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Welcome to the Template and Categories Department of Tennis WikiProject. This department is focused on making useful templates and categories for the WikiProject. After making a template, please list it in the appropriate place.

Templates edit

Tournament draw brackets
Tournament / Event infoboxes
Major championships
Other championships
Davis/Fed Cup
Player honours
Player info
Records pages
Tennis banner
  • For Talk Pages: {{WikiProject Tennis}}
  • For Talk Pages, above project banner: {{talkheader}}
  • For article pages: {{Portal|Tennis}} - either just under Infobox, or in "See Also" section.
Invitation templates
External link
Tennis by year navigational boxes

Request template edit

If you need a tennis template, but don't know how to make it, list it below and someone will help you.

Categories edit

  • Category:Tennis: Usually not manually placed. {{WikiProject Tennis|class=Stub|importance=Low}} - (placed on the article's Talk page) will auto-add this category.
  • Category:WikiProject_Tennis - is for articles related directly to the project and its management.
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