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Welcome to WikiProject Squash, a WikiProject covering the sport of Squash. The projects aim is to create and maintain Wikipedia's structure and information for Squash, through creation of categories, collaboration of need-to-improve articles, and recognition of individual articles. For more information on WikiProjects, please see Wikipedia:WikiProjects and Wikipedia:WikiProject best practices. You may sign up for the project on the list of participants below.

As of August 2019, SquashInfo doesn't display date of birth of both former and current players due to the General Data Protection Regulation. Dear members, please be mindful of this and do not let down before attempting to create articles for the squash players. You may still access PSA World Tour] webpage to check the date of births of current players. Unfortunately, PSA isn't generating any information about former players. Thank you.




  • Improve Wikipedia's coverage of Squash players, coaches and governing organisations of the above mentioned.
  • Create guidelines for articles about this interesting sport.



The scope of this project is everything to do with Squash, particularly the players and tournaments. See Category:Squash. This project may also provide a centralised location for discussion and possibly the creation of a portal, if needed.

  • Players: Ranking, biography, participated tournaments, honours, awards – Information can be acquired from the WSA & PSA official websites.
  • Tournaments: Description, venues, players, seeded entries and results.

Notability & Guidelines


Squash players are deemed notable if they meet any of the criteria below:

  1. Were ranked as a top 50 professional player at any point in their career.

Squash coaches are deemed notable if they meet any of the criteria below:

  1. Coached a top five professional player for a year or more during the time they were a top five player.

Should a person fail to meet these additional criteria, they may still be notable under Wikipedia:Notability.

Any article may be included in WikiProject Squash that

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Go to the assessment page to see instructions for assessment.

Article assessment


The assessment is done in a distributed fashion through parameters in the {{WikiProject Squash}} project banner; this causes the articles to be placed in the appropriate sub-categories of Category:Squash articles by quality and Category:Squash articles by importance.

Currently 3 pages have been tagged with the {{WikiProject Squash}} template. Of these, 121 (5%) have not been assessed for quality and 503 (20%) have not been assessed for importance.

A log of recent changes in assessment is available here.



To sign on as a project member, simply add your name to the list below, and feel free to tell us about your interests, focus, Squash editing so far, etc.

You can save typing time and get here via a shortcut, WP:SQUASH, and to the talk page here via another one, WT:SQUASH.

List of participants

  • Arteyu (talk · contribs) (Since 4 January 2009) (Everything that is related to Squash.)
  • Samanthaness (talk · contribs) (Since 5 January 2009)
  • Ramlysmail (talk · contribs) (Since 10 January 2009) (Squash-related especially Malaysian players.)
  • Next-Genn-Gamer (talk · contribs) (Since 23 April 2009) (I have been playing Squash for a while and had no idea about the project. I hope to help out in my spare time between helping other projects.)
  • Scorpion3698 (talk · contribs) (Since 2 December 2009) (Want to expand the appeal of Squash.)
  • Jayson28 (talk · contribs) (Since 11 March 2010)
  • VeMax (talk · contribs) (Since 19 May 2011) (In contact with Professional Squash Player)
  • Kafuffle (talk · contribs) (Since 23 November 2011) (Enjoys playing and occasionally watching Squash)
  • Qetuth (talk · contribs) (Since 20 December 2011) (Squash player/amateur comp organiser from Australia)
  • Tc1591 (talk · contribs) (Since 5 June 2012) (Squash player from France/hope someday to see squash at Olympics)
  • Abishe (talk · contribs) (Since 25 October 2017) (looking to tag WikiProject Squash template in the biographies which are related to squash)
  • TheRealWatto (talk · contribs) (Since 1 February 2018) (just created first page for Hall of Famer Gordon Watson and keen to flesh out history of the sport in Australia)
  • Squasher (talk · contribs) (Since 5th March 2018) (Squash player and official from Germany)
  • Wildkangaroo89 (talk · contribs) (Since 30th July 2018) (Competitive squash player from the US, avid follower of junior, American college, and pro squash. Interested in expanding the appeal, exposure, popularity of squash, and obviously getting squash into the Olympics.)
  • User:DrVogel
  • KeepItGoingForward (talk · contribs)



New articles


Please feel free to list your new Squash-related articles here (newer articles at the top, please). Any new articles that have an interesting or unusual fact in them should be suggested for the Did you know? box on the Main Page.


See Category:Squash (sport) for a list of sub-categories.



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See Category:Squash templates for a list of squash templates.

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