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Welcome to Wikiproject Presidents of the United States on the English Wikipedia! We are a project dedicated to constant improvement of articles covering the Presidents of the United States, the office, its history, and related biographies (as well as the Vice Presidents).



The goal of this project is to improve articles on Presidents, Vice Presidents, their spouses and acting First Ladies, and all related articles, and bring them to Featured Article standard. It is also to expand Wikipedia's knowledge base about U.S. Presidents, and topics related to U.S Presidents.



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Task 1

List of Presidents of the United States
1789–1824 1825–1860 1861–1896 1897–1932 1933–1968 1969–2008 2009–present
George Washington John Quincy Adams Abraham Lincoln William McKinley Franklin D. Roosevelt Richard Nixon Barack Obama
John Adams Andrew Jackson Andrew Johnson Theodore Roosevelt Harry S. Truman Gerald Ford Donald Trump
Thomas Jefferson Martin Van Buren Ulysses S. Grant William Howard Taft Dwight D. Eisenhower Jimmy Carter Joe Biden
James Madison William Henry Harrison Rutherford B. Hayes Woodrow Wilson John F. Kennedy Ronald Reagan
James Monroe John Tyler James A. Garfield Warren G. Harding Lyndon B. Johnson George H. W. Bush
James K. Polk Chester A. Arthur Calvin Coolidge Bill Clinton
Zachary Taylor Grover Cleveland Herbert Hoover George W. Bush
Millard Fillmore Benjamin Harrison
Franklin Pierce
James Buchanan
FA GA Incumbent Other

Task 2

List of Vice Presidents of the United States
1789–1824 1825–1860 1861–1896 1897–1932 1933–1968 1969–2008 2009–present
John Adams John C. Calhoun Hannibal Hamlin Garret Hobart John N. Garner Spiro Agnew Joe Biden
Thomas Jefferson Martin Van Buren Andrew Johnson Theodore Roosevelt Henry A. Wallace Gerald Ford Mike Pence
Aaron Burr Richard M. Johnson Schuyler Colfax Charles W. Fairbanks Harry S. Truman Nelson Rockefeller Kamala Harris
George Clinton John Tyler Henry Wilson James S. Sherman Alben W. Barkley Walter Mondale
Elbridge Gerry George M. Dallas William A. Wheeler Thomas R. Marshall Richard Nixon George H. W. Bush
Daniel D. Tompkins Millard Fillmore Chester A. Arthur Calvin Coolidge Lyndon B. Johnson Dan Quayle
William R. King Thomas A. Hendricks Charles G. Dawes Hubert Humphrey Al Gore
John C. Breckinridge Levi P. Morton Charles Curtis Dick Cheney
Adlai Stevenson I
FA GA Incumbent Other

Task 3

List of unsuccessful major party candidates for President of the United States
1789–1824 1825–1860 1861–1896 1897–1932 1933–1968 1969–2008 2009–present
Charles Cotesworth Pinckney Hugh Lawson White George B. McClellan Alton B. Parker Alf Landon George McGovern Mitt Romney
DeWitt Clinton Lewis Cass Horatio Seymour Charles Evans Hughes Wendell Willkie Michael Dukakis Hillary Clinton
Rufus King Winfield Scott Horace Greeley James M. Cox Thomas E. Dewey Bob Dole
Henry Clay John C. Frémont Samuel J. Tilden John W. Davis Adlai Stevenson II John Kerry
William H. Crawford Stephen A. Douglas Winfield S. Hancock Al Smith Barry Goldwater John McCain
James G. Blaine George Wallace
William Jennings Bryan
FA GA Other

Other tasks



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