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WikiProject Sailing

Welcome to WikiProject Sailing. This WikiProject has been formed as a collaboration resource and group dedicated to improving Wikipedia's coverage of sailing and the organization of information and articles on this topic. This page and its subpages contain their suggestions and various resources; it is hoped that this project will help to focus the efforts of other Wikipedians interested in the topic.

If you would like to help, please join the project, inquire on the talk page and see the to-do list below.

Introduction edit

Scope edit

This WikiProject proposes to work on the activity of sailing including equipment, disciplines, boats, manufacturers, designers and anything else we can think of.

Goals edit

  • To grow a group of active experienced members who are interested in Sailing in all its forms and will contribute to the development of sailing related articles, categories, images and templates.
  • To expand the base of well-written articles with in-depth content that Wikipedians can use for encyclopedic reference.
  • To establish and maintain properly constructed categorization to enable the novice and expert alike to easily navigate and find chosen topics and all related articles.

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Open tasks edit

Participants edit

Please feel free to add your details below and indicate areas of particular interest.

(See also Category:WikiProject Sailing participants)

Name Areas of interest Location Date joined
Happysailor (talk · contribs) Dinghy Sailing, Keelboats, Racing Wales, UK 6 November 2009
Nigelj (talk · contribs) Cruising; Long-distance voyaging Jersey, UK 9 November 2009
Bilby (talk · contribs) Cruising, OTB dinghys/cats, terminology South Australia 20 January 2010
EnderBlair (talk · contribs) Racing, Cruising, Yacht design, San Francisco Bay San Francisco 2 February, 2010
WPPilot (talk · contribs) Racing, Cruising, Yacht design, Newport Beach Newport Beach 12 February, 2010
Trilliumz (talk · contribs) Sailing ships, cruising 17 February 2010
Megodbike (talk · contribs) Dingies/Racing Durham 19 February 2010
Boatman (talk · contribs) All aspects of leisure cruising and racing and history of commercial sailing France 11 March 2010
NED33 (talk · contribs) Olympic, Vintage Yachting Classes and other Former Olympic sailing classes Netherlands 09 April 2010
R Jordan (talk · contribs) Yacht manufacturers and designers Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA 14 April 2010
Barbetorte (talk · contribs) Naval architecture, Sailing history, Olympic classes, drawings of sailboats Bretagne, France 19 April 2010
Penfold77 (talk · contribs) Racing, Cruising, history of local designers/boatbuilders Firth of Clyde, Scotland 23 April 2010
Aloha27 (talk · contribs) Racing, Cruising Nova Scotia, Canada 9 May 2010
Erwan1972 (talk · contribs) Naval architecture, wooden / classic boat Brittany, France 21 June 2010
Diiscool (talk · contribs) Baltimore–Washington Metropolitan Area 21 July 2010
Summerhawk (talk · contribs) Dinghy Sailing, junior/collegiate level racing, Naval history, local sailing Westchester County, New York 1 September 2010
seicam (talk · contribs) cruising, multihulls, trimarans, local sailing Seattle, Washington 25 October 2010
Aaron_headly (talk · contribs) the gaff rig, the sailing lexicon (Glossary of nautical terms), history Munith, Michigan 9 December 2010
Yachty4000 (talk · contribs) Global Sailing, World Championships, Offshore Racing, Design Great Britain 5 April 2011
Oddbodz (talk · contribs) Dinghy racing, Dinghy sailing Great Britain 15 April 2011
Rsteilberg (talk · contribs) Pleasure sailing United States 15 April 2011
Fortheloveofbacon (talk · contribs) One Design, Cruising, Classic and Wooden Designs, Spirit of Tradition United States 2 February 2012
Curb Safe Charmer (talk · contribs) Offshore racing, Cruising, Round the world yacht races Jersey 13 February 2012
MarineGuru (talk · contribs) recreational marine industry United Kingdom 28 February 2012
DataHead2112 (talk · contribs) Naval architecture, Classic and Wooden Designs, Sailing history, Cruising Canada 13 March 2012
MatthewHaywood (talk · contribs) Anything to do with sailing... 12 October 2012
Data2 (talk · contribs) Offshore, shore and inshore racing, modern racing yachts Germany 16 November 2012
Captain Walt (talk · contribs) I am interested in working on Sailing Technology, Cruising 1 June 2012
7&6=thirteen () Dinghy sailing Michigan 12 November 2013
Pratyeka (talk · contribs) History, theory, multihulls. Australia, China, Southeast Asia. 6 January 2015
HopsonRoad (talk · contribs) Theory, multihulls, ice boats Vermont 29 March 2015
Chalexthegreat (talk · contribs) Technique, boat classes, racing, clubs, technical detail Michigan 20 June, 2015
Pandg2 (talk · contribs) Naples Sabot, International Naples Sabot Association San Diego, California 27 December, 2015
mindfrieze (talk · contribs) keelboats, racing, rigging/equipment, project administration/organization Chicago, Illinois 14 March 2016
CaptainWill98 (talk · contribs) Laser Racing, Byte Racing Maidstone, Kent 11 May 2016
Ahunt (talk · contribs) Sailboat type articles Ottawa, Canada 6 June 2016
Mcapdevila (talk · contribs) Sailboat type articles Arenys de Mar, Spain 9 September 2016
Sugarfreesailor (talk · contribs) One-Design Racing, Olympic Sailing, Burgees, Bareboating, Knots, Sailing History, America's Cup Atlanta, GA United States 1 December 2016
Capt.J.W.King (talk · contribs) Schooners, Traditional Sailboats, Production Fiberglass SailBoats, Maritime History, Sailing Oddities, Offshore Sailing, Singlehanded sailing Tampa, FL United States 11 January 2017
Screaming_tiger9 (talk · contribs) Dinghy sailing, multihulls, offshore racing, kitesurfing &asp; windsurfing Co Mayo, Ireland 13 February 2017
Ilenart626 (talk · contribs) inshore racing, cruising, storm tactics Fremantle, Western Australia 21 June 2017
markus1423 (talk · contribs) Dinghies, Organization Windsor, Ontario, Canada 29 July 2017
Sarahwilhelmi (talk · contribs) Leisure Sailing, Regattas London, UK 5 January 2018
Smartskaft (talk · contribs) inshore racing, regattas 19 Feb 2018
Dragon Genoa (talk · contribs) History of Olympic Sailing, Sailors, Dragon, Soling Medemblik,   Netherlands 20 February 2020
Greghenderson2006 (talk · contribs) Pilot boat, Sandy Hook Pilots, Maritime pilot California, USA 9 March 2020
Simon.letort (talk · contribs) Racing, Cruising, Yacht design NYC, USA 9 July 2020
Banderas (talk · contribs) Dingies/Racing Spain 12 November 2020
Ahi-nama (talk · contribs) Cruising Trimarans Sweden 30 December 2020}
jacksoncowes (talk · contribs) history UK April 2021
NixV (talk · contribs) History, technology, engineering London, UK 30 May 2021
Minard38 (talk · contribs) Yacht club history Rye, New York 5 March 2022
Wingardium23 (talk · contribs) Weather monitoring Sydney, Australia 7 April 2022
Flibbertigibbets (talk · contribs) keelboats, Catalina_Yachts, Trimaran, Cruising_(maritime) Burnt_Store_Marina,_Florida,Sarasota_Bay,Venice,_Florida 12 Dec 2022
MFS JKRevan (talk · contribs) Dinghy Sailing, Keelboats, Racing Miami,Florida,US 1 Mar 2023
Fin.Seaman (talk · contribs) Professional Sailor's Biographies Fairford,Gloucestershire,England 7 Nov 2023
V.Glas (talk · contribs) Offshore sailing, especially IMOCA 60s Germany 2023

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Most templates are listed here: Category:Sailing navigational boxes

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These are a selection of navigation templates placed at the bottom of articles. See a full listing at Category:Sailing navigational boxes.

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Code Result
{{Sail Types}}
{{Sailing ship elements}}
{{Sailing vessels and rigs}}
{{International Sailing Federation Classes}}
{{Sailing dinghies and skiffs}}
{{Sailing Scows}}
{{International Sailing Federation}}

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Sailing Infobox templates edit

Selection of infobox related to sailing below. See a full listing at Category:Sailing_infobox_templates.

Template Usage
Template:Infobox_sailboat_specifications 1550
Template:Infobox sailing yacht 200
Template:Infobox yacht club 200
Template:Infobox sailing competition 100
Template:Infobox recurring sailing competition 60
Template:Infobox_sailing_team 33
Template:Infobox_Americas_Cup_competition 31

Categories edit

Resources edit

Related projects edit

Reference materials edit

I have accumulated a few books on boating and sailing over the years, and list them below. Anyone writing an article is welcome to contact me at: for help in research or to help establish notability for an article. --Kevin Murray (talk) 21:04, 29 April 2010 (UTC)[reply]

General Boating Topics edit

  • Rousmaniere, John, (1999), The Annapolis Book of Seamanship, Simon & Shuster
  • Chapman Book of Piloting (various contributors) (1999), Hearst Corporation
  • Lenfestey, Thompson, (1994), The Sailor’s Illustrated Dictionary, The Lyons Press
  • Calder, Nigel, (2001), Nigel Calder’s Cruising Handbook, McGraw Hill
  • Roberts, John & Susan, (1997) Why Didn’t I Think of That? (Tips from 122 Sailors), International Marine

Sailing Skills edit

  • Herreshoff, Halsey (consulting editor), (1983,), The Sailor’s Handbook, Little Brown and Company
  • Seidman, David, (1995) The Complete Sailor, International Marine Publishing
  • Jobson, Gary, (1987) Sailing Fundamentals, Simon & Shuster
  • Munns Harry (1991) Cruising Fundamentals, International Marine Publishing
  • Gladstone, Bill, (2003), Trim, North U Publishing
  • Golding, Mike, (1999) Racing Skipper, Fernhurst Books
  • Dedekam, Ivar, (2001), Sail & Rig Tuning, Fernhurst Books

Boat Manufacturers and Models edit

(history & specifications)

  • Practical Boat Buying (editors of Practical Sailor), (1992), Belvoir Publications Inc.
  • Mate, Ferenc, (1982) Best Boats to Build or Buy, Albatross Publishing House
  • Mate, Ferenc, (2003), The World’s Best Sailboats, Albatross Books
  • Kretschmer, John, (2002), Used Boat Notebook, Sheridan House Inc.
  • Nestor, Gregg, (2007), Twenty Affordable Boats, Paradise Cay Publications
  • Jones, Gregory, (2002, The American Sailboat, MBI Publishing Company
  • Spurr, Daniel, (2000), Heart of Glass, International Marine Publishing

Geography edit

  • Mehaffy, Carolyn & Bob, (1999), Cruising Guide to San Francisco Bay, Paradise Cay Publications

Mechanics edit

  • Gerr, Dave, (2001), Propeller Handbook, International Marine Publishing

History edit

  • MacTaggart, (2001) The Golden Century of Motor Yachts 1830 -1930, WW Norton & Co.Inc.

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