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Welcome to WikiProject Pokémon, formerly known as the Pokémon Collaborative Project. Wikipedians have formed this project to improve Wikipedia's encyclopedic coverage of all Pokémon related articles. If you would like to help, be bold and jump right in! You may also add yourself to the participants list.

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The oldest ancestor of this project was WikiProject Pokédex (and its child project WikiProject PokéNav), which created articles for many Pokémon and Pokémon characters. This project fell into inactivity due to a loss of interest, and the many stubs they created became the subject of a great deal of criticism, especially given the creation of the guidelines for the handling of fictional subjects.

This criticism led to the creation of the Poképrosal, a proposal to merge all of these stubs into lists. While this proposal met with a consensus support, it stalled when it was proposed that it must be possible to expand these Pokémon stubs.

This effort to expand these stubs into articles led to the creation of the Pokémon Adoption Center, a project that assigned stubs to individual users to expand.

When the PAC project ran out of stubs to assign, this project was founded (under the name "Pokémon Collaborative Project"), to maintain and improve the newly expanded articles.

Eventually, the interest for individual articles for every Pokémon died down, and Pokémon that were not considered to be notable were merged into lists. These lists first took the form of mega-articles containing mini-articles for individual species, though they are now shorter descriptions on each Pokémon in a table. These lists were initially organized in groups of 20 by Pokédex number (e.g. List of Pokémon (1-20)), though they were later expanded to groups of 50 (e.g. List of Pokémon (1-51)), and are now divided into the generations each Pokémon was introduced in (e.g. List of generation I Pokémon).

As the amount of Pokémon-related articles diminished, WikiProject Pokémon slowly became more inactive, and the modern lists ended up consisting of sometimes just a singular Pokédex entry. Articles on individual Pokémon, even if they were technically notable, ended up being deleted due to their poor writing and lack of reliable sources. This WikiProject's new aim is to improve these lists and articles, including appropriate, reliable sources and more information.


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