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  • 'Helloitzkenny (talk · contribs) High interests in philosophy and a love for Aesthetics, everything vapourwave.
  • AlanS (talk · contribs) Public Servant. Interests Political philosophy. Epistemology. Empiricism.
  • Aberti (talk · contribs) Philosophical Weekend Warrior. Interests: cultural import of philosophy esp. religious, ethical, artistic, and political thought.
  • Aditya soni (talk · contribs) Chartered Accountant, Interests: Indian philosophy and astrology.
  • Afrofuturist (talk · contribs) Interests: Aesthetics, Political Philosophy, Marxism, non-Western philosophy.
  • Alcmaeonid (talk · contribs) Interests: history of philosophy, esp. the pre-Socratics and the German line of Kant->Schopenhauer->Nietzsche.
  • Anarchia (talk · contribs) Primary interests: Practical reason and ethics. PhD student and part-time lecturer.
  • Anarres5 (talk · contribs) University Lecturer, PhD philosophy. Areas of research/ teaching/ publishing: transhumanism, philosophy and popular culture, philosophy of mind, ethics, metaphysics, social-political philosophy, feminism, Marx, Darwin.
  • And Rew (talk · contribs) A Very amateur philosopher, a Student and interested in analytic philosophy.
  • Andrewaskew (talk · contribs) Philosophical university drop-out. Primary interests: epistomolgy, logic, metaphysics, philosophy of religion.
  • Andrew Lancaster (talk · contribs) Lots of philosophical interests. Have worked on several Aristotle related articles that needed it.
  • Anthonyhcole (talk · contribs) Retired shopkeeper, part time psychology undergraduate. Interested in neurophilosophy and philosophy of mind, pleasure and pain.
  • Aratos~enwiki (talk · contribs) PhD researcher in Philosophy, University of Dundee. Interests: Phenomenology, ritual, performance philosophy.
  • Arsenic99 (talk · contribs) Skeptic but open-minded philosophy reader; Interests: logic, atheistic philosophy, Darwin, scientific philosophy, political philosophy.
  • Arnlodg (talk · contribs)Intentionallity derived from attitude.
  • Atethnekos (talk · contribs)Graduate. BA in philosophy, minor in Ancient Greek language.
  • Atfyfe (talk · contribs)PhD student and part-time philosophy lecturer.
  • Assistant N (talk · contribs) Sort of amateur. Interested in greek(esp Plato) and chinese philosophy, and Metaphysics.
  • B.K.S.J. (talk · contribs) Have written and read in aesthetics and ethics. Aristotle, Plato, Plotinus, Sainte-Beuve, Arnold, Einstein, Darwin. Love the subject.
  • BabyJonas (talk · contribs)
  • Banno (talk · contribs)
  • Beala (talk · contribs) Phil undergrad at Uni of Colorado at Boulder. Trying to help where I can.
  • Belshay (talk · contribs) Professor of philosophy, University of St. Andrews philosophy graduate; early analytic philosophy (mostly Frege and Wittgenstein), phenomenology (Heidegger), philosophy of language (reference, meaning, and pragmatics), philosophy of mathematics (ante rem structuralism), modal metaphysics (linguistic erstazism and modal realism), modal epistemology (Yablo to Chalmers).
  • BillBarrBaggins (talk · contribs) PhD in philosophy, university philosophy instructor, research areas in metaphysics and epistemology.
  • Biobrush (talk · contribs) Undergrad with interest in Platonism. Working to improve logical atomism page.
  • Bkwillwm (talk · contribs) political philosophy, Marx, existentialism, pragmatism
  • Blue Mist 1 (talk · contribs) Plato, presocratics, relativism, philosophy of science
  • br3adina7or (talk · contribs) Mostly interested in existentialism, logic, political stuff, metaethics and metaphyics.
  • Booboo the dog (talk · contribs) Phd philosophy of language.
  • BrideOfKripkenstein (talk · contribs) philosophy of mathematics, mathematical logic, philosophy of language
  • Brnelson14 (talk · contribs) * Interested in philosophy and linguistics. Analytics and metaphysical philosophy.
  • Byelf2007 (talk · contribs) Bachelor's in Political Science
  • Calvs5 (talk · contribs) Currently working on BA Philosophy at University of Maine and a minor in Socialist-Marxist Studies (yes we have such a thing). General interests include: Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Information, Language, Mind, Sociology, Computer Science, so many more.
  • Calion (talk · contribs) 30-ish undergrad in Philosophy and Economics.
  • Camustein (talk · contribs) Self Published Author of Crant's Unified Theory of Cognition 1986-2011 Theory of Bio-Psychodynamics Intro into C=ea2 2011--Camustein (talk) 07:24, 4 December 2011 (UTC)
  • Carleas (talk · contribs) BA, Philosophy; MA candidate, Liberal Studies; Own and operate discussion forums. Interested in all areas of philosophy.
  • CanonLawJunkie (talk · contribs) Thomistics, Anarchism, Philosophy of Law
  • Cayden-mak (talk · contribs) BA Philosophy; MFA candidate in Media Study. Most experience in logic, philosophy of language; currently doing research on Adorno, ethics, and video games.
  • 'Chrisclaire88 (talk · contribs) Ph.D. Philosophy
  • Chrisman62 (talk · contribs) Ph.D. Philosophy of science, philosophy of physics, history of science and western culture.
  • Charlesvvvv (talk · contribs) Interested in Ancient Greek Philosophy and Early Modern Philosophy
  • Ciraric (talk · contribs)
  • CircularReason (talk · contribs) BA History, MA Theology, Ph.D. (in progress) philosophy (ancient philosophy)
  • Codexobscura (talk · contribs) Finishing my BA in philosophy with interest in ethics, religion, empiricists. epistemology, and emotions.
  • Colindownes (talk · contribs) Undergrad philosophy major
  • Comicreader13 (talk · contribs) Interested in most major branches of Philosophy excluding contemporary philosophers
  • Commissaress (talk · contribs) Interested in political & language philosophy, metaphysics and Western philosophy in general, but particularly continental philosophy.
  • Cthuljew (talk · contribs) Undergraduate philosophy student. Phil of mind, language. Logic. Anarchism.
  • DanScottLintott (talk · contribs) Undergraduate philosophy student. Logic, language, Wittgenstein. Doing dissertation on basis of logical laws and meaning of language.
  • danw2016 (talk · contribs) I have a strong interest in philosophy.
  • DarrenofColeman (talk · contribs) A student of life and all that entails philosophically.
  • Darwin Naz (talk · contribs)
  • Dchmelik (talk · contribs)
  • Denisrodman88 (talk · contribs) I have a strong interest
  • deroseted (talk · contribs)I have made Christian Philosophy the center of my life.
  • devala1 (talk · contribs) A.B. Rhetoric, B.S. Mathematics, working on Ph.D. in Mathematics. Areas of Interest: Mathematical Foundations, Number Theory, QM, Sanskrit, Vedanta Philosophy, Presocratics, Realism, Philosophy of Science, Epistemology, Postmodernity, Environmental Ethics.
  • Dianavonnak (talk · contribs) BA Philosophy. Ancient philosophy, Ethics, Epistemology, Philosophy of Language
  • Diehl1am (talk · contribs) BS in philosophy and currently working on my Ph.D. Areas of Interest: Modern Period History (specifically the British Empiricists), Ethical Theory, and Philosophy of Religion.
  • Dicktar (talk · contribs) MA in philosophy
  • Djbuck (talk · contribs) Undergrad in English. Masters in Education. Teacher. Interested in Christian Philosophy, Existentialism, Libertarian Political Theory.
  • djupp (talk · contribs) Undergrad majoring in Philosophy. Political and social philosophy.
  • DMT biscuit (talk · contribs) Existentialism, Anarchist Political Theory.
  • Doctorwithwound (talk · contribs) Philosophy of science, medical ethics, logic.
  • DTord (talk · contribs)
  • Dumbassman (talk · contribs)
  • eemcc (talk · contribs) PhD, Phenomenology, Continental Philosophy, Existentialism, Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of embodiment, Cognitive Science.
  • Eddard_20 (talk · contribs) Moral nihilist and amateur philosopher. Philosophy of the mind. Political philosophy (anarcho-primitvism, green-anarhcism). Absurdism. Relativism. Existentialism.
  • EddieMaurer (talk · contribs) I'm growing a philosophy based on a little bit of what everyone has figured out in their theories and belief system, yet integrating them all as one central belief using hard facts as evidence that there's more to where we came from. I will be exploring the use of pyramids to create water and where they came from. Also I want to work on a new system for us to use sound waves as our power sourse. I wish to radicalize modern day thinking, in such an impact that it will guide everyone closer to the answer, which is different for everyone.
  • Eric Herod (talk · contribs) B.S. Psychology, B.A. Philosophy; Currently working on M.A. in philosophy; Graduate research assistant at the Peirce Edition Project.
  • Empireheart (talk · contribs) — Metaphysics and ontology but mainly likes adding sources where needed.
  • Energyfreak (talk · contribs) Recent US graduate with BA in philosophy. Continue to read and write on philosophical topics, particularly ethics, analytic philosophy, and certain figures in the history of philosophy, while working full time as a internet programmer/marketer (linguistics minor did pay off).
  • Epicurus B. (talk · contribs) Existentialism, Metaphysics, Absurdism
  • Excelartes (talk · contribs) B.A. in English and Philosophy. Interests: Critical Theory, Structuralism, Post-Structuralism, Ancient Greek/Roman Philosophy, Psychoanalysis, Existentialism, Philosophy of Language, History of Ideas etc.
  • Eureka31 (talk · contribs) Ancient History and World Lit.
  • Evaunit666 (talk · contribs) Interests: Modernism (Absurd, Existential, etc), literature and drama, but mostly video games
  • Factsoverfeelings (talk · contribs) College taker of philosophy, will contribute however possible.
  • F.morett (talk · contribs) Interests: Nancy Cartwright's entry in Wikipedia, philosophy of social sciences.
  • Fabio Maria De Francesco (talk · contribs) Main interests: Logic, Metalogic, Philosophy of Logic, Philosophy of Mathematics.
  • Factseducado (talk · contribs) Interests: Kant, Rawls, utilitarianism, value ethics, Aristotelian ethics, applied ethics (sexual, feminist, family, veterinary, medical), philosophy of mind, political philosophy, informal logic, philosophy of science, philosophy of religion, postmodernism, critical theory, Lacanian psychoanalysis, existentialism, Meister Eckhart, artificial intelligence
  • FelisRead (talk · contribs)
  • Filofil (talk · contribs) PhD in Philosophy. Expertise: Moral and political philosophy.
  • FlexibleSceptic (talk · contribs) A range of interests, including ethics and philosophy of mind.
  • Footnotes2plato (talk · contribs) PhD in Philosophy. University lecturer. Expertise in process philosophy, German Idealism, Continental philosophy, philosophy of science, post-structuralism.
  • FrankP (talk · contribs) BA Maths, MA Philosophy, interested in political philosophy, philosophy of mind, logic, foundations of mathematics
  • Frayr (talk · contribs) — Philosophy undergraduate; main focus is tidying up some of the articles dealing with logic. Other interests include philosophy of mind, philosophy of science, and epistemology.
  • FrederickII (talk · contribs) Interested in Ancient, Renaissance, and Enlightenment, also Rationalism and Empiricism.
  • Fritz Fehling (talk · contribs) literal practical philosophy (love of wisdom)
  • Furste (talk · contribs) — Interests: Critical Theory, Destructionism, Sturcturalism, Post-structuralism, Feminism, and philosophy of language. Philosophers: Baudrillard, Nietzsche, Heidegger, Derrida, (Judith) Butler, Marx.
  • Fustbariclation (talk · contribs) — Amateur. Interest: Epicurus, Dialetheism, Ethics, Governance and the consequences of naturalism
  • Gardar2001 (talk · contribs) - PhD, University Lecturer - research interests: philosophy of science, ethics, epistemology, history of philosophy
  • GayatriR (talk · contribs)amateur writer and thinker
  • Gestcom (talk · contribs)Teenager, obsessed with Alan Watts... I quite like metaphysics really
  • GKantaris (talk · contribs) - University Lecturer - interests: cultural theory, aesthetics, continental philosophy
  • GManNickG (talk · contribs) Autodidact. Interests: Epistemology, ethics, logic, metaphysics, and religion.
  • Grapplequip (talk · contribs) Interests: Philosophy of mind, neurophilosophy, ethics, philosophy of science, utilitarianism, consequentialism
  • Ghost Lourde (talk · contribs) Alacritous dilettante. Devoid of postsecondary education; is 17 years of age. Interests: Epistemology, logic, related.
  • GrimInsight_NickHolcombe (talk · contribs)user|[[]] Philosophical, Open-minded Explorer Of The Mind, And Interests Of Others. I'm Trying To Help Expand Importance In Knowleged (All Kinds, No Boundries): cultural, philosophy, religious, ethical, artistic, political thought, Sicence, philosophy of language, logic, Situations and Outcomes, modern philosophy, philosophy of economics interests in Relativism, Philosophy of Science....Anythig Talk to Me And ill Share Insight.
  • Gregbard (talk · contribs) - logic, and general project activities
  • Grud1872 (talk · contribs) - PhD, Philosophy of Mind/Psychology/Language, Epistemology, Wittgenstein.
  • GreyWinterOwl (talk · contribs) - Interests: epistomolgy, logic, metaphysics, philosophy of religion.
  • Grunge6910 (talk · contribs) - undergraduate philosophy student, interests in philosophy of mind, pragmatism, epistemology
  • Harrypotter (talk · contribs) - Situationism
  • HkFnsNGA (talk · contribs) - Ethics, Philosophy of Science and Statitistics, Ontology, Epistemology
  • Hood Ahmed (talk · contribs) - Critical Theory and Postmodernism
  • Hongkongresident (talk · contribs) - Interests: History of philosophy, Eastern philosophy
  • hikingkyle393 (talk · contribs) — Interests: Ethics, Nihilism, Philosophy of Law, Spinoza, Atheism
  • Hypatiagal (talk · contribs)
  • ianlavoie (talk · contribs)- Interests: Charity, ethics
  • Ianlopez12 (talk · contribs)- Interests: moral philosophy
  • Ian of Planet Earth (talk · contribs) - Undergraduate student in Indiana, US. Interests: Metaphysics, Philosophy of Religion, Ethics
  • IanOLoughlin (talk · contribs)- PhD: Philosophy of Mind and Cognitive Science, Wittgenstein & Early Analytic; MA: Logic, Ancient Philosophy
  • Ichthus77 (talk · contribs)- Interests: Ethics, Epistemology
  • Isaiasad2 (talk · contribs)-Interested in Ancient, Renaissance, and Enlightenment Philosophy
  • INeverCry (talk · contribs)
  • ItsZippy (talk · contribs) - Interests: Philosophy of religion. Taking Philosophy & Ethics A-level, plan to take Philosophy & Theology at university.
  • Iwaterpolo (talk · contribs)
  • James Brian Ellis (talk · contribs) Philosophy and Ethics student. Enjoy learning and writing about Humanism.
  • Jamesstepsr (talk · contribs) Quine, Dennett, Churchlands, history of anglophone epistemology
  • JamieWoodhouse (talk · contribs) Sentientism (Humanism extended to all sentient beings - non-human animals, AIs, even aliens...) - developing Draft:Sentientism- help very welcome
  • jasonnewyork (talk · contribs) - Armchair philosopher and lover of logic and reason
  • Javanbakht (talk · contribs) Interests: Mostly metaphysics, logics and modern philosophy
  • Jaydubya93 (talk · contribs) - analytic philosophy degree holder, stick-of-gum owner.
  • Jaymay (talk · contribs) — interests: mind, ethics, early modern.
  • Jemoore31688 (talk · contribs) — Illinois State University philosophy undergraduate student, interests in Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of Mind, Epistemology, Metaphysics, and Political Philosophy specifically Anarchism.
  • JEN9841 (talk · contribs)
  • Jfeldman777 (talk · contribs) -

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  12. Eduen (talk · contribs) anticapitalist individualism, hedonistic communism, surrealist anarchism, dada egoism, fourierist situationism, anarcho-nietzschetianism, bohemian illegalism, groucho-marxism, insurrectionary cyrenaicism, pataphysical immediatism, polyamorist automatism, atheist absurdism
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  21. Lihaas (talk · contribs) Primarily anarcho-capitalism, and particulatrly the greatest project in the history of humankind (Commonwealth of Iceland), as well as the Amish (though im a little deficient there)
  22. Lquilter (talk · contribs)
  23. Malik Shabazz (talk · contribs)
  24. Manicatorman (talk · contribs) I have a master's degree in history, with a focus on anarchist history. I can be particularly helpful with American anarchist history, but I know a bit about the global history as well.
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  39. violarulez (talk · contribs) (left libertarian)
  40. Wobble (talk · contribs)
  41. W1tchkr4ft_00 (talk · contribs) (individualist anarchist) willing to help with related stubs and bad pages. working on Informal_Anarchist_Federation
  42. Zazaban (talk · contribs) Currently working on Egoist anarchism
  43. Zellfaze (talk · contribs) (Anarchist Without Adjectives) willing to help watch for vandalism
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  • (user-sullit11)-philosophy member-interested in philosophy