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Welcome to the SpaceX working group! This working group exists to help editors collaborate on SpaceX's articles, which include the company's launch vehicles, spacecraft, space missions, vessels facilities, people, projects, and more. Though not official, it is a de facto place for discussing a wider topic of private spaceflight, which may include other companies and initiatives.

Everyone is welcome to participate on this project, and unlike other working groups, there is no leader here: everyone can do anything as they wish, as long as it is in line with the site's goal of building the encyclopedia. As Doug Hurley once said: "Congratulations, SpaceX, you got the flag."

Another unique thing about SpaceX working group is its guidebook used to help members improving their editing skills. Most are adapted the WikiProject Military history's Academy, in construction during 2009–2011.


It is very easy to add yourself to the roster: just add * [[User:<insert username here>|<insert username here>]] below. Do keep in mind, however, that currently most who are active are not listed. Therefore, it is best to search in article histories to find interested editors.


Site mapEdit

This site map is a list of subjects that is related of SpaceX, and is entirely manual. They serve as centralized watchlists to track the quality status of SpaceX articles and to give editors guidance on which articles to prioritize for improvement.