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WikiProject Three Kingdoms
Things you can do

Here are some open WikiProject Three Kingdoms tasks:

  • Meta-tasks:
    • Place the {{WP3K}} template on the talk page of articles within the scope of this project.
    • Get pictures for the infoboxes of the 3K people.
    • Add references to the articles.
  • Improvement Drive
    • Segregate fact and fiction for all biography and history articles.

Feel free to edit this list or discuss these tasks.

Members of WikiProject Three Kingdoms
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Active membersEdit

Please feel free to add your name to this list if you would like to join the project; you are also encouraged to indicate any areas of special interest that you wish to help edit. After you add yourself to the list, you are welcome to introduce yourself on our project talk page and ask about our project.

  • All members are also encouraged to add our spiffy userbox, {{User WP3K}}or {{User WP3K alt}}, to their user page:
By adding this userbox, you will be automatically added to the WikiProject Three Kingdoms members category.

  • Benjitheijneb (talk · contribs) Created a few pages for minor individuals in the era; I hope to write more about concepts, as the list of individuals is well-covered.
  • DongZhuo3kingdoms (talk · contribs) General maintenance, updating and fleshing out some of the older articles, including records in plain language entry as part of the cultural changing of the figures image
  • jftsang (talk · contribs) Interested in historical accuracy -- right now, lots of articles seem to treat the novel as fact.
  • Kamek98 (talk · contribs) Wide range of edits that tend to be reverted that every one loves.
  • Lds (talk · contribs) I have a strong interest and passion in Three Kingdoms related stuff. I can help by providing translation between English and Chinese, and basically do anything but I'll probably need a lot of assistance.
  • mccapra (talk · contribs) Not able to read Chinese or create articles; interested in helping improve the English and readability of articles created by editors whose first language is not English
  • Oceanary (talk · contribs) It may not be the most splendid period of time in the history of China, but its great influences have penetrated various aspects of the country. Hope to help people get a better understanding of the era (translate historical references, write about related cultural phenomena).
  • Underbar_dk (talk · contribs) General maintenance, sometimes writing up sourced historical articles on relatively obscure but still important battles/people.

Inactive membersEdit

If you find yourself in this section and wish to be back on the "active" list, please help yourself.

  • AiselneDrossel (talk · contribs) Layout aspect, can help with tables and would like to distinguish between history and modern media culture in articles.
  • Armando12 (talk · contribs) Improvement of some articles, templates and other stuff related to the WP.
  • Benlisquare (talk · contribs) I can do whatever that is required of me.
  • Chris1219 (talk · contribs) I love Romance of the Three Kingdoms and Dynasty Warriors, so I'm happy to clean up and enhance their related articles.
  • DWP17 (talk · contribs) I'll do whatever I can to help on any Three Kingdoms articles. I like battles most of all (historical and fictional) so I'll be happy to help on those.
  • GuoBia (talk · contribs) I'm mostly concerned with historical accuracy, taking out the unreliable/opinion sources, and making sure that SYY or any ensuing folktalks do NOT find its way into the "factual" section
  • EkmanLi (talk · contribs) I had done a project on related issue, and will help on improving historical accuracy. I'm able to translate Chinese into English, and understand some Japanese, but I'm not really fond of translating: if inline cn is required, I may just leave the original sentence there for someone else to share the workload (I can do the work upon request, though). My specialty is to integrate pieces of information hidden in separate historical references. There is an easy task that I ask of my English speaking fellows - to correct my probable grammatical/language mistakes, plz!
  • Ennui2778 (talk · contribs) Wei and cleanup
  • Erkan Yilmaz (talk · contribs) While preparing for the future reading group at Wikiversity (see Romance of the Three Kingdoms (by Luo Guanzhong)) I will try to extend Wikipedia articles. I am listing my progress on my personal learning environment page.
  • HangmanHagen (talk · contribs) Help with making sure information from the novel is correct.
  • Jonathan Groß (talk · contribs) Maybe improvent of some stubs... mainly active on de:
  • Ling.Nut (talk · contribs) mainly interested in the historical aspect.
  • Mastertkw (talk · contribs) New rookie here, A three kingdoms researcher who loves to read, had edited a few pages regarding the three kingdoms.
  • Mortalstrike (talk · contribs)I live in Chengdu
  • OhanaUnited (talk · contribs) Maintenance and assessment are my specialty.
  • PalaceGuard008 (talk · contribs) Will try to help whenever and wherever I can - probably starting with copyediting.
  • PericlesofAthens (talk · contribs) Minor copyediting when needed, starting this autumn season I will be able to do more.
  • Plastictv (talk · contribs) Less passionate about mass upgrading of articles now. More interested in creating a few good or even feature-grade articles.
  • Princessofwu (talk · contribs) i love learning about china I played the game plenty of times and I know the characters but I've never read the book. I could use so assistance on creating a page for diaochan please. I will love to join
  • Samurai262 (talk · contribs) I love The Romance of the Three Kingdoms and will help with research and Improving articles and Stubs.
  • Suredeath (talk · contribs) I actually want to help not because I like Romance of the Three Kingdoms. I'm actually pretty cynical about how Luo Guanzhong distorted history in his novel and people tend to use it for historical reference.
  • The Cake is a Lie (talk · contribs) My primary concern is ensuring modern/pop culture references don't find their way into the factual context.
  • TheObsidianFriar (talk · contribs) I love anything having to do with this period of history, and I have read the novel and watched both historical series as well as played many of the video-games (as much as that helps). As I often enjoy reading history on Wikipedia, I feel that I am in a good position to contribute to this topic of which I feel passionate about.
  • Turner1987 (talk · contribs) I've done some work on some articles thus far and will try to help in ways that I can.
  • Tyek1230 (talk · contribs) I can get into detail on a lot of the subjects. I've read the novel probably 15 times and know a lot about everything.
  • vvill (talk · contribs) Minor edits; adding hanzi.
  • Winn3317 (talk · contribs) Help with Questions concearning "Romance of the Three Kingdoms"
  • Wizardman (talk · contribs) I'll pretty much do whatever. I got SGYY so I can use that as a source at least.
  • 飘零之琴 (talk · contribs)