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The WikiProject Video games Newsletter is a quarterly newsletter covering news and information related to WikiProject Video games. It summarizes work on the project, highlights some of the project's best articles, identifies areas where project members can help, and provides advice and guidance for improving articles within the project.

Main newsletterEdit

Below is an index of the newsletter's content by issue. Beginning with issue 2-4, the newsletter switched from a monthly to quarterly publication and the content was expanded into sub-pages. Links (to the main newsletter as well as any sub-pages) are provided for navigation.

Issue Date Feature Interview News Quality content Digest
1-1 2008-04-09 The Importance of the Lead
1-2 2008-05-07 Writing about Gameplay
1-3 2008-06-04 Writing about Development
1-4 2008-07-09 Writing about Reception
1-5 2008-08-06 Reliable Sources
1-6 2008-09-03 Departments
1-7 2008-10-01 Wikipedia 0.7
1-8 2008-11-05 Partnered reviews
1-9 2008-12-03 Article Importance
1-10 2009-01-07 Video game notability
2-1 2009-02-04 David Fuchs
2-2 2009-03-04 Weekly Collaboration
2-3 2009-04-01 VG Barnstar
2-4 2009-07-01 Data suggest an increasing lack of interest Masem Link Link
2-5 2009-10-07 Video game FA maintenance Kung Fu Man Link Link
2-6 2010-01-06 Editorial: Being bold PresN Link Link
3-1 2010-04-07 VG Task forces Sabre Link Link
3-2 2010-10-22 New article announcements and article requests Deckiller Link Link
3-3 2011-01-06 Writing a Featured list JimmyBlackwing Link Link
4-1 2011-04-06 Reference Library GamerPro64 Link Link
4-2 2011-07-06 Developing Good and Featured Topics New Age Retro Hippie Link Link
4-3 2011-10-05 Final Fantasy postmortem Jinnai Link Link
4-4 2012-01-05 Images in articles Wgungfu Link Link
5-1 2012-04-04 Project deletion discussions page Link Link
5-2 2012-07-04 Link Link
5-3 2012-10-03 Is the Newsletter important? Link Link
5-4 2013-01-09 Strengthening and utilizing WP:VGs inter-language links Khanassassin Link Link
6-1 2013-04-03 A-class: Is It Worth It? Teancum Link Link
6-2 2013-07-03 Featured Pictures and why the project should focus on obtaining more JDC808 Link Link
6-3 2013-10-03 One person's cruft is another person's pleasure: How to address listless list management Salvidrim Link Link
6-4 2014-01-01 Link Link
7-1 2014-04-02 Feature: WikiProject Video Games in retrospect
Report: Featured and Good articles by genre
Red Phoenix Link Link
7-2 2014-07-02 CR4ZE Link Link
7-3 2014-10-01 Sourcing video game articles Guyinblack25 Link Link
7-4 2015-01-07 Refmining – Another side of WikiGnoming Marasmusine Link Link
8-1 2015-04-01 Shove It in a Table: How to Write Featured Lists of Video Games Sergecross73 Link Link
8-2 2015-07-01 The twists and turns of Editorial Discretion Evan-Amos Link Link
8-3 2015-10-07 GamerGate, Or How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love Bare Rule-Level Consensus Samwalton9 Link Link Digest
8-4 2016-01-06 Gender Declaration and the WP:VG Gender Gap Czar Link Link Digest
9-1 2016-04-06 Mentem Mortalia Tangunt - WP:VG and Vernal Passages Link Link Digest
9-2 2016-07-03 Follow-up: Gender Declaration in WikiProject Video Games Link Link Digest
9-3 2016-10-03 Feature Interview: A brief look at Wikidata Link Link
9-4 2017-01-02 High Scores - A New Article Leaderboard Niemti Link Link
10-1 2017-04-02 Coin945 / Deltasim Link Link
10-2 2017-07-02 Feature: Shiny Wikipedians - A Featured Content Leaderboard
Feature: Final Fantasy VII postmortem
Link Link
10-3 2017-10-01 Link Link
10-4[a] 2018-01-07 Link
11-1[b] 2019-07-07 Link Link
11-2 2019-10-06 Link Link

Other related newslettersEdit

Group Date Issue
WikiProject Massively multiplayer online games 2007-04 Issue 1
WikiProject Xbox 2008-04-26 Issue 1
Wikipedia:WikiProject Sega 2008-05-22 Issue 1
Wikipedia:WikiProject Sega 2008-06-24 Issue 2
Wikipedia:WikiProject Sega 2008-09-18 Issue 3
Wikipedia:WikiProject Sega 2008-10-21 Issue 4
Wikipedia:WikiProject Sega 2008-12-01 Issue 5
Wikipedia:WikiProject Adventure games 2012-02-27 Issue 1


  1. ^ The WP:VG Newsletter's Fourth Quarter 2017 was drafted but never officially published. The entire year of 2018 and the First Quarter of 2019 were not drafted or published.
  2. ^ The First Quarter of 2019 was not drafted or published.