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Welcome to the Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting Task Force of the Scouting Wikiproject! We were formed out of a discussion in November and December 2006 about male/female issues in Wikiproject Scouting.

Task Force NewsEdit

  • WAGGGS has finished its centenary celebrations. Guiding 2010 Centenary needs work to reflect the fact that all these events are now in the past.


The task force has its own userbox. To put this on your user page, type {{User GG/GS Taskforce}}.

Scope and GoalsEdit

This task force considers all articles involving Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting to be within its scope. This includes articles about mixed sex organisations and activities and articles where the subject or majority of subjects are/were male if Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting are/was involved, as well as female and female-only articles.

The goals of this task force are:

  1. To increase the amount of accurate and well written information on Wikipedia about Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting.
  2. To encourage equal participation of female and male editors in Wikipedia Scouting by being a presence for Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting.

Scouting Wikiproject BannerEdit

The Scouting Wikiproject banner has an optional GGGS-task-force line. If you find an article within our scope, without this line, please add it.

Missing national GGGS articlesEdit

Part of this is my fault, part is because WAGGGS (like WOSM) is really sketchy with information on the smaller organizations, who don't usually have the numbers or bankroll of the boy orgs. Your mission, should you choose to accept it...

Suggested biographiesEdit

There are many people who contribute or contributed to Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting who could have a biography on Wikipedia but don't. Suggestions are listed below. Please be aware of Wikipedia's policy on notability.

List of Directors/Chief ExecutivesEdit

Silver Fish recipientsEdit

Note, this list is missing many women's names. For an updated list visit Silver Fish Award

Updating United States Scouting in 'State' articlesEdit

Many of the Scouting in whatever State articles list little more than the pre-realignment councils in each state and so are woefully out-of-date not to mention incomplete.

Suggested checklist for articlesEdit

Checklist for what each 'Scouting in State' article should have for GSUSA.

  • Map of councils in each state. Ideally includes headquarters, camps, and service centers (but this isn't always practical)
  • History of Girl Scouting in the state (part might be in the council subsections)
  • subarticle on each current council serving the state
    • headquarters (headquarters determines where main article is if council crosses state boundaries)
    • website (needs to be integrated into a footnote or be an external link in a formal external link page, not sure which is best)
    • number of girl members (and possibly adult volunteers) if known
    • description of area served if not obvious from council name. Cross links to other state Scouting articles if council crosses state boundaries.
    • camps with general location and description if possible (if headquarters another state, only camps in this state)
    • possibly service centers

State tableEdit

The following table shows the status of info on Girl Scouts in the various Scouting in ??? articles for the US States. It mostly shows whether there is a map but could be expanded in other ways. Also each state links to the relevant "Scouting in" article. As far as maps, I'm looking for information so as to do more. If anyone finds maps or info on what counties (or parts of councils) make up post-realignment councils, feel free to put them in User:Erp/Sandbox GS. I may also put preliminary maps there.

Wiki Girl Scout Council Status by State
State Map? realigned? # councils Comment
Alabama yes done 3(2 HQ) overlap with Georgia
Alaska no October 2009 3 to become 1 1 council wishes to remain independent
Arizona yes done 3? (2 HQ) overlap with Utah. Don't know whether Fredonia, Arizona is or is not in the Utah council. The Utah council does not list it on its current web page (but do list Wendover, Utah) though they do on older documents (along with Wendover).
Arkansas yes done 2 (1 HQ) overlap with Tennessee
California yes done 13 (or is it 11?) (8 HQ) overlap with Nevada, Oregon??, Arizona, See talk section of the article for some problems
Colorado yes done 1 history needs to be worked on.
Connecticut yes done 1
Delaware yes done 1
District of Columbia not needed done 1 Girl Scout Council of the Nation's Capital has its own article put Maryland/Virginia/WV maps there
Florida yes done 7 map now updated
Georgia yes done 3 or 4 (2 HQ) overlap with Tennessee and possibly Florida
Hawaii yes done 1
Idaho yes done 2 (1 HQ) overlap with Washington
Illinois no October 2009? 11 (9 HQ) overlap with Missouri and Indiana
Indiana no in process 8 (4 HQ) overlap with Illinois, Kentucky, Ohio
Iowa yes? done 5 (1 HQ) overlap with South Dakota, Illinois, Minnesota, Wisconsin
Kansas yes done 3 (1 HQ) overlap with Missouri, Need info on camps in Kansas Heartland
Kentucky yes done 2 (2 HQ) overlap with Tennessee
Louisiana yes done 2 The new Pines to Gulf council hasn't yet gotten a full new web site, info incomplete
Maine yes done 1
Maryland yes done 6 (1 HQ) overlap with West Virginia, Delaware, Pennsylvania, DC
Massachusetts yes done 3 (2) overlap with Rhode Island
Michigan yes done 5 (3 HQ) overlap with Wisconsin, Indiana
Minnesota yes done 3 (2 HQ) overlap with the Dakotas (South Dakota)
Mississippi no October 2009 3 (2 HQ) overlap with Tennessee. Two councils still to merge
Missouri yes done 3 camps and some other info needs updating
Montana yes done 1 joint with Wyoming
Nebraska yes done 2 (1 HQ)
Nevada yes done 3 (2 HQ) overlap with Idaho
New Hampshire yes done 1 jointly with Vermont
New Jersey yes done 4 BTW a nice NJ Scouting history museum at
New Mexico yes done 4 (2 HQ) overlap with Arizona and Texas
New York yes June 2009 12 (11 HQ) overlap with Connecticut one island
North Carolina no in process 7 (6 HQ) overlap with Virginia
North Dakota yes done 1
Ohio yes (but missing info) done 5 (3 HQ) overlap with Kentucky, West Virginia
Oklahoma yes done 5 (2 HQ) overlap with Texas, Missouri, Arkansas
Oregon yes done 3 (1 HQ) overlap with Idaho and Washington
Pennsylvania yes done 4 (3 HQ) overlap with New York
Puerto Rico yes done 1 council web page is defunct
Rhode Island yes done 1
South Carolina yes done 4 (2 HQ) overlap with Georgia and North Carolina
South Dakota yes done 2 (1 HQ) overlap with Iowa
Tennessee no in process (Oct 2009) 7 (5 HQ) overlap with Georgia, Kentucky
Texas yes done 9 (8 HQ) overlap with Arkansas
Utah yes done 2 (1 HQ) overlap with Arizona
Vermont yes done 1 (0 HQ) overlap with New Hampshire.
Virginia yes (but update will be needed) done 7 (3 HQ) overlap with Tennessee, West Virginia, Delaware, DC, Map updated for Shawnee merge
Washington yes done 3 (2 HQ) overlap with Oregon
West Virginia yes done 5 (2 HQ)
Wisconsin no in process 9 (6 HQ) overlap with Minnesota and Illinois, legal dispute involving one council not wanting to merge.
Wyoming yes done 1 shared with Montana
What about Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, Guam, the Northern Marianas and American Samoa, also served by GSUSA? Chris (クリス • フィッチ) (talk) 23:39, 12 December 2008 (UTC)

Updating Canadian Guiding in 'Province' articlesEdit

Main web site:

Wiki Girl Guide Council Status by Province
Province Anything? Map? Comment
British Columbia
New Brunswick
Newfoundland and Labrador Defunct web site?
Nova Scotia
Prince Edward Island
Yukon See Alberta
Northwest Territory See Alberta
Nunavut See Ontario

Brief first stab

Other missing article topicsEdit

Missing Girl Scout and Girl Guide national emblemsEdit


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