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The Rail transport in Germany task force is a group of Wikipedia editors working on articles related to Rail transport in Germany. Many are translated from German Wikipedia (why re-invent the wheel?) and may cover other German-speaking areas as well, such as Austria. Please feel free to join us by adding your name and area of interest below. We need folk to help with translating, proof-reading, assessing, editing and categorising; in fact and anyone with an interest in this fascinating subject who is willing to dip in and help from time to time.

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Articles added since the task forces was formed in August 2008 are listed in the archive.

More general articles of relevance to rail transport in Germany (such as UIC classifications) may be included in the above.

Our top articles edit

Wikipedia 'Did You Know' articles edit

These articles have appeared in the 'Did You Know' section of Wikipedia's home page:

Rail portal 'Did You Know' articles edit

Articles that have appeared in the 'Did You Know' section of the Rail Portal are listed in the archive. Recent DYK articles:

Did you know...

German goods train steam locomotive, Württemberg Class K

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  • Articles are also rated by importance. To achieve a degree of coherence suggested criteria for this are contained on the Importance criteria page.

Article overview edit

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This category contains articles that have been assessed by the Rail transport in Germany task force. Articles are automatically placed in the appropriate sub-category when a rating is given.

Popular pages statistics edit

For a list of the top pages ordered by number of views in the scope of WikiProject Trains/Rail transport in Germany task force, visit Wikipedia:WikiProject Trains/Rail transport in Germany task force/Popular pages. The page will be updated monthly with new data.

Road map edit

The following navigation box will take you to key articles and lists on the German railway history, locomotives, stations and railway lines:

Articles are also grouped into categories in a largely hierarchical way. The overarching category is Rail transport in Germany.

A full list of articles within the project is at Rail transport in Germany task force articles. However an article must be tagged on its discussion page to be included.

Articles added since the project started in August 2008 are archived here.

Conventions edit

In order to bring greater coherence to the growing array of articles on German railways and to assist translators and article creators, there are some guidelines on our Conventions page.

Related Wiki Projects edit

  • Locomotive task force - there is a large number of German locomotive articles and locomotive-technical articles

To do edit

A summary of current tasks is here.

Resources edit

Resources related to German railways are here.

Contributors and main area of interest/expertise edit

  1. Arsenikk (talk)
  2. Bermicourt (talk) - Bavarian and DRG railways; Epochs I and II.
  3. Bigbug21 (talk)I won't have the time to contribute on a large-scale level, but if there are any questions in my field (high-speed rail transportation), I'd be glad to help.
  4. FengRail (talk)
  5. Rogerb67 (talk) May as well put my name here since I seem to be an involved editor.
  6. Concertmusic (talk) I have added my name following a suggestion from Bermicourt - I hope to be able to add translations and upgrades of railway articles of Baden-Württemberg.
  7. Captndelta (talk) - Hi, Bermicourt invited me over. My main interest is narrow gauge railways in Saxony and southern Germany. Typically, I can only contribute to WP in "bursts", depending on work load in Real Life.
  8. Grahame, translations with the help of Google.
  9. Jared Preston (talk) – interested!
  10. Chris0693 (talk) - Creating railway station articles using DB website or German article or own knowledge
  11. Bahnfrend (talk) - I'm interested mainly in Switzerland (esp metre gauge), the former Austria-Hungary, IC/EC/ICE services, and tramways.
  12. Dampfnudel (talk) - I'm interested mainly in the Bayerischer Untermain or Bavarian Lower Main region of Germany, near Frankfurt am Main. The city of Aschaffenburg serves as the transportation hub of this region.
  13. Highspeedrailguy (talk · contribs)
  14. [citizan-living-on-Elsenztalbahn] - Contributions to lines in Heidelberg regions, previously just in Discussion pages
  15. Lenn2105 (talk) - I'm interested mainly in railway stations in the region of Aalen and create articles about them or improve them.

Bavarian branch lines edit

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