Collaboration Yes 23 October 2016 [4] Wikidata Historians
WikiProject Law To Do Yes 20 October 2016 [5] Wikidata Law
WikiProject Opera How you can help Yes 21 October 2016 [6] Wikidata Opera Singers
WikiProject United Kingdom Template:UK quick links Yes 10 December 2016 [7] Wikidata United Kingdom
WikiProject Missing encyclopedic articles Main page Yes 10 December 2016 [8] All lists
WikiProject Actors and Filmmakers Main page Yes 10 December 2016 [9] Wikidata Actresses
WikiProject Biography Main page Yes 10 December 2016 [10] All lists