Wikipedia:WikiProject Video games/Newsletter/20160406/Digest


Archived discussionsEdit

  • Release date reform – This discussion about trimming back some release date information continued, with no consensus developing to limit release dates in the infobox.
  • Quick project related question – This was a brief discussion about outside gaming groups for WP:VG editors.
  • GameRankings discussion – Consensus formed that GR is a useful aggregator for older games, but for newer games it is mostly redundant and should be avoided.
  • Series character lists – A somewhat sprawling conversation about merging or redirecting poorly (or not at all) sourced character lists, with a large number of said lists eventually becoming redirects.
  • Project icon – The project icon was boldly changed to one with a red background, then undone while additional options were considered, with the new icon having a "Neptune" (we looked it up) background.

Ongoing discussionsEdit

  • Discontinued parameter in VG infobox? – This centers one whether or not there should be some indication that a game can no longer be played online, or is in some other state that prevents normal play.
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