Wikipedia:WikiProject Rodents/Assessment

Article importanceEdit

  • Low - articles which cover an obscure taxon with limited distribution and ecological or human interaction. Also includes articles on fictitious subjects. (I have no idea what others think about keeping fictious subjects within our scope)
  • Mid - articles on somewhat obscure taxon or topics, with some known ecological or human interaction. All lists at least fall into into this rating. Examples: Beaver pipes, Edible dormouse
  • High - articles which cover any taxon with a distribution >50% of any continent, taxa that have had significant ecological or human interactions in at least two nations, topics which affect entire nations or multiple nations, lists related to subjects which meet these requirements.
  • Top - articles on taxa with a distribution >50% on two or more continents, topics of a continental or global nature, lists focusing on these subjects. Any article included in the current Wikipedia 1.0 release WP 0.8, or in Category:Wikipedia CD Selection.

Article qualityEdit