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WikiProject Ships has an international collection of participants with a common interest in ships of all types. Please join us by adding yourself, and by adding {{User WikiProject Ships}} to your user page if you like. This list is kept in alphabetical order by username.

Project members who are Administrators Edit

Chase me ladies, I'm the CavalryDankEuryalusGatoclassGeorgewilliamherbertJohnKralizec!MjrootsMoRsENick-DParsecboyStan ShebsThe LandTomStar81WoodyJinian

Members Edit

  1. 7&6=thirteen () m17:31, 1 November 2017 (UTC) Just did a DYK for SS Clifton Non-lead hooks with at least 15K and #1 for October. We are the leader for the month of October! It would have been bigger (I think) if they ran the picture, or in the lead slot.Reply[reply]
  2. A 10 fireplane Imform me - Mostly WW2 battleships and modern destroyers/aircraft carriers
  3. Ad Orientem (talk · contribs) - Ex USN with a large interest in ships, especially ocean liners
  4. ÄDA - DÄP (talk · contribs) - Imperial German Navy U-boats - but not exclusively so.
  5. Alansplodge (talk · contribs) - Varied, but interested in the wartime roles of British merchant ships
  6. Alaric Silvertongue (talk · contribs) - Mainly Royal Fleet Auxiliary ships but with a side interest in the era of sail.
  7. Ambak51 (talk · contribs) - Mainly post war passenger shipping (i.e. pre modern cruise ship era!)
  8. Ano-User (talk · contribs) - I've always been fascinated by ocean liners, they're quite cool
  9. Asiaticus (talk · contribs) - 19th century, especially California and other Pacific coast, steamboats, ferries, steamships, shipbuilders, captains, companies and etc.
  10. AVBurilichev (talk · contribs)
  11. Beachedwhale1945 (talk · contribs) - Primarily WWII warships, but with some experience/references with older and newer ships.
  12. Barek (talk · contribs) - Primarily cruise ships, ocean liners, and ferries.
  13. Belshay (talk · contribs) - Sino-French War (1884-1885) steamships, William Denny and Brothers ships, 19th century ocean liners
  14. Bishop of Ephesus (talk · contribs) - Late Modern Merchant fleet, Murray river Paddlesteamers
  15. BlackFlanker (talk · contribs) - Soviet/Russian Navy vessels.
  16. bonewah (talk · contribs) - Shipwrecks, iron hulled ships, general clean-up.
  17. Bowtiesarecool06 (talk · contribs) - Great Lakes freighters
  18. Brad101 (talk · contribs) - If you play Defender I can be your hyperspace.
  19. Broichmore (talk · contribs) - General interest
  20. Busaccsb (talk · contribs) - US Navy battleships, cruisers, and carriers; enjoy editing nearly anything.
  21. Canglesea (talk · contribs) - Assessing US Navy ship articles
  22. CaptainEek (talk · contribs) - They don't call me the Captain for nothin'!
  23. Captain Yolo Waffle (talk · contribs) - Interested in early to mid 20th century merchant vessels and WWII era war ships
  24. Coldupnorth (talk · contribs) - Interested in all ships
  25. Comrade John (talk · contribs) - Any kind of ships' minor mistakes editing and empty blank filling. Found it , do it or ask it If need to.
  26. Cuprum17 (talk · contribs) - U.S. Coast Guard and Revenue Marine Service cutters
  27. Dank (talk · contribs) - U.S. military; naval robotics and engineering; North Carolina history; A-class and FAC reviews
  28. Dan Koehl (talk · contribs) Articles, inserting Infoboxes
  29. Dallas S12345 (talk · contribs) - 19/20th century, U.S., Russian, French, Japanese, and German warships, submersibles, and/or ocean liners.
  30. David-waterways (talk · contribs) - Interested in possible creation of a separate WikiProject Barges!
  31. Davidindia (talk · contribs) - Indian ships
  32. DarkLight753 (talk · contribs) - Olympic-class ships, White Star Line, Cunard. History of Royal Navy and it's ships.
  33. DeltaSquad833 (talk · contribs) - Naval enthusiast from Brunei Darussalam.
  34. Diiscool (talk · contribs)
  35. DiverDave (talk · contribs) - US & British Navy ships, British prison hulks & convict transport ships, WWI troop transport ships, lightstation tenders
  36. djwilms (talk · contribs) - Sino-French War (1884-1885) and French and Chinese fleets, late nineteenth century
  37. donan.raven (talk · contribs) - contributions to American, British and French yachting history.
  38. DPdH (talk · contribs) - WW2, Argentine Navy, general military naval matters
  39. Dragnadh (talk · contribs) - Warships and Navies (Especially interested in Dutch warships, navies and shipyards.)
  40. DrMariner (talk · contribs)
  41. Edi7* (talk · contribs) - WW1 and WW2 merchant vessels
  42. EpsilonEditor (talk · contribs) - WW2, mainly USN and IJN
  43. Euryalus (talk · contribs) - Australian shipping, marine regulation, naval history
  44. EngineeringEditor (talk · contribs) - general intrest
  45. Enmanuelgac (talk · contribs) - Cruise ships liners
  46. Fairlane221 (talk · contribs) - Ex-USCG; hobbyist maritime historian, particularly interested in ocean liners, tugs and commercial FVs
  47. FarbrorJoakim (talk · contribs) - Baltic Sea ferries, Cruise ships and Ocean Liners.
  48. FirstDrop87 (talk · contribs) - Interested in cruise ships
  49. Fishingbrick (talk · contribs) - Late 19th century to early 20th century French and Russian navy. I'm also a hobbyist naval historian.
  50. Fnlayson (talk · contribs) - Mainly aviation related articles, larger US Navy ships, and some general ship/sub articles (no regular notices, please)
  51. Gatoclass (talk · contribs)
  52. Georgewilliamherbert (talk · contribs) - non-practicing Naval Architect, defense analyst, and hobbyist naval historian and historian of the art of Naval Architecture.
  53. GGOTCC (talk · contribs) - Ships of the United States Navy of any era and vessles of the United States Coast Guard.
  54. GreatLakesShips (talk · contribs) - I am mostly interested in Great Lakes freighters.
  55. Grieg2 - Dutch navy, nineteenth century steam ships, shipyards
  56. GullyWalker (talk · contribs) - Bateaux, Schenectady boats, Durham boats, canal boats and other intermediate boat types in North America
  57. Gwillhickers (talk · contribs) - Early American naval history and related Royal navy history
  58. Hammer5000 (talk · contribs) - Russian Navy ships mostly
  59. Harrias (talk · contribs) - Mainly 16th and 17th century English ships
  60. HefePine23 (talk · contribs) - Mainly late 19th and early 20th century European and American ocean liners.
  61. Hhfjbaker (talk · contribs) - RN, USN, NATO ships, New England merchant sailing ships
  62. History Buff1239ubj (talk · contribs)
  63. History person 2 (talk · contribs) - Mainly WW2 Warships and Submarines
  64. Huff slush7264 (talk · contribs) - Mainly 19th and 20th Century Cargo and Passenger vessels.
  65. Indylover2010 (talk · contribs) - Mostly Passenger/Navy steamships from the 19th and 20th century of all nationalities, but sometimes other ship types to.
  66. Inspectortrixie (talk · contribs) - Working on minor Liberty ships starting with North Carolina Shipbuilding Company.
  67. Irondome (talk · contribs) - From dugout canoes to Dolphin-Class submarines. Victorian/Edwardian Ironclads and 19th/20th C liners also.
  1. Peter Isotalo (talk · contribs) - Pre-modern European sea-going craft with a particular interest in galleys and related or similar oared vessels. And some dabbling in maritime archeology.
  1. J Clear (talk · contribs) - where ever the links take me, but usually USN or WWII. Working mostly off project, but stopping back occasionally.
  1. Jinian (talk · contribs) - US Navy. Also an admin, so let me know if you need anything.
  2. John (talk · contribs) - Submarines and aircraft carriers mainly
  3. John Vandenberg (talk · contribs) - Images of the commons:Commons:State Library of Queensland donation
  4. Jrt989 (talk · contribs) - Special interest in early U.S. Navy history and dreadnought era.
  5. jvcdude (talk · contribs)
  6. KDS4444 (talk · contribs) - 1/400th scale models of tall ships. Just completed the USS Constitution (Dec. 5 2010). 3.5" high!
  7. Kefalonitis94 (talk · contribs) - Cruise ships
  8. KMJKWhite (talk · contribs) - US Navy, circa 1900
  9. Kolma8 (talk · contribs) - Clippers, American privateers of the 1800s
  10. Kralizec! (talk · contribs) - primarily ships from the pre-Dreadnought era through Cold War, with emphasis on WWI, WWII, and Cold War ship classes
  11. LameCat (talk · contribs) - Royal Navy vessels
  12. Luis Santos24 (talk · contribs) -U.S. Navy vessels, 1940-present, Primarily Surface Warfare. Love warships. Love to design them as well.
  13. Luisa Koala (talk · contribs) - US Coast Guard and Revenue Cutter Service
  14. Leonard G. (talk · contribs) - historical ships of all types and eras, mostly types encountered in my recreational travels, performing translations from other WP language projects
  15. LiamUJ (talk · contribs) - Lake freighters of the Great Lakes region
  16. Lettler (talk · contribs) - Minor warships and merchants involved in both World Wars
  17. Lou Sander (talk · contribs) - Interested in U.S. Navy ships, especially amphibious ships and all subjects related to WWII amphibs.
  18. Loesorion (talk · contribs) - Interested in military ships.
  19. Lyndaship (talk · contribs) - Mainly WWI and WWII minor warships
  20. LucasGenome (talk) 22:16, 11 December 2020 (UTC) - Ships, Yachts, Yacht RacingReply[reply]
  21. markus1423 (talk · contribs) - Interested in anything that floats, particularly military (< Cold War) and Canadian vessels.
  22. Martocticvs (talk · contribs) - mainly Royal Navy, 1650-1860
  23. Mbruce (talk · contribs) - Interested in car/passenger ferries, and a little merchant shipping
  24. MChew (talk · contribs) - working mostly on ships of the Imperial Japanese Navy for now
  25. Miyagawa (talk · contribs) - Former NAAFI manager, mainly Royal Navy post WWII
  26. Mjroots (talk · contribs) - I edit/create a ship article now and then, no particular focus. Decided it was about time I joined the project!
  27. Moreno Ardan1 (talk · contribs) - Mainly Interested in Ocean Liner and Warship History
  28. MoRsE (talk · contribs) - mainly working with Finnish Navy articles and ships that have a connection to Finland somehow
  29. Motacilla (talk · contribs) – merchant shipping history – mainly UK ships damaged in WW1, WW2 or CIA-backed insurgencies
  30. Mpschaff (talk · contribs) - New editor; PNW librarian with interests in ships of Puget Sound and the Mosquito Fleet
  31. Murgatroyd49 (talk · contribs) - interested in ferries and other shipping around the Solent
  32. Nick-D (talk · contribs) - Mainly Australian ships
  33. Noob1nMech (talk · contribs) - Town-class cruisers, especially Southampton subclass
  34. Openskye (talk · contribs) - Mainly WWII US subs.
  35. Oberon Houston (talk · contribs)
  36. otr500 (talk · contribs) - Ships and submarines.
  37. Parsecboy (talk · contribs) - Primarily 19th and 20th century warships
  38. pbl1998 (talk · contribs)-Mainly Royal Navy.
  39. Pendright (talk · contribs) - US Navy destroyers
  40. Pennsy22 (talk · contribs) - USN WWII ships.
  41. Phichanad (talk · contribs) - Philippine Navy / Coast Guard ships
  42. Puddleglum2.0 (talk · contribs) - mainly WWII ships
  43. Pahlevun (talk · contribs) - Iranian naval & commercial ships.
  44. QQ2NFLD (talk · contribs) - Mainly Canadian ships.
  45. Reenem (talk · contribs)
  46. Rif Winfield (talk · contribs) - naval historian and published author of books on pre-1900 British naval vessels.
  47. RobDuch (talk · contribs) - Starting with US Navy submarines and destroyers, also some battleships, but plan to branch out.
  48. Robertforsythe (talk · contribs) - Former curator at the Scottish Maritime Museum also as user TWAMWIR here as a Wikimedian in Residence. Has published maritime books.
  49. Roger Davies (talk · contribs)
  50. SamHolt6 (talk · contribs) - Royal Navy and Commonwealth ships, as well as the Uruguayan Navy.
  51. SamuelCulper (talk · contribs) - Duty officer aboard USS Slater. Mainly World War 2 destroyer escorts.
  52. Sbb (talk · contribs) - primarily WWII ships.
  53. Scillystuff (talk · contribs) - Cross channel shipping and of course the Isles of Scilly.
  54. ShauryaOMG (talk · contribs) - Mainly World War 1 and World War 2 ships
  55. SilentHatch (talk · contribs) - General interest in United States Navy boats.
  56. SjoerdvDonk (talk · contribs) - Modern Navies and navy vessels and World War 2 navies and navy vessels. Specialized in Royal Dutch Navy.
  57. SkymasterUK (talk · contribs) - shipping around Southampton / Portsmouth
  58. SomeRandomUserGuy (talk · contribs) - Military, mostly British
  59. Sp33dyphil (talk · contribs) – submarines, especially SSBN/SSGNs and SSNs.
  60. stavros1 (talk · contribs) - Lifeboats and shipping around the east anglian coast of the UK.
  61. Standardengineer (talk · contribs)- Modern navies and radars
  62. StSeanSpicer (talk · contribs) - General interest
  63. Stunteltje (talk · contribs) - Owns Dutch barge Stella Maris and is trying to bring the complete sea going Commons fleet under IMO number and started also with bringing the European barges under ENI number.
  64. Sturmvogel_66 (talk · contribs) - All warships 1860+
  65. Subman758 (talk · contribs) - Served on board USS Asheville (SSN-758), & USS Chicago (SSN-721) I have a in depth knowledge of United States Navy ships, and many other Ships, and Submarines, as well as Ocean Liners.
  66. Tarbyonline (talk · contribs) - Passenger and vehicle ferries of the UK and Northern Europe.
  67. TenthEagle (talk · contribs) - Warships of the Falklands war, World War two Naval Battles & Small Russian Designed Patrol Boats
  68. TheHonchoMindset (talk · contribs) - Cargo vessel enthusiast, particularly on any Maersk Line vessel
  69. The Land (talk · contribs) - Warships, principally 19th and early 20th century
  70. TheLastClassicist1750 (talk · contribs) - Interested in all ships; the ocean-going vessel is humanity's greatest interaction with sea
  71. the_ed17 (talk · contribs) - early-mid 20th century warships, some ocean liners
  72. Thewellman (talk · contribs) - early thru mid-20th century warships with special interest in those involved in combat 9/39-4/43.
  73. ThoughtIdRetired (talk · contribs) - Steamships with early compound engines, particularly in the China Trade; also Tea Clippers.
  74. Tjlynnjr (talk · contribs) - USCG, USN, RCN, CCG, RAN, TCB, TCSG und die Königliche Bayerische Berittene Gepanzerte Fliegende Bespannte Gebirgs Marine.
  75. Toddy1 (talk · contribs) - warships from Symondites onwards
  76. TomStar81 (talk · contribs) - Battleships, for the most part, and anything else that happens to strike my fancy.
  77. Trekphiler (talk · contribs) - especially interested in WW2 subs, particularly USN; also USN DDs of WW2; & whatever naval stuff catches my eye.
  78. Trulystand700 (talk · contribs) - Interested in cruise ships, ocean liners, and history of the ships.
  79. Tupsumato (talk · contribs) - Mainly icebreakers and icegoing merchant ships, but also ships and shipbuilding in general.
  80. UB65 (talk · contribs) - If it floats, I am interested. Submarines and civil war ironclads especially.
  81. Versova (talk · contribs) - Indian Navy.
  82. ViniH (talk · contribs) - general interest.
  83. Walle83 (talk · contribs) - Warships, mostly 20th and 21th century. Prefer non Nato vessels, Russia, China ecs.
  84. Woody (talk · contribs) - Royal Navy ships, I'm going to try and update all Navy articles with ship infoboxes
  85. Wpwatchdog (talk · contribs) - especially interested in Great Lakes shipping
  86. Yelloone (talk · contribs) - general interest.
  87. Грищук ЮН (talk · contribs) - Soviet Union merchant (can be military also) ships, shipping companies. Maritime history around the World including personalities, shipping companies, ships, celebrates. Tsar Russia marine history.
  88. Zulfikar Chaniago (talk · contribs) - especially interested in Great Lakes shipping

Inactive participants Edit

Editors who are inactive (no edits in 90 days) are removed from the members list. If you find your name here and have returned to editing please feel free to add yourself to the active members list again.

2017 archive
  1. 1Matt20 (talk · contribs) - I am an ocean liner expert and enthusiast.
  2. Acwbuff276 (talk · contribs) - US Navy with greatest interest in American Civil War and WW II Pacific Theater
  3. Adnan.jsr (talk · contribs) - Interested in everything above and in the water.
  4. AmesJussellR (talk · contribs) - Landing Craft; Second World War. Mostly RN and USN
  5. argonauthistorian6 (talk · contribs) - focused on the USS PC-552
  6. Argos'Dad (talk · contribs) - Mostly Hellenic Navy, historic ships and battles
  7. Atani (talk · contribs) - Mostly a copy editor who seems to spend a lot of time clarifying what he doesn't understand about ships.
  8. Benea (talk · contribs) - Royal Navy, US Navy, also historical battles
  9. Buggie111 (talk · contribs) Russian ships, u-boats, anything under the scope of WP:OMT.
  10. Chase me ladies, I'm the Cavalry (talk · contribs) - Obscure or less-well-known Royal Navy ships, especially ships from the early 1980s.
  11. Charlesvvvv (talk · contribs) (British Royal Navy, American Navy and Privateering)
  12. Compdude123 (talk · contribs) - Ferries, specifically WSF, BC Ferries, and AMHS ferries. (Also interested in airplanes)
  13. Djembayz (talk · contribs) - Merchant sail
  14. Dnewell78 (talk · contribs) - 20th Century Ships of all types, focus on German U-boats
  15. E.mountstuart (talk · contribs) - USN, USCG, sail vessels, naval history
  16. Fiosracht (talk · contribs) - Merchant navy deck officer
  17. Fred Hocker (talk · contribs) - maritime archaeologist and historian, specializing in medieval and Renaissance northern Europe
  18. HawkeyeFLA (talk · contribs) - Cruise ships mostly
  19. Isaiasad2 (talk · contribs) - Interested in the US and Royal Navies.
  20. JLDBooth (talk · contribs) - Sailed on the maiden voyage of SS Iberia in 1954
  21. Jll (talk · contribs) - from time to time, mainly pre-WW2 British ships
  22. KeesyM (talk · contribs) - USS Hinsdale (APA-120) Account of Corporal Keith Carpenter Jensen, 2nd Marine Division, aboard the USS Hinsdale when struck by a Kamakazi pilot on April 1, 1945.
  23. Mightyhansa (talk · contribs) – Interested in Mærsk ships and trying to get the Ship infobox count below 50!
  24. Nykle (talk · contribs) - Dutch maritime and naval history in the age of sail
  25. Pamcwill (talk · contribs) - United States Navy warships, with a particular interest in auxiliary "junk boats", such as rescue and salvage ships.
  26. Petecarney (talk · contribs) - Ships of discovery and exploration.
  27. Peter_LT (talk · contribs) - Builder of the RMS Caronia Timeline and former crew member.
  28. Plmerry (talk · contribs) - Now that I have worked on six articles I might as well join. For now concentrating on articles that need help.
  29. pustelnik (talk · contribs)-whaling era ships, before 1860 in the Pacific
  30. Saberwyn (talk · contribs) - Naval history relating to Australia, although I find my editing habits tend to revolve around WWII and Cold War era RAN ships and incidents
  31. ShaneMc2010 (talk · contribs) - Irish Ships
  32. Shipwrite (talk · contribs) - Ocean liners and merchant shipping pre-1940
  33. Tomh903 (talk · contribs) - Military vessels mostly, including the Irish Naval Service and Royal Navy.
  34. Tufaceous (talk · contribs) - Largely Royal Canadian Navy and Canadian government vessels.
  35. Two way time (talk · contribs) - Models, real ships. [1]
  36. Xarishamel (talk · contribs) - car/passenger ferries, I live in a forlörald varld or whatever the spelling
2014 archive
  1. Antarctic-adventurer (talk · contribs) - Modern Royal Navy and Royal Fleet Auxiliary ships
  2. AP1787 (talk · contribs) - USN, been working on redirects mostly
  3. BalticPat22 (talk · contribs) - Primarily ocean liners ( RMS Queen Mary 2, Titanic, Lusitania), but also cruise ships.
  4. Buster40004 (talk · contribs) - (Military history, World War II Naval history in particular)
  5. Buthsop (talk · contribs) - Small sailboats, building boats, repair & recovery of older boats.
  6. Dandv (talk · contribs) - working on cruise ships available for sale
  7. Dhutch (talk · contribs) - UK based Design Engineer; Knowledge base on UK boat building, design, and canal narrow boats as well as steam engines.
  8. Duanedonecker (talk · contribs)-Retired US Navy serving on board USS Constellation (CV-64),USS Kitty Hawk (CV-63), and USS Dubuque (LPD-8)
  9. Firemedicmonkey (talk · contribs)- Freelance Firefighter / Paramedic, diagnosed water junkie! Mainly Articles related to Oil and Gas Industry ships, Great Lakes Shipping, as well as any other interesting ships I find!
  10. fullobeans (talk · contribs) - covering active tall ships (museum, tourist and training vessels), especially schooners
  11. Goodvac (talk · contribs) - Cruise Ships
  12. Haus (talk · contribs) - Merchant ships, ship metrics, and templates
  13. Hixguy1 (talk · contribs) - Merchant ships in NY Harbor and Long Island NY
  14. Inge (talk · contribs) - Mostly working on Royal Norwegian Navy and Royal Danish-Norwegian Navy ships.
  15. Jason210 (talk · contribs) - North Atlantic liners (1838 - 1912). Expert and enthusiast, with large private collection of photos and literature.
  16. JonEastham (talk · contribs) - works on anything modern, generally modern Royal Navy and on inserting/filling out infoboxes
  17. KeesyM (talk · contribs) USS Hinsdale (APA-120) Story of Corporal Keith Carpenter Jensen, 2nd Marine Division, aboard the USS Hinsdale when struck by a Kamakazi pilot on April 1, 1945.
  18. KHS-Boab (talk · contribs) - Been working on some 17th century Dutch ships that visited (mostly West) Australian shores.
  19. Legoboyvdlp (talk · contribs) Navy Vessels of all eras
  20. Moe13111 (talk · contribs) - Watch officer on a sail training vessel, tall ship enthusiast.
  21. Mvertu2 (talk · contribs) – interested in ships and studying wikiprojects for a school project
  22. NerdyScienceDude (talk · contribs) - WWII
  23. North8000 (talk · contribs)
  24. NYCRuss (talk · contribs) - Current and future combatants
  25. Pesco (talk · contribs) - Modern merchant shipping
  26. Reverend_Lee (talk · contribs) - Ex-USN, served aboard USS_Camden_(AOE-2) in the mid 80's, modern Navy enthusiast, and copy editor.
  27. Rohan nog (talk · contribs) - Interested in Indian naval ships.
  28. Ryan4314 (talk · contribs) - Got HMS Cardiff (D108), a British Destroyer in the Falklands & Gulf Wars, up to FA.
  29. Sjhnumber1 (talk · contribs) - WWI and WWII merchant ships and Royal Navy
  30. Southforelandlighthouse (talk · contribs) - naval history, dockyards, navigation
  31. Spaceship Earth (talk · contribs) - Cruise Ships.
  32. Stan Shebs (talk · contribs)
  33. TheCodedOne (talk · contribs) - ...
  34. TWAMWIR (talk · contribs) - Robertforsythe whilst editing for Tyne & Wear Museums Wikipedian in residency with a focus on ships of North East England.
  35. White Shadows (talk · contribs) - German U-Boats.
  36. Yosy (talk · contribs).
2012 archive
  1. Aquitania (talk · contribs) - Trying to improve articles about ocean liners and cruise ships, most of them is superliners
  2. CFnavymars (talk · contribs) - Updates to HMC Ships
  3. Magguu (talk · contribs) - New Wikipedia contributor. Working on completing List of World War II ships. Interested in all ships of that era.
  4. Njbook (talk · contribs)- Mainly Atlantic shipwrecks before 1910
  5. Orpy15 (talk · contribs) - Japanese and German warships, American aircraft carriers
  6. Pkkphysicist (talk · contribs) - I write about the Civil War navies, but I like to read what the rest of you people write about.
  7. Shinerunner (talk · contribs) - Great Lakes shipwrecks and ships along with some United States Navy ships.
  8. SpigotMap (talk · contribs) - General cleanup of articles.
  9. Sswonk (talk · contribs) - Cleanup and repair, occasional edits – USN primary interest. Can help with templates, images (SVG or bitmap) and possibly maps depending on resources available.
  10. Wexcan (talk · contribs) - Merchant shipping, particularly ferries of the Irish Sea
  11. Xhavnak (talk · contribs) - Shipping around the Wight, pirates and military ships
2011 archive
  1. AashayBaindur (talk · contribs) - Merchant shipping mostly.
  2. bahamut0013 (talk · contribs) - P:BB and WP:OMT
  3. BB35 Restorer (talk · contribs) - US Navy
  4. Bedford (talk · contribs) - American steamboats, started possible future FA Great Steamboat Race
  5. BGinOC (talk · contribs) Enjoy writing about obscure historical ships and oddities as well as main stream ships
  6. Bumpyrat (talk · contribs) - Trying to improve articles about Royal Navy Ships, first edit HMS Clyde
  7. CarsonCo (talk · contribs) - Articles related to BC Ferries and ships in British Columbia
  8. ChrysalSnowlax (talk · contribs) - Working on articles related to the subject of naval architecture and shipbuilding
  9. ClemMcGann (talk · contribs) - Irish ships & Irish maritime history
  10. Dawkeye (talk · contribs) - Working through "Ship articles needing infobox conversion"
  11. Doncram (talk · contribs) - Ship museums and more
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  15. H Padleckas (talk · contribs) - power plants for US Navy ships
  16. igwwgi (talk · contribs) - Cruise Ships & Ferries of British Columbia and Vancouver
  17. jack1472 (talk · contribs) - Yachts
  18. Jeanclaudelennon (talk · contribs) - Seafarer, Shipbuilding Technician
  19. Jehochman (talk · contribs) - Working on Unterseeboot 853, Unterseeboot 550, Unterseeboot 505, USS Eagle 56 (PE-56) and SS Edmund Fitzgerald
  20. John Davidson (talk · contribs) - White Star Line particularly the four Belgics
  21. Kjet (talk · contribs) - Post-age of sail civilian ships, mainly passenger ships from the 1960s onwards.
  22. Lightoller (talk · contribs) - Done a Wiki for each of the Isle of Man Steam Packet current fleet and I am working on improving Isle of Man Steam Packet article.
  23. Lukeduk1980 (talk · contribs) - Interested in sunken vessels of all kinda including minor research in located wrecks.
  24. Maralia (talk · contribs) - I mainly write on USN ships, but I'm a sucker for any ship that has a good human interest story behind it.
  25. Marquis de Montcalm (talk · contribs) - Royal Navy vessels, mainly during the Napoleonic era.
  26. MarkInSavannah (talk · contribs) - Keenly interested in the fate of decommissioned US Warships and Support Vessels
  27. MBK004 (talk · contribs) - mainly modern cruise ships, ocean liners, battleships, and aircraft carriers
  28. Merlynne6 (talk · contribs) - Ancient Egyptian and Mediterranean World ships; Ships and European colonial settlement.
  29. Nekura (talk · contribs) - Whaling ships, and arctic/antarctic exploration, as well as simplifying DABing as much as possible
  30. Olwillard (talk · contribs)- Mainly interested in WWII Amphibious LSM(R)s
  31. PrinceElrik (talk · contribs) - Just returned to Wiki, special interest in warship design and technology
  32. setback_san (talk · contribs) - Cadet at a state maritime academy, well versed in U.S. Merchant Shipping.
  33. Skookum1 (talk · contribs) - ships and marine history in British Columbia and the Pacific Northwest, including freshwater
  34. Steelartisan (talk · contribs) - Particularly USN to RN Lend/Lease C3 escort
  35. Sturmdivision (talk · contribs) - WWII aircraft carriers: Japanese, Graf Zeppelin, Aquilacarriers and their subsequent careers.
  36. The Bushranger (talk · contribs)
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  38. Timmay911 (talk · contribs) - Mostly into editing and creating Medal/Ribbon images in the 'Awards' category for the appropriate ships
  39. Tuzi (talk · contribs) - Have interest and own periodicals of 1750 to 1940's ships and machines.
  40. USN1996 (talk · contribs)- Models,Battles,Strategies,U.S Navy ships,anything that happens to strike my fancy, Shipwrecks,and WWII Ships and Shipwrecks.
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