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WikiProject Parliamentary Procedure is devoted to improving the quality and comprehensiveness of articles on topics related to parliamentary procedure.


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Our founder (no longer active)Edit

  • Obuibo Mbstpo


  • Clarify the distinction between RONR and other Robert's Rules of Order versions (active current dispute on the Robert's Rules talk page) Sakuranohi (talk) 03:44, 5 May 2018 (UTC)
  • Add more non-RONR material to pages that are primarily RONR
  • Expand articles on motions:
    • cite other PA beside RONR
    • legislative procedure
    • meeting procedures in other countries (or rename Articles to US parliamentary procedure because 90% of what this project writes is country-specific with no explicit mention of that fact)
  • Create and expand articles on parliamentary terms and concepts
  • Expand stub pages to start page assessment
  • Ensure that every article is cited; no article should be without at least one reference
  • Develop editing guidelines for Parliamentary Procedure articles (add to this project page)
  • Add book citations to Bibliography of Parliamentary Procedure


  • None currently identified

Pages needing attentionEdit


Motion ArticlesEdit

- Note that the linked article is Robert's Rules of Order, but the link text says RONR. They are not the same, but the article claims that they are. RONR should have its own article.

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Parliamentary ManualsEdit

See Bibliography of Parliamentary Procedure


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