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The USRD Cup is a championship which is modeled after the main WP:CUP on Wikipedia. The cup is played and won by skill of editing, in which the purpose of the cup is to encourage USRD editing and participation and to make editing fun here at USRD. Entry is available for any registered user (even those who are not members of the project); experience doesn't matter.

When the cup is won, a special template with the cup on may be placed on their user talkpage. For contest results, please see this page.

The judge for the WikiCup is Fredddie (talk · contribs · email). Please limit USRD Cup discussions to the USRD Cup talk page or in the IRC channel, irc://


This is the schedule for the 2013 tournament. Each round will begin at 00:00 UTC. They will last four weeks and end at 23:59 UTC. Signups will not be allowed after the first round begins, so sign up ASAP.

Round 1 (February 1–28) "Group stage"
Participants will be split into two groups. Top 50% from each group will move on.
Round 2 (March 4–31) "Semi-finals"
Groups will be merged into one; top 50% editors move on.
Round 3 (April 3–30) "Finals"
Top editor wins the USRD Cup.


Round 3 scoring is open, that is, you may submit anything for any value of points. There are only three rules.

  1. You may not submit the same thing for different point values.
    Example: If Scott claims a GA for 10 points, Bruce may only claim 10 points for his GAs. Any subsequent GAs would be 10 points.
  2. Between the two competitors, there is a limit of 5 times something may be claimed for points.
    Example: After 5 GAs, there will be no points for getting Good Articles.
  3. Anyone may challenge point values, whether they are too high or too low.

Good luck to all.

Sign upEdit

To sign up, add your signature below (~~~), and specify what state or territory you want to be. The state you choose is just for decoration and duplications are OK.

Please provide a link to the page where you will be submitting your articles for points. The name or location of the page does not matter so long as is used only for USRD Cup submissions.(Example:  Fredddie Submissions)

  1.   Rschen7754 Submissions
  2.   Dough4872 Submissions
  3.   TCN7JM Submissions
  4.   SounderBruce Submissions
  5.   Allen (Morriswa) (talk) Submissions
  6.  Scott5114 [EXACT CHANGE ONLY] Submissions
  7.   Awardgive (Talk) Submissions
  8.   — PCB Submissions


The judge reserves the right to void or dock points on any submission to the contest. "Gaming the system" will not be tolerated. He will be reviewing the diffs that you provide. All pages submitted will go onto a subpage for the purpose of RC patrolling.

If you would like to challenge a participant's submissions, do so on that user's submissions talk page. Challenges are not limited to cup participants. However, challengers may not challenge again for seven days regardless of the success of the challenge.