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This is the assessment page for WikiProject UK Waterways.

Quality scaleEdit

Importance scaleEdit

For now, this will use the Wikipedia version 0.5 importance scale.

Need: The article's priority or importance, regardless of its quality

Top Subject is a must-have for a print encyclopaedia
High Subject contributes a depth of knowledge
Mid Subject fills in more minor details
Low The subject is mainly of specialist interest
None Unassessed, importance still to be determined

Within the UKW project, this equates to;

Importance chart for waterways articles
Canals/Rivers Tunnels/Aqueducts Locks/Lifts Other Structures Organisations People Terminology
  • Heavily used "backbone" parts of the canal network (T+M, SU, GU)
  • Principal Rivers (Thames, Severn)


  • Major Navigation Authorities (BW, EA)
  • National, broad based organisations (IWA)
  • Major canalside developments (Gas St)
  • Significant cruising destinations (Little Venice, Bugsworth)
  • Very well known junctions (Old Turn, Autherley)
  • Lesser known engineers with significant achievement (Edwin Clark)
  • More technical terms that are less likely to be of interest to the casual reader (winding, gongoozler)
  • Other navigable and connected waterways
  • Longer (>5 miles) disconnected and navigable waterways
  • Very short (under 5 miles) navigable but disconnected canals which see appreciable traffic
  • Less popular cruising rings (South, North Pennine)
  • Disused canals that are likely to re-open within 10 years
  • Disused canals that are historically significant or pioneering
  • New waterways that are being actively pursued (Higher Avon, Bedford-MK link)
  • Most other tunnels and aqueducts
  • Particularly noteworthy locks (Richmond)
  • Reservoirs that are of some particular note (Rudyard because it was once mooted that navigation would be routed that way)
  • Noteworthy canalside buildings (Smethwick coal chutes)
  • Most junctions
  • Navigation authorities responsible for a single canal (Basingstoke Canal Authority)
  • Organisations of more than just very local but less than broad significance (FM&C, RBOA)
  • People of more than just very local significance (Outram)
  • Derelict canals that will still be derelict in 10 years, and are not of special historical significance
  • Very short (under 5 miles) navigable but disconnected canals which see very little traffic
  • Rings that are named, but rarely form part of people's cruising plans (Outer Pennine)
  • Structures on waterways that are rated as low importance
  • Underbridge
  • Most articles about individual locks
  • Most reservoirs
  • Obscure or little known canal junctions
  • Defunct minor navigation authorities
  • Organisations of minor or local significance (local canal society)
  • People of minor or local significance
  • Terms that are highly specialised
  • Terms that are of limited geographical application


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