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Welcome to the WikiProject Timeline Tracer Strategy Information
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A fair agreement

You, as many of us, want to help in this WikiProject, but also you could like perhaps to help in other WikiProjects or to wander independently editing here and there sometimes.
That is what we want for you, to have a rich and happy Wikilife!

The only thing we ask you to give to WikiProject Timeline Tracer is one task (a mark up, a revision, an edition or any other task) each login into Wikipedia, that's all, just:
one login = one WP:TIMETRACE task

After that, you can go and help other WikiProjects or wander around (of course you are welcome to stay with us all the login time). Fair isn't it? With just that small contribution WikiProject Timeline Tracer will be improving its results day after day. Of course you are under no obligation to do this, it is just a proposal which may work for you and for the project.

You can do whatever you feel for doing

Each time you login you can choose the kind of task you feel for at that particular moment:

  • Scouting - You will go to articles using one of the options or strategies listed in this page and after a first look you will tag the articles needing our evaluation with {{histrefeval}}, no edition or talk needed.
  • Evaluation - You will go to articles using one of the options or strategies listed in this page and when you find an article needing our help, you will tag it with {{histref}} or {{histref|Some ideas go here.}} or {{histrefm}} and start evaluating it (see Guidelines)
  • Help - You will go to the Assignments Board and help other editors who have asked for help in their tasks.
  • Watch - You just check at Tasks (Section Watch), any article marked up to be kept under Watch and you will check it up.
  • Maintenance - You will check Tasks, Assignments and Archives and see if any maintenance task is needed (alphabetization of lists, moving to archives, etc.)

Or just make it the easy way

  • You can just adopt, as part of your daily editing and when {{fact}} is not enough for requesting clearly and specifically a citation or source for dates, timeline or chronology, the following inline tag:
{{Timefact}} displays {chronology source needed} for requesting timelines, dates and chronology sources. Click here for more information

Thank you for helping WikiProject Timeline Tracer and Wikipedia!

Multiple options and strategies

With a scope as wide as the one we have, you may wonder which article to choose or how to find an article to evaluate. Here you find several options and strategies for finding and carrying to good term your tasks, from the randomizing search to the field by field strategy. Simply select the option or strategy you feel more comfortable with and change it at any time if so you wish.

Option 1 Subject Search

If you have an article in mind or a subject, you may enter the name in the box below and find out if it exists in Wikipedia (Go) or you can check all the articles in Wikipedia that are related with that article, word or subject(Search)

Option 2 Category Search

You can go to Index of Categories, choose a category and start evaluating articles within that category.

Option 3 Articles waiting verification

You can go to Articles waiting for chronology/history evaluation, choose an article and start evaluating it. There is where articles waiting assignment of an editor familiar with TimeTrace Guidelines are.

Strategy 1 Join other editors in an article

If your strategy is to work in team, go to Articles lacking chronology/history sources, choose an article and join other Timeline Tracer editors evaluating it. There is where articles ongoing evaluation and help from Timeline Tracer editors are. Don't worry about not interfering with the work of other editor, you will most probably be a welcomed help for concluding an article's verification faster and better.

Strategy 2 Follow the priority list

If your strategy is to work in what should be most important to verify first, select below a category from the Priority Categories List (are all the priority categories, not in specific order) for choosing an article:

List of Priority Categories

Medical manuals • Academic disciplines • Government agencies • Research • Cultural movements • Celebrities • Languages • Literature • Mass media • Mythology • Parapsychology • Determinants of health • Health promotion • Life extension • Prevention • Dietary • Nutrients • Amino acids • Minerals • Phytochemicals • Vitamins) • Sports • T'ai Chi Ch'uan • Yoga • Martial Arts • Mental health • Positive psychology • Epidemiology • Midwifery • Nursing • Nutrition • Optometry • Pharmacy • Public health • Specialties • Medicine • Veterinary medicine • Cardiology • Endocrinology • Epidemiology • Forensics • Geriatrics • Hematology • Human Genetics • Gynecology • Nephrology • Neurology • Obstetrics • Oncology • Orthopedic surgery • Pathology • Pediatrics • Psychiatry • Anti-psychiatry*) • Rheumatology • Surgery • Urology • History of science • Africa • Asia • Europe • North America • Oceania • South America Protoscience • Scientists • Ecology • Health sciences • Medicine • Neuroscience • Astronomy • Chemistry • Earth sciences • Physics • Space • Biographies • Heads of state • Political people • Social groups • Subcultures • Activists • Actors • Astronauts • Billionaires • Chief executives • Colonial people • Composers • Cyborgs • Defectors • Generals • Humanitarians • Innovators • Inventors • Legal people • Lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgendered • Monarchs • Musicians • Musical groups • Philosophers • Politicians • Presidents • Princes • Revolutionaries • Scientists • Settlers • Slaves • Victims • People associated with war • World record holders • Writers • Alter egos • Consciousness studies • Gender • Personality • Phrenology • Sexuality • Sexual orientation and identity • Food and drink • Games • Pets • Branches • Movements • Schools and traditions • Movements • Theories • Arguments • Philosophers • Literature • History • By era • By region • Aesthetics • Epistemology • Ethics • Logic • Metaphysics • Attention • Cognition • Cognitive biases • Creativity • Decision theory • Emotion • Error • Imagination • Intelligence • Intelligence researchers • Learning • Memory • Memory biases • Mnemonics • Nootropics (smart drugs) • Organizational thinking • Perception • Problem solving • Psychological adjustment • Psychometrics • Qualities of thought • Allah • Ayya Vaikundar • Bible • Buddhas • Deities • Demons • Exorcism • God • Jesus • Mythology • Occult • Prayer • Prophecy • Qur'an • Religious ethics • Religious faiths, traditions, and movements • Religious law • Religious philosophy and doctrine • Ritual • Spirituality • Theology • Triune gods • Virtue • Agnosticism • Animism • Atheism • Deism • Determinism • Esotericism • Gnosticism • Humanism • Monism • Monotheism • Mysticism • New Age • Paganism • Pantheism • Polytheism • Skepticism • Spiritualism • Transcendentalism • Unitarianism • Agnosticism • Atheism • Ayyavazhi • Bahá'í Faith • Buddhism • Cao Dai • Chinese traditional religion • Christianity • Confucianism • Diasporas • Falun Gong • Hinduism • Islam • Neopaganism • Jainism • Judaism • Rastafarianism • Scientology • Sikhism • Spiritism • Shinto • Taoism • Tenrikyo • Unitarian Universalism • Zoroastrianism • Abrahamic mythology • Ayyavazhi mythology • Christian mythology • Hindu mythology • Jewish mythology • Satanism • Criticism of religion • Protoscience • Scientists • Anthropology • Archaeology • Cultural studies • Media studies • Sociology • Sexology • Communication • Education • Ethnic groups • Finance • Government • Health • Agriculture • Agronomy • Medicine • Unsolved problems in neuroscience • Aviation • Vehicles •

Strategy 3 Check what the Bot has found

If your strategy is to work with Bots, go to Timeline Tracer Bot, there you will find the articles selected by the Bot which are candidates to be evaluated and helped by WIkiProject Timeline Tracer. Just choose one article and start evaluating it.

Get assigned

You can also choose to just get an article assigned by randomness. Just click on Assign me an article!. If it comes up an incomplete article or stub, just come back and click again, after a few clicks you will get an article to get busy with.

Invitation banner

For spreading the use of the inline calls for history/chronology sources, this invitation banner can be left as a message at the talk_page of those Wikipedians who seem to care for the sourcing of dates, timelines and chronologies when editing or anyone who could make good use of these inline calls. Just place {{WikiProject Timeline Tracer Invitation}} as a message, followed by your signature. It will display

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