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As with any large database, there are errors. The experience by Wikipedians who have been in touch with the International Rowing Federation about these (potential) mistakes is that there is sometimes little initiative to address those issues. This page serves as a depository for such potential mistakes, so that interested parties can report errors, or look up whether a potential error is already listed.

Duplicate entriesEdit

Some rowers appear to be listed under more than one ID. See also: wikidata:Wikidata:Database reports/Constraint violations/P2091#"Single value" violations.

FISA ID and name English WP Wikidata Duplicate ID Notes
Xirong LIU at World Rowing (archived) Liu Xirong Liu Xirong (Q47333926) Xirong LIU at World Rowing (archived) Is it intentional to have a separate entry when a rower becomes a trainer? Was also listed with ID 32610 and Schwede reported this on 7 October 2017, and this seems to have been attended to.
Christian-Georg WARLICH at World Rowing (archived) Christian-Georg Warlich Christian-Georg Warlich (Q1078658) Christian-Georg WAHRLICH at World Rowing (archived) The first entry has the spelling of the name right, but all the results are listed with the second entry.
Natalie YATSENKO at World Rowing (archived) Natalie Yatsenko Nataliya Yatsenko (Q47260943) Natalia FEDORENKO at World Rowing (archived)
Natalia IATSENKO at World Rowing (archived)
Probably the same person, with maiden and married name.
Nina ANTONIUK at World Rowing (archived) Nina Preobrazhenskaya Nina Preobrazhenskaya (Q12078664) Nina PREOBRASJENTSKAJA at World Rowing (archived) Antoniuk is the maiden name.
Tatiana BUNJAK at World Rowing (archived) Tatyana Stetsenko Tatyana Stetsenko (Q7688567) Tatjana STETSENKO at World Rowing (archived) Bunjak is the maiden name, I believe.
Giuseppe LAMBERTI at World Rowing (archived) Giuseppe Lamberti Giuseppe Lamberti (Q45162851) Giuseppe LAMBERTI at World Rowing (archived) One entry has the senior competitions, and the other one the age-group competitions.
Christian DAHLKE at World Rowing (archived) Christian Dahlke Christian Dahlke (Q1079228) Christian DAHLKE at World Rowing (archived) Obviously the same person.
Alastair ISHERWOOD at World Rowing (archived) Alastair Isherwood Alastair Isherwood (Q45320368) Alastair ISHERWOOD at World Rowing (archived) Obviously the same person.
Kathryn TWYMAN at World Rowing (archived) Kathryn Twyman Kathryn Twyman (Q47308391) Kathryn TWYMAN at World Rowing (archived) Obviously the same person.
Rejet PALM at World Rowing (archived) Reet Palm Reet Palm (Q19682448) Reet PALM-KILLING at World Rowing (archived) Competitions spread over two entries.
Georgi GEORGIEV at World Rowing (archived) Georgi Georgiev (rower) Georgi Georgiev (Q47455182) Georgi GEORGIEV Y. at World Rowing (archived) This looks like a “true” duplicate, but with different dates of birth. He even appears twice in the results pages of the events at which he participated.
Werner LUTZ at World Rowing (archived) Werner Lutz Werner Lutz (Q47318112) Lutz WERNER at World Rowing (archived) Competitions spread over two entries, with given and family name transposed.
Maria OMELJANOVITCH at World Rowing (archived) Mariya Omelianovych Maria Omeljanovitch (Q47462927) Maria DANILIUK at World Rowing (archived) Danyliuk (Daniliuk) is her maiden name.
Irina KALIMBET at World Rowing (archived) Irina Kalimbet Irina Kalimbet (Q12107942) Irina TIKHANOVA at World Rowing (archived) Tikhanova (Tikhonova) is her married name.
Reda RIBINSKAITE at World Rowing (archived) Reda Ribinskaitė Reda Ribinskaitė (Q51844396) Reda STANEVICIENE at World Rowing (archived) Stanevichene (Staneviciene) is her married name.
Elena PUKAJEVA at World Rowing (archived) Yelena Pukhayeva Olena Pukhaieva (Q4384499) Olena PUKHAIEVA at World Rowing (archived) Russian and Ukraine spelling of the same name.
Michael O'GORMAN at World Rowing (archived) Michael O'Gorman (rowing) Michael O'Gorman (Q47452447) Mike GORMAN at World Rowing (archived) Same competitor.
Ursula MAEK-WAGNER at World Rowing (archived) Ursula Wagner Ursula Unger (Q7901283) Ursula UNGER at World Rowing (archived) Wagner is her maiden name, she then competed under her married name Unger; Maek is her current name.
Ludmila PARFENOVA at World Rowing (archived) Ludmila Parfenova Ludmila Parfenova (Q47456192) Ludmila PARPHJOONOVA at World Rowing (archived) Schwede66's guess is that this is one and the same person.
Rita SCHMIDT-KOEPPEN at World Rowing (archived) Rita Bludau Rita Bludau (Q16227511) Rita BLUDAU at World Rowing (archived) Same person.
Rosemary CLUGSTON at World Rowing (archived) Rosemary Mayglothling Rosemary Clugston (Q47467368) Rosemary GLUGSTON at World Rowing (archived)
Rosie MAYGLOTHLING at World Rowing (archived)
Erroneous spelling for 1980, and separate entry under married name as official
Thomas CROFT at World Rowing (archived) Thomas Croft Buck Thomas Croft Buck (Q45168053) Thomas BUCK at World Rowing (archived) An IP editor has changed the name in the article to Thomas Croft BUCK plus added another medal to the tally, which appears in the database under the second name. The rower has commented on the talk page and explained the situation, and pointed out that FISA has three entries for him; the third one as "Thomas BUCH" (Q47452625, already redirected to the main item).
Antonina Zelikovitch at World Rowing (archived) Antonina Makhina Antonina Makhina (Q4776350) Antonina Makhina-Dumtcheva at World Rowing (archived) First competed under her maiden name and then had two rowers as spouses (well, not simultaneously).

Wrong genderEdit

FISA ID and name English WP Wikidata Issue
Roline REPELAER VAN DRIEL at World Rowing (archived) Roline Repelaer van Driel Roline Repelaer van Driel (Q2539102) Wrong gender (should be W)
Elena ZUBKO at World Rowing (archived) Olena Zubko Olena Zubko (Q7086368) Wrong gender (should be W)
Titie JORDACHE-TARAN at World Rowing (archived) Maricica Țăran Maricica Țăran (Q6762573) Wrong gender (should be W)
Xiuhua ZHOU at World Rowing (archived) Zhou Xiuhua Zhou Xiuhua (Q8071063) Wrong gender (should be W)
Carolina SCHIFFMACHER at World Rowing (archived) Carolina Schiffmacher Carolina Schiffmacher (Q16940769) Wrong gender (should be W)
Bendeguz MOLNAR at World Rowing (archived) Bendegúz Pétervári-Molnár Bendegúz Pétervári-Molnár (Q24331148) Wrong gender (should be M); also duplicate of Bendeguz PETERVARI-MOLNAR at World Rowing (archived), which has correct gender
Yrjoe HAKOILA at World Rowing (archived) Yrjö Hakoila Yrjö Hakoila (Q11902990) Wrong gender (should be M); Finnish competitor of the 1952 Olympics [1]
Peter CHAMPION at World Rowing (archived) Peter Champion Peter Champion (Q11815843) Wrong gender (should be M)
Seong Ok KIM at World Rowing (archived) Kim Seong-ok Kim Seong-ok (Q47492166) Wrong gender (should be W)
Cy PEARSON at World Rowing (archived) Cy Pearson Cy Pearson (Q61720962) Wrong gender (should be M)
Mark WISSING at World Rowing (archived) Mark Wissing Mark Wissing (Q61722330) Wrong gender (should be M)
Masakatsu YAMANOUCHI at World Rowing (archived) Masakatsu Yamanouchi Masakatsu Yamanouchi (Q56222519) Wrong gender (should be M)
James EDMONDS at World Rowing (archived) James Edmonds (rower) James Edmonds (Q56254401) Wrong gender (should be M)
Bettina KAEMPF-MCINTYRE at World Rowing (archived) Bettina Kämpf Bettina Kämpf (Q56599881) Wrong gender (should be W)
Hae-eun AN at World Rowing (archived) An Hae-eun An Hae-eun (Q56486746) Wrong gender (should be W)
Christl SCHMIDT-LEHNERT at World Rowing (archived) Christl Schmidt-Lehnert Christl Schmidt-Lehnert (Q47571258) Wrong gender (should be W)
difficult cases due to sparse information in FISA profile
P. HERTEL at World Rowing (archived) (assumed) Peter Hertel Peter Hertel (Q26000944) Wrong gender (should be M)
U. LUHN at World Rowing (archived) (assumed) Ulrich Luhn Ulrich Luhn (Q18222827) Wrong gender (should be M); German competitor of the 1966 World Rowing Championships
BRUECKHAENDLER at World Rowing (archived) (assumed) Jochen Brückhändler Jochen Brückhändler (Q48160773) Wrong gender (should be M)
Ch. PREY at World Rowing (archived) (assumed) Christian Prey Christian Prey (Q47476866) Wrong gender (should be M)
D. THOMETSCHEK at World Rowing (archived) (assumed) Dagobert Thometschek Dagobert Thometschek (Q47476813) Wrong gender (should be M)
P. KUHN at World Rowing (archived) (assumed) Peter Kuhn (rower) Peter Kuhn (Q47471217) Wrong gender (should be M)
G. PASTINE at World Rowing (archived) (assumed) Giovanni Battista Pastine Giovanni Battista Pastine (Q53815858) Wrong gender (should be M)
PEYRONNIE at World Rowing (archived) Peyronnie Peyronnie (Q61062189) Wrong gender (should be M)

Mixed profilesEdit

FISA ID and name English WP Issue
Flemming JENSEN at World Rowing (archived); second profile missing Flemming Jensen (born 1914)
Flemming Jensen (fl. 1980s)
Born in 1913 (FISA) or 1914 (Sports Ref), but apparently competed at World Championships in 1982, 1983, 1984, 1987
Probably two different individuals sharing the same name, with the older one with a Sports Reference entry.
Martin SCHUETZE at World Rowing (archived); Frank SCHUETZE at World Rowing (archived) Martin Schütze (Q47454932)
Frank Schütze (Q19393065)
The East German Martin Schütze is listed as having competed in 1977 with the M4+ for West Germany. According to the RRK 08 website, it was rather the West German Frank Schütze who competed in that boat.
Danilo FRAQUELLI at World Rowing (archived) Danilo Fraquelli Something is wrong with the listed competitions. Born in 1968, he starts competing internationally at the 1989 World Rowing Championships (aged 21) with the LM8+. Then in 1994 (he was 26 by then), he suddenly appears with a couple of entries at the Nations Cup, which is today called the U23 championships. Is Stefano Fraquelli (born 1972) a younger brother? Do the 1994 Nations Cup results belong to Stefano?
Elena OPREA-HORVATH at World Rowing (archived) Elena Horvat Did she really compete at the 1971 European Rowing Championships and win a bronze medal as a 13-year-old? There's an interesting discussion on the talk page of her German article.
Update 2020-03-08: User:MisterSynergy asked the SR experts and they are meanwhile reasonably convinced that there are two persons. "Elena Horvat" (from 1985 on "Elena Florea") competed 1981–1985 (including the 1984 Olympic gold medal win), and "Elena Oprea" competed 1971–1980 (including two Olympic participations 1976+1980 without medalling). Horvat (-Florea) was born 1958-07-04 as written in most sources; Oprea might have been born 1953-10-05, but this is not that sure; this would mean that she would have been almost 18 years old at her first appearance in 1971. This data is not yet public, but I think the SR successor website will come up with two profiles.
Terence SANDERS at World Rowing (archived) Terence Sanders 1924 Olympian, born 1901. Listed participation 1996–1999 belongs to a different person. 1996-1999 was Robert, not Terence.
Elena LEBEDEVA at World Rowing (archived) Elena Lebedeva (Q11724053) Lebedeva was born in 1978. Two listed participations in the early 1970s belong to a different person; according to [2], the 1975 WRCH W2x participation might be Yelena Antonova (rower) (FISA ID 28986).
Svend PETERSEN at World Rowing (archived); Svend PEDERSEN at World Rowing (archived) Svend Ove Pedersen Danish rower, born 31 October 1920 (sports-reference, IOC), competed at the 1952 Olympics; name spelled with "d" according to sources and (meanwhile unavailable) obituary. The 27131 profile is a mixed one with a 1994 Nations Cup appearance of a person with apparently a similar name, but a (listed) date of birth close to Pedersen's.
Ivan DOVGODKO at World Rowing (archived) Ivan Dovhodko 1989-born rower; 1981 appearance belongs to someone else
Juri LORENTSSON at World Rowing (archived) Yuriy Lorentsson Lorentsson (1930–2003) competed at five Olympics (sports-reference) from 1960 to 1976. He is also listed as participant of the 1998 and 2000 WRCH. Since he was a cox this appears somewhat possible, but unlikely.
Robert Michael GIBSON at World Rowing (archived) Robert Gibson (rower) Two early 1980s appearances in the profile of Gibson (* 1986) belong to a different rower. Ted Gibson (37543) would be a candidate, but this is pure speculation base on his surname, Canadian citizenship, and appearance in 1980. Also check ([3])
Juliana TOGANEL at World Rowing (archived); James GILLAN at World Rowing (archived) Juliana Toganel
James Angus Gillan
1912 M8+ Olympic Gold Medal belongs to Gillan (sports-reference), not Toganel
Emile BARBEROLLE at World Rowing (archived); Ernest BARBEROLLE at World Rowing (archived); Marcel LEPAN at World Rowing (archived); Émile Barberolle (Q47492496)
Ernest Barberolle
Marcel Lepan (Q3289138)
1924 M4+ Olympic event: According to FISA, Emile Barberolle participated; according to sports-reference, Marcel Lepan did; however, the enwiki article (also this one) links to Ernest Barberolle. Page 176 of the official report shows E Barberolle (no forename given) as the coxswain, not Lepan. Note also that the FISA data has different positions in the boat (showing Barberolle at bow and Talleux as coxswain); Barberolle is shown as coxswain for the 1920 eight, so it does seem likely that the 1924 crew order is one of a number in error in the FISA database, and for this crew may merely have put them in alphabetical order.
Rasmus PEDERSEN at World Rowing (archived); Camilla ALEXANDERSEN at World Rowing (archived) Rasmus Pedersen and Camilla Alexandersen Both Danes are listed in the 1988 M4- Olympic final (FISA) instead of the Americans Thomas Bohrer (1159) and Raoul Rodriguez (9239); sports-ref
Diego NEDELCU at World Rowing (archived); second profile missing Diego Nedelcu
Tom Chessell
1952 M8+ Olympic event: Chessel was cox of the Australian team (sports-reference), not Nedelcu (who was then 5 years old)
Vladimir SOKOLOV I at World Rowing (archived); Vladimir SOKOLOV II at World Rowing (archived) Vladimir Sokolov (rower) ("SOKOLOV I", born 1962)
Vladimir Sokolov (rower, born 1978) ("SOKOLOV II", born 1978)
The "SOKOLOV II" profile about the 1978-born lightweight rower contains plenty of participations that belong to the older "SOKOLOV I" heavyweight rower (probably all non-lightweight events)
Ian WRIGHT at World Rowing (archived); Ian WRIGHT at World Rowing (archived) Ian Wright (British junior rower)
Ian Wright (rower)
The profile of the British junior rower (12046) contains three appearances of the New Zealand Olympic rower (12047)
James Scott CLARK at World Rowing (archived); James CLARK at World Rowing (archived) Jim Clark (rower)
James Clark (British junior rower)
The profile of the British junior rower (* 1989, 2020) contains six appearances (1975–1982) of the British Olympic rower (* 1950, 27515)
Richard PHELPS at World Rowing (archived); Yurij PIMENOV at World Rowing (archived) Richard Phelps (Q47434607) British rower; did not compete for the United Team at the 1992 Olympics in the M2- event (sports-reference); the result is missing in Yuriy Pimenov's profile (8628)
Sebastian CLAUS at World Rowing (archived) Sebastian Claus Argentinian heavyweight rower who probably hasn’t coxed the Danish Lwt men's eight at the 2001 World Rowing Championships.
Ross EDWARDS at World Rowing (archived); Wieslaw DLUGOSZ at World Rowing (archived) Ross Edwards (rower)
Wiesław Długosz (Q9373467)
Długosz competed at the 1972 Olympic M2+ event, not Edwards. See sports-reference. Mind the transposed digits in their FISA IDs.
Adrian MIHAILA at World Rowing (archived); Stewart FARQUAHARSON at World Rowing (archived) Adrian Mihaila
Stewart Farquaharson (or Farquharson)
Farquaharson competed at the 1964 Olympic M2- event, not Mihaila. See sports-reference. Mind the similar FISA IDs.
Jan DOBES at World Rowing (archived); Judith ANDERSEN at World Rowing (archived) Jan Dobes
Judith Anderson (rower)
Anderson competed at the 1976 Olympic W4x+ event, not Dobes. See sports-reference. Mind the similar FISA IDs.
Raul HERNANDEZ GARCIA at World Rowing (archived); Raul HERNANDEZ HIDALGO at World Rowing (archived) Raúl Hernández (Spanish rower)
Raúl Hernández (rower)
The Cuban rower (Hidalgo) competed at the 2016 Olympics in the LM2x for Cuba, not the Spanish rower (García).
Vladimir BUJNAROWSKI at World Rowing (archived); Piotr BUJNAROWSKI at World Rowing (archived) Vladimir Bujnarowski
Piotr Bujnarowski (Q11817340)
FISA lists Vladimir for the 1996 Olympic M4x event, while sports-reference and the Polish Olympic Comittee attribute this apprearance to Piotr. Little is known about Vladimir, so it might be a second name of Piotr, another person (maybe a sibling of Piotr), or just a mistake/non-existing person.
Javier AGUIRREGOMEZCORTA at World Rowing (archived); Diego AGUIRREGOMEZCORTA at World Rowing (archived) Javier Aguirregomezcorta
Diego Aguirregomezcorta
Seemingly related rowing persons from Bilbao, Spain. There is a 2000 Olympic M2- event participation for Argentina, which is attributed to Javier at FISA, and to Diego everywhere else (e.g. sports-reference). They apparently did row together for Spain at international rowing events later in their careers.
2000 Olympics was Diego, according to the official report.
Mathias HAGLUND at World Rowing (archived) Axel Haglund (Q49114543) This is the profile of the 1912 Finnish Olympic rower Axel Matias Haglund (1884–1948). He did not compete at the 2000 World Rowing Cup.
Vaclav CHALUPA SR at World Rowing (archived) Václav Chalupa (Q47457402) Profile contains the 1989 M1x silver medal that belongs to his son, also called Václav Chalupa.
Valeriy SAMARA at World Rowing (archived) Valeriy Samara (Q47491133) Profile mixes two persons
Christo JELEV at World Rowing (archived); Atanas JELEV at World Rowing (archived) Khristo Zhelev (Q47455166)
Atanas Zhelev (Q56223014)
According to FISA, Khristo Zhelev competed at the 1968 and 1976 Olympics. According to Sports Reference, Atanas Zhelev competed in 1968 and Khristo Zhelev competed in 1976.
Thore BOERJESSON at World Rowing (archived) Thore Börjesson (Q9358565) 1924-born Olympic competitor in 1952 (M8+); very unlikely that he competed as a lightweight rower in 1974

Wrong crew resultsEdit

In this section, links to the event result page at FISA are provided. However, the wrong results also show up in the profiles of the involved athletes.

FISA event subjects issue
1912 Olympic M8+ final Canadian crew
German Empire crew
The Canadians are listed third, although they did not even make it to the second round (sports-reference for this event); the German Empire crew, typically regarded as Bronze medallists without time, are listed forth instead.
1924 Olympic M2- final British pair Cyril Southgate (also "Thomas Southgate") and Cecil Killick (also "Gordon Killick") did not start in the final (story at sports-reference); the event result page correctly mentions this, but the profiles nevertheless rank them third in the final (Southgate and Killick)
1988 Olympic M8+ event Bulgarian team It is unclear who competed in the Bulgarian team. sports-reference has a list of crew members, of which Dimitar Tonchev (sports-reference, FISA) does not appear in the event at FISA. Instead, "Juri Georgiev" (37659) and "Dimitar Georgiev" (3740) are listed (there are ten crew members given in the FISA entries section, and in the results section cox Ventseslav Kanchev, sports-reference and 26666, is missing.

Other errorsEdit

FISA ID and name English WP Issue
n/a Ross Blomfield Missing on FISA database
Thomas JAECKEL at World Rowing (archived) Thomas Jaekel Spelling mistake
1982 (LM4-) Lightweight Men's Four - Final Peter Werner (rower) The country code for the team is wrong; it says GER when it should be FRG
Eulogio GENOVA EMEZABEL at World Rowing (archived) Eulogio Génova There's (probably) a spelling mistake in the maternal family name.
Nataliya MUSTAFAYEVA at World Rowing (archived) Nataliya Mustafayeva Profile disappeared while still being listed by the database search engine; no replacement profile found
Gavin KILPATRICK at World Rowing (archived) Gavin Kilpatrick (Q47451364) Listed with American citizenship, but started for South Africa only
Thomas BUCH at World Rowing (archived) Thomas Croft Buck (Q47452625) Listed with American citizenship, but started for Denmark only
n/a Helmut Sauermilch Missing on FISA database
Frank GOTTSCHALK at World Rowing (archived) Frank Gottschalt Spelling mistake
1999 World Rowing Cup I W4x Natalia STASIUK at World Rowing (archived), Volha BERAZNIOVA at World Rowing (archived), Inesa JANSEN-ZAKHAREUSKAYA at World Rowing (archived), Natalia LAURYNENKA at World Rowing (archived) Wrong country code for the team (is "UKR" boat 2, but should be "BLR" as all of the team members are Belarusians)
Jacobo CASTIÑEIRA at World Rowing (archived) Jacobo Castiñeira encoding error (personal name)
Hanna JAGEFELDT at World Rowing (archived) Hanna Jagefeldt encoding error (club name in infobox)
Fedir PYRYATYNS’KYY at World Rowing (archived) Fedir Pyryatyns'kyy (correct?) encoding error (personal name)
Baris VESEKÇI at World Rowing (archived) Barış Vesekçi encoding error (personal name)
Per BJÖRNSKIÖLD at World Rowing (archived) Per Björnskiöld encoding error (personal name)
Henry CHAVES QUIRÓS at World Rowing (archived) Henry Chaves Quirós encoding error (personal name)
Robert NIESYCZYŃSKI at World Rowing (archived) Robert Niesyczyński encoding error (personal name); also a duplicate of Robert NIESYCZYNSKI at World Rowing (archived)
Marcelo D’ANGELO at World Rowing (archived) Marcelo D'Angelo encoding error (personal name)

Event-level gaps and mistakesEdit

FISA ID and name Issue
1962 WRCH All 7 events missing
1966 WRCH All 7 events missing
1970 WRCH All 7 events missing
1974 WRCH All events but LM1x, LM4-, and LM8+ are not connected to the rowers who participated.
1975 WRCH M4x The whole M4x event is missing from the database. It appears that those rowers who only medalled in that event are also missing from the database (examples: Stefan Weiße, Christof Kreuziger). Update: Kreuziger is listed as Christof KREUZINGER at World Rowing (archived), and Weiße presumably as Stephan WEISE at World Rowing (archived) (empty profile)
1981 WRCH M2- The event is in the database, but there are no rowers linked; Both A and B final are listed with the same crews, which seem to be B finalists; the rower profiles of the A finalists appear empty for this event (example: Nikolai Pimenov, 8627)
1987 WRCH The regatta (mostly) lists RUS as a participating nation but that should be URS.
1995 World Rowing Cup II regatta (in Paris) There is 1995 World Rowing Cup IV containing results (although it was the second World Cup of that year), and an empty 1995 World Rowing Cup II regatta. The fourth regatta of that season was in Lucerne.
2003 WRCH LTAM4+ There was an “LTAM4+” event at the 2003 WRCH that was different from the LTAMix4+ event. However, FISA lists them as one event at here, with the LTAM4+ as the B final of the LTAMix4+. It seems that the LTAM4+ event was only held once, and it could have been a demo event.