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WikiProject Popular Culture aims to preserve "In popular culture" and "Trivia"-type information in Wikipedia in a manner that does not compromise Wikipedia's core principles or its quality.

Principles edit

  • Information is information. "Trivia", "In popular culture", and similar sections are often excised from Wikipedia. "In popular culture" articles were, at one time, deleted even more routinely. We feel this is a case of a vocal minority overriding the interests of a scattered majority. The prevalence of such sections demonstrates a broad interest in having such information on Wikipedia.
  • Every article its reader. The principles we embrace match those of the five laws of library science – in particular, "for every reader, his or her book" and "for every book, its reader". Given that Wikipedia is not paper, there is no justification for deleting speciality-interest information from the encyclopedia because a subset of our readers do not share those interests.
  • We uphold Wikipedia's core content policies. All material in Wikipedia, "trivial" or not, must be verifiable, neutral, and well-organized. Note that there is no overarching policy on how Wikipedia must be organized -- this is an organic principle, brought about by the collective effort of many thousands of Wikipedia editors.

Goals edit

We seek to:

  • Preserve compliant content. If material is verifiable, neutral, and well-organized, we feel deleting it is an inappropriate act -- an expression of personal distaste not in keeping with the goal of creating the world's best encyclopedia.
  • Make articles more compliant with core content policies. If we come across information that is unlikely to be verifiable, we shall delete it. If we see a fact could be moved to a more relevant section of an article (or a more relevant article), we will integrate it. If we come across a large and disorganized "In popular culture" list, we will sort and subcategorize its entries and take other steps to improve its presentation. If we can find sources for any trivia or pop-culture information (including primary sources, with some restrictions), we will add a citation to it. Work of this sort can also be done via a related project, WikiProject Trivia Cleanup.
  • Work with others to forge sustainable "trivia" and "pop culture" practices and policies. We agree with other editors that Wikipedia's coverage of "trivia" and "pop culture" interrelations should not distract from our basic coverage of any given subject. However, it is not desirable to restrict our coverage to "basic information"; any information that is compliant with core policies and well-organized improves the value of Wikipedia overall. We hope to establish a manner of organizing and presenting this content that is acceptable to the broad community of editors.

Active tasks edit

General summary of trivia and popular culture on Wikipedia edit

See the quick summary about trivia on this project's subpage.

Article improvement edit

This project is devoted to improving sections and articles that are solely focused on the pop-culture influence of subjects. These articles are like any other article, and they should describe the subject in a clear and informative way. The article should have a logical flow; related items should be grouped together, and unselective lists are discouraged. Alphabetical, regional, date and other forms of order should be applied. Where possible, lists should also be avoided in favour of prose. Some articles also need to present the subject with a more worldwide view.

Most of the articles covered by this WikiProject should be in Category:Topics in popular culture, Category:Fiction by topic, Category:Literature by topic or one of the subcategories. List "In popular culture" that need immediate attention for sourcing, better organization, introductory context, etc.:

Good article candidates edit

This section is for potential Good Articles that need some additional attention and surface editing.

Category maintenance edit

Category:Topics in popular culture should be cleaned up and put into good order. Articles that should not be in the category can be removed, and articles should be grouped into categories based on topic, like science, art, music, people, fictional characters, etc.

Articles facing deletion edit

Please list ongoing debates here. See Wikipedia:WikiProject Deletion sorting/Popular culture for past debates.

Articles facing deletion review edit

Please list ongoing reviews here.

Automated alerts provided by ArticleAlertbot edit

If you want to be notified of updates to the following list as they happen, put Wikipedia:WikiProject Popular Culture/Article alerts on your watchlist.

Articles for deletion

Categories for discussion

Redirects for discussion

Articles to be split

Articles for creation

Trivia cleanup edit

This project also encourages integrating "Trivia" sections and eliminating the backlog of articles in Category:Articles with trivia sections. See the related Wikipedia:WikiProject Trivia Cleanup

Information salvage edit

List now-deleted trivia and popular culture sections here that could have been sourced, organized, and integrated more in compliance with Wikipedia:Trivia sections. Try not to start battles over "trivia" in these articles; just improve their content in ways that hopefully can be considered uncontroversial.

Article statistics edit

Wikipedia:Version 1.0 Editorial Team/WikiProject Popular Culture articles by quality statistics

Participants edit

Participating in the project is easy! Simply click the "edit" link above this section and add your name to the bottom of the list. It should look like this: * ~~~~ If you like, leave a short comment and then save the page and you are done. Welcome to the project. All you have to do is grab a shovel and start digging through pages that are part of the project scope.

Ways you can participate include:

  1. The list of project articles is a good place to start. Scroll to the bottom of the list and look for any articles which have not been assessed, or simply look in Category:Unassessed Popular Culture articles for articles which have not been assessed. Read the article, and then give the unassessed article an importance and quality rating by editing the talk page and adding assessment parameters to the project tag. If there are other projects already associated with the article, make sure all the assessments agree with each other and change the others if necessary. For more instructions on how to assess articles, please read the project assessment instructions page.
  2. You can improve these articles by making useful edits. See Wikipedia:"In popular culture" articles for more information on how you can improve these articles.
  3. Also, if you know of any good popular culture articles that haven't been tagged, please add the project banner to their respective talk pages. Member consensus has dictated that only articles which are focused solely on cultural depictions of a subject should be tagged with the project banner. These kinds of articles are normally titled "Subject X in popular culture", "Cultural depictions of Subject X", "Adaptations of Subject X" or some variation thereof. Please assess the article when you tag them with the project banner, but if you're not sure, it's ok to leave the assessment fields blank. The project banner and other useful templates can be found at the bottom of this page.

Resources edit

The resources below may contain scholarly, critical analysis on cultural topics, which can help to establish notability, provide real world context, and move articles beyond simple lists of primary sources.

Project templates edit

Userboxen edit

These are userboxen showing your support for WPPC. Feel free to make and add your own creations.

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Project notice edit

Articles within the scope of WPPC should be tagged with the template. For instructions on usage see {{WikiProject Popular Culture}}.

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Barnstar edit

Users who make significant contributions to the project may be awarded the WPPC Barnstar. For instructions on usage see {{The Popular Culture Barnstar}}.

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