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WikiProject Thai districts aims primarily to create articles to cover all districts (khet for Bangkok and amphoe in other provinces) in Thailand.



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How to title the pageEdit

Article for districts outside Bangkok should be titled with the word "Amphoe" and the district name. The word "Amphoe" may be omitted if the district is very famous and the name is not ambiguous. Sometimes two or more district may have the same Roman name, then additional description such as the province it is belong to should be placed within a pair of parenthesis.


  • For Bangkok, see: [1]. (December 2006 data).
  • For all other provinces see: [2] (2550 data, Thai version)


For Bangkok, PDFs of the maps with sub-district boundaries can be found at [3], GIFs of each khet can be found at [4]


General information (in Thai) about the "75 Provinces" with links to every single province can be found at [5].

Offline sourcesEdit

Every district of Bangkok has a small district museum. Also the district office might have a brochure with information on the district, maybe even in English.

  • For a list of museums in Bangkok sorted according to district, see [6]. (Thai only)
  • For the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration museums website, see [7]. (Thai only)


The article should start with a good introduction, giving the name of the district in both roman and thai letters, and the names of neighbouring districts. Eventually the source or meaning of the district name can be added.

The factsheet includes (see: Template:Infobox Amphoe):

  • the province the district belong to
  • area, population and population density, state the year, when the population was valid
  • the geocode use by the Thai statistical office, see ISO 3166-2:TH
  • a map of province with the district highlighted. Maps for all districts as of January 2006 are at commons already.

The rest of the article consists of the information below. Since the content can vary greatly from district to district, the information may be present in separate paragraphs (details), combined in the same paragraph (small facts), or left out completely (nothing worth mentioning).

History: Historical events related to the district, even if they occurred before the establishment of the district. Especially focus on the history of the administrative entity, i.e. establishment, territorital changes, changes in status.

Geography: Describe the geographical features within the district (mountains, rivers, lakes, islands etc.). Also mention protected areas like National Parks.

Demographics: If there are any specialities about the population in the district compare to others in the same province it should be listed here - for example a significant number of ethnic minorities or significant numbers of non-buddhists.

Places of interests: Describe places inside the district here. It could be tourist attractions, places important to local community, places with long history, public parks, crowded markets and shopping centers.

Festivals: Describe any festival of interests. Example is Song Kran in Chiang Mai, Khao San Road.

Transportation: Describe mode of transportation here, for example, access to public rapid transits, highway route, airports, train stations, etc.

Symbols: Every district has a seal and a slogan.

Administrative division: Give a full list of sub-district (kwaeng for Bangkok and tambon for other provinces) together with map. Also mention the other subdivisions if existing (mubaan, thesaban tambon, TAO, thesaban mueang/nakhon).

Miscellaneous: Anything, that does not fit in the above categories; normally this section could be dropped.

External links: The link to the official district office websites belong here, and any other good alternative website containing information relevant to places of interest mentioned above.


  • 7 January 2006 – WikiProject page created.
  • 4 February 2006 – Every Bangkok district has its own article.
  • 28 November 2006 – 38 of 76 provinces have a complete set of district articles.
  • 9 April 2007 – All districts have an article.


The article on districts of the various provinces vary in coverage, but most contain at least basic history and geography sections as well as the subdivisions.

Status by regionsEdit

As a single status page with all 876 district would be difficult to manage, the status pages are split by regions

  • Bangkok
  • Bangkok vicinity
  • Sub-central region
  • Western region
  • Eastern region
  • Southern region
  • Northern region
  • Northeastern region

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